College entrance examination champion inspirational article
  " Sometimes, people can do their best for one thing. "
  This is a precious memory hidden in my heart, no day to forget. In the adversity, in the "high school" life of repeating, I told myself over and over again that although the future is far away, it can be picked up. So those dreams deep in my heart have never been erased.
  Really a warrior, dare to face a bleak life
  I know that I walked into a cage.
  Like the ancients of the ancients of the Chu State, like their three doctors, Pei Changyu, crown cut clouds, drink dumplings and falling into the English, with the arrogance of the poems of the dry cloud, but they can only serve The dust covered the white coat and bowed into the cage.
  The Chu prisoner is the most sad. I have always been stubborn and think that because he is not a drow, he has always been too pretentious. Those who are pretentious are always suffering more than mortals.
  All the young and frivolous in the third year of high school , turned into a huge irony in the moment when the score was released in 2008. I have vowed to say that even if it is a third year, it is not worthy of giving up all the ideals of interest to achieve a thin score, so my novel has more than 30,000 words in one year. However, when I actually saw the score, I realized that the computer screen would not understand your despair, nor would you understand the sadness of the sentence. At that moment, the dream of the lake and the tower of light, I am longing for more than ten years. So far away.
  No one will think that I am falling out of the list. In the face of all the mistakes and regrets of all people, I know that, unexpectedly, in the senses, everything can only be carried by myself.
  It doesn't matter, I feel sad that sadness is a luxury that I can't reach. I don't go out, don't answer the phone, don't reply to text messages, don't go online, and refuse everyone's concern and comfort.
  Then repeat it, if there is still a dream in my heart, if, I am not willing to bow to the failure for 18 years.
  My parents are not in favor of my re-reading. My mother is afraid that my mentality will not stand. My father even thinks that if I am in a state of carelessness, I will not repeat any results. It will only be worse than the first time. For two months, my family was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder. My father and I kept quarreling and fighting for cold war. The debater was meaningless. Who is right and who is wrong? Tears always replace all desires that can be vented, and outside the window, The summer sun is shining brightly, and my friends are enjoying the longest and most beautiful holidays that belong to them all over the country.
  In the end, I still won. As my mother told me later, no one can change the decision I made. From the time I was young, they knew it.
  I have to hesitate if I want to go back to my original class.
  In my opinion, the person who is willing to repeat is a warrior. The person who is willing to come back to our class is a real warrior. Those who have already experienced the high school in our class for a year and the depths of their darkness and willing to come again will only be able to Described as a holy warrior. In the later senior year, countless times, everyone sighed and said to me after finishing the exhaustion. You are really too brave. How did you have the courage to come back and suffer again? I also lamented exhaustedly, I also I don't know, I must be crazy.
  I remember that my roommate in the dormitory had given me a promotion and let me know:
  Xi'an Incident, Zhang Wuji, Yang does not regret.
  The combination of clever events and names, Zhang Yangbing, Yi Tian Tu Long, my favorite Jin Yong. And my out-and-out association, from "The Eagle Shooting", is a complete mockery of my current situation: in my old school, the class teacher Sun teacher has not changed, I am still in the same The place cannot move forward.
  In the middle of the middle school, Sun Buji, Wang Chuyi.
  At that time, my friends had started their new life in college, and I experienced something in the same commentary as last year, and I always remembered the irrelevant sentence;
  The squid is not going to return, and wearing the South Crown to learn Chu prisoners.
  What kind of suffering can't be eaten?
  If the fish drink water, it is cold and warm.
  The study life of the senior year can be fully summarized in this sentence.
  In the eyes of classmates, repeat students are always more happy than them. Can skip school, leave, be late, leave early, do not listen to class, do not hand in homework and always have the results of the group. What else can you worry about?
  Yeah, if you haven’t experienced such a failure, if you haven’t seen countless classmates who have never surpassed you in the exam, go to college with your excellent college entrance examination scores and you will never have a chance to turn over – because You will never have another time to compete on the same platform. If you don't come back, you will see that the new students who are born with calves can still score higher than you.
  The fear of questioning your own value, the children who have not read it will never understand, and I hope that you will not understand it for the rest of your life.
  Last winter, I once again participated in the self-sufficiency of Peking University, and once again encountered deep disappointment after the hope of igniting. Last summer, I gave up on her first, and she immediately sentenced me to the price of change. So I came back, starting from the beginning, I hope that things are still beneficial, and then I feel sad and depressed, but my heart has always had the most self-deception of the little comfort: this is my fate with her, I have chased her again after all. Opportunity. Unexpectedly, this time she gave up on me, knowing that the day I had not passed the written test, I cried from noon to 1 am, thinking over and over again, I heard that I should only belong to Peking University. Praise is just a shallow joke? Is it that Peking University is reluctant to retaliate in my most cruel way? This can't see the brightest road, I still want to stick to it?
  The retreat has been cut off by itself.
  I remember listening to a sister who is also a repeat student. The repeat students are in the same place. There is no change, no progress, so I can sleep when you are in class. When you do the problem, I can read the novel and return to the second time. What is not possible?
  I swear, if I am like her, I have already got the extra points at the time, I must be such an idea, and from that moment on, be a happy person, no longer use the dishes and pancakes to grieve yourself - - That was my lunch and dinner for nearly a year, in order to save time. But I am not as good as her, so I only have to work harder. The time to leave the classroom at noon is delayed from 12:30 to 12.45. When you sleep, I have to listen to classes. When you read the novel, I have to do the questions. It’s not for the achievements, but to keep the dignity of the heart.
  The second time, there is nothing to eat.
  I used to stay alone in the classroom at noon, and I used to sit in the study room very late. At 12:30, 12:30, these two distant relatives were accompanied by me every day. The problem that can never be done at hand is like an unannounced complaint, knowing that it is useless, but not willing to stop.
  I always go inexplicably in the gaps in the questions, think about some ridiculous and inexhaustible things, think about the sorrowful poems that I have recited, and think about the backs of friends who have turned away, and want to have those singers I want to see the city of Xi'an, which is full of glory and pain, and wants to inherit the revival of the motherland. I want to live a life of less than one hundred, often worrying about thousands of years, and I can’t see it. The reeds on the bank of the distant river, when the wind is over, Xiao Xiaoyu, quietly blowing a pair of reeds like snow.
  To the people with a smile on the back of the cough, Xiao Yan light and lazy.
  Always sad.
  I thought later. Just as the high school that should not have been a trek, I chased it in the cold wilderness and turned my back. If it fails, it is only a matter of thousands of miles of trek, it is to do a once-in-a-lifetime farewell, only for the deepest love in life, but ultimately can not meet the time.
  The "it" here has already surpassed the definition of Peking University, but I have all my self-promotion and self-renewal, as well as the dream that has never been erased in adversity.
  So I struggled to stop at the end of the fourth year of inability to see the end, hiding all the pain, still can smile at everyone.
  Let's fight this time.
  Fortunately, I have a group of students who can rely on each other.
  When the building is overturned, when we cross the sea, we are a group of people who are screaming.
  We learn together, live together, everyone is in the same breath, like the comrades in the same trench, the competition between us has also become a warm temperature by the feeling of sympathy, becoming the memory of the iron chest. A different mood.
  There are also roommates in the dormitory, the most intimate "comrades-in-arms", the heavenly gods, the world's 305 (we are 305 dormitories), this is the couplet written for the dormitory when I ridicule. In this small space, we unexpectedly harvested happiness.
  No one can tell us how much we have paid. I only know that the people in our dormitory are always at the most time and the longest. We have combined five times in the first grade and countless times in the top five and ten. We are six and finally two Peking University and two Tsinghua University. Zhongcai gathered in Beijing, and we abandoned too much for our dreams.
  Every time I go back to the dormitory, I will look upstairs downstairs to see if there is any light in our window, like, one year, the lights are going to return, and the home is as warm. I always come back very late, but even if the lights are black, I have never panicked, because I know that the door to the study room is pushed, you must be there.
  The deepest memory is the large window of 305 Chaoyang. Every morning, people who buy food come back to open the curtains and ask everyone to get up. When they open their eyes, the sun fills a room, and the long night's pain turns into full of warmth. I remembered the lyrics I liked again and again, and every day I opened my eyes to see you and the sun, that is the future I want.
  We are a group of squid that are in the middle of each other. Every group of crickets has the dream of forgetting about the rivers and lakes, but before that, we can only rely on our own efforts to spell out the waterway that fights to the rivers and lakes.
  Very unfortunate, I thought of my class teacher, Sun, I thought that I hated his high school and grateful high school, like a ridiculous virtual: I hope that in my most difficult time, there is a person who keeps beside me. I will never give up, and I am sincerely delighted in every step of my progress. I also comfort my loss every time. As long as I see him, I have the courage to go on, and I have a happy smile. I always thought that there was no such person. After I turned back, I found out that this person has been there, but it is my class teacher.
  He once tried to test the test papers in the middle of all the classmates’ complaints. In the violent shaking of the earthquake, he stood on the platform like a mountain and settled the fear and despair of everyone. He made countless students feel after graduation. His good. However, what I miss him is that he said to me in a separate conversation: Wang Xinyi, this time we fight.
  Let's fight this time.
  Recalling the high school years, people are overstaffed. However, this sentence keeps me in mind and illuminates my future. I think, sometimes, people can do their best for one thing.
  The water is not rotted, and the hub is not shackled. Many beautiful things are often eternal after the vicissitudes of the soul. Then let's end. I am already in Yanyuan. I have been in the unnamed lakeside for more than ten years. I hope everyone will be well and hope that the road ahead will be picturesque.
  " Starting with the song "
  Text / 2012 Ningxia Liberal Arts Ma Bon
  In the days of the "dark days", there will always be some beliefs that will support us to go on without hesitation. And in those toughest days, when the pressure is so great that I can't support it, I will precipitate myself a little bit in the music. With those notes, I walked and walked, and I also stopped, and finally reached the other side of the dream of flowers.
  My future is not a dream, I take every minute seriously.
  When I first entered the third year of high school, it was actually the day when we were most confused and confused. Standing on the first significant node in life, we have more and more courses, and the more and more review materials, the days are as if they are getting more and more full... But looking up, surrounded by smog, It seems that no matter which direction you choose, there is a way to go, but you don't know how to choose the road that belongs to you. Fortunately, there are three or two wise friends around me. We will talk about the future in the class or in the physical education class. We will also talk about university life on the way home from school. Longing for. In the description of our words, a Peking dream gradually formed in my mind. I began to fall in love with the gardens and trees of the Yanyuan, and I was obsessed with the green trees and red flowers and the sparkling unnamed clear water. I seem to understand where I should run forward. I want to make my dreams come true, not just a illusory Yanyuan dream, so I made up my mind to let go of my future.
  I started to go crazy every minute before June 6th, and the crazy impulse made me even surprised. Fighting day and night, one by one, doing mathematics test papers one by one, repeating the words on the historical political book one by one, one by one carrying a map of the world, a map of China, or a map of agricultural location... The word sleepy seems to leave me forever. No matter how late I sleep, I will always be a god-like look in the classroom the next day. Then my friend asked me: "Brother, why do you sleep so little every day? Why do you still feel so spiritual? What are the secrets to teach!" At this time, I always smile lightly, and then use only the sounds I can hear in my heart. I said, "Because my name is still waiting for me!" Yes, every minute of seriousness, I will always be with my name.
  There are different ways to go on different roads.
  In the third year of high school, in addition to grasping every minute, effective learning methods are also essential. In terms of liberal arts studies, I have a little experience. For example, geography, in addition to the accumulation of some geography subject knowledge templates, "industry location factors" "different agricultural regional types of conditions and differences", etc., these are formulas that can be applied when doing the problem, but often before the exam It is difficult to slam the back, so it is necessary to accumulate by the usual. In the history subject, you need to return to the textbooks and notes. Don't just indulge in the mirages built by you for all kinds of teachings, but you should do a good job of the basic knowledge of textbooks. According to the historical time axis and the specific development process of a historical event in a certain country, construct the overall historical pattern of the individual and carry out a selective and outline generalization. The political discipline has a special learning method--the connection memory method, that is, on the basis of mastering the political principles, paying attention to current affairs politics in a timely manner, and memorizing a specific event in tandem with the previously learned knowledge points to achieve a deeper impression. the goal of. As for the language, it pays more attention to the usual accumulation. Three feet of ice, not a cold day, especially ancient poetry, there are many different types, it takes a lot of work to do it. In the face of specific problems, I also have some personal tips on the ancient poetry. First of all, it is necessary to read the poems several times, it is best to have a personal emotional color to read, in the process of reading can easily grasp the author's feelings. If you still can't understand the emotional tone, you can observe the imagery and the adjective adjectives in the ancient poems, so that you can directly understand the author's writing tone. The second is to carefully study the questions, distinguish the specific requirements of the topic, and see whether the specific method is the writing method or the intention, the feelings, and the targeted study.
  You are my eye, I have read the vast sea of ​​books.
  In fact, no matter how strong a person is, it is difficult to spend the extraordinarily hard and lonely time of the third year of high school. In the final stage of high school career, you will more fully understand how much influence and help a good friend has on you. The college entrance examination is really cruel, you need to rely on your rankings and scores to speak, but even so, never use your classmates as your enemy. You may be able to defeat the entire class by guarding each other out, but if you want to go further on the road of college entrance examination, the only thing you can do is to join hands and learn from each other and win the battle with a team. The difficulties and challenges ahead of you. As far as I am concerned, two of my best friends at the time, one has experienced the baptism of the college entrance examination, and the other has always been with me. We always sit down and discuss with a peace of mind. The student who repeats often tells us with his own painful experience, and also talks with us when our mentality is out of balance, helping us to reinvigorate. The other is just complementary to me. I will often use my powerful literature and history data memory to argue that he is convinced, and he will often teach me effective methods of geography learning. In this way, we walked along and supported each other. I went to the Yanyuan where I was fascinated. They also found a good home for Nanda and Shanda. Suddenly I remembered a song that was recently fired by Lin Zhixuan, "Don’t Leave": Looking back, you are behind me and pushing me away.
  Of course, in addition to the wisdom of a good friend, the teachers who have been accompanying us are another wall that we can rely on. In the face of the failure of the exam, the blame of the parents, and even their own overwhelming, the teachers can always use our wise words to enlighten us, let us come out from the temporary haze and confusion. Therefore, in the middle of the third year of high school, maintaining communication with the teacher is actually the only way to maintain a mentality and adjust the learning method. There is no need to worry about your seemingly naive problems, and feel that they will let teachers despise or even blame themselves. In fact, the teachers are very willing to answer your questions, so, boldly ask your question, the teacher will always be your best friend.
  Just missing your picture, we can’t get back that day.
  Now occasionally think of the scene of graduation, the scene of the scene is flowing in front of my eyes, there will always be an illusion of wanting to cry. Before the experience is missed, we will never know how wonderful the days of the third year will be. There is a proverb on the Internet: "How I wish I had only made a long dream. When I woke up, I could see the teacher on the podium and the messy or neat book. There will be a table at the side of you laughing and reminding me. You should study hard... but it’s really gone, and you can’t go back.” We really should cherish this period of time and cherish all the memories of youth we have had. The seemingly dark days of high three years of Chinese, in fact, really contain a lot of joy and beauty. Cherish the people in front of you, dear, cherish everything you have now. After a few years have passed, when you recall this time again, you can smile and say to yourself: "I have experienced it, I have struggled, so I have never regretted it."
  "Shoushan has a road to work, and there is no end to learning from the sea." No matter how ideal the learning method or the learning conditions, the most important thing is the individual's perseverance. On the occasion of the college entrance examination, I hope that you will stick to your own beliefs, supplement your perseverance, make a serious investment in the classroom, work hard to think about the pulp, set sail on the ocean before the college entrance examination, and finally sail smoothly and pass the college entrance examination. The threshold, bravely fly to a higher and better future.