High school inspirational article : Give me a pair of dream wings
  The cool autumn cool comes in October. With the good weather, we slowly entered the learning state, and the distant goals gradually became clear. In the same way, we are also beginning to really feel the pressure of the college entrance examination in the concentration and tenacity of others.
  A Guangdong candidate said to me: "My grades are too bad, I want to give up. Maybe taking a high school diploma is enough, then I take the journalism myself." He said that studying journalism is his dream, but he feels admitted. The hope of the university. There is also one of my students who originally stayed in Nankai Middle School to attend high school, gave up the key classes of another school and chose to read the parallel classes here. The college entrance examination is approaching, and he is increasingly lost for his "normal life" status.
  I am not sure whether miracles 249 days, 5985 hours can reverse the course of events, I just do not think everyone should give up the right to chase a dream, even if difficulties should adhere to in the end. I used to be the winner of the physical Olympics and the chemical Olympics. I was addicted to football and games because I relaxed my requirements. In the final exam, I took 50 points in physics, 60 points in chemistry, 70 points in mathematics, 80 points in English, and 90 points in Chinese. The results were ranked in the grades of 1,000. At that time, the scores of all subjects were 150. This is a difficult past, but it also made me feel that I feel incompetent. I believe that as long as I work hard, no matter what kind of environment. There is hope to save the situation. Eventually I entered a prestigious university after the college entrance examination. We still have choices in the face of challenges and dilemmas. Escape and inferiority will break the wings of dreams, and taking a step forward every day will make you closer to the goal.
  Of course, we may also "fail", and there are always people who can't avoid "failure". For example, if you are assigned to a parallel class without entering a key class, you may not even get into a well-known school. But these do not hinder our inner pursuit of dreams. Two months ago, I was invited to Harbin to participate in the 4th "90s" Writers Association. The youngest member is still a high school student. Although the school is not good enough, the grades are not good enough, and it is not a key class student, but it has a love for literature. They are not negatively inferior and they are unwilling to give up. Also attending the students are Jixi University, Zhaoqing College, and Taiyuan City Vocational College. If they are heroes, they are definitely not top-notch players, but when I sit opposite me, I see their maturity and Seriously, they also have a clear plan for their future lives. The college entrance examination is not the end.
  Every way is for the realization of dreams. Every stage is on the way to chasing dreams, as long as we persist. This is precisely the reason why this special issue "The key class VS. The campus secret that the parallel class has to say" wants to tell the students. Wang Feng’s "Brightness" wrote: "Maybe the confusion of the journey will smash my arm. Maybe the lost one will smash my footsteps, but I believe that the future will give me a pair of dream wings." I hope every student will Can find the goals and motivation of the forward.