Youth Carnival, I cherish
  About the author: Gao Xinhong, graduated from the Shanghai University Entrance Examination in 2013, graduated from Shanghai Middle School and is currently studying at Tsinghua University Economics and Finance (International Class). He has a wide range of interests, like reading books, ancient poetry, watching "Exploration and Discovery", listening to music, card games, making videos, pictures and other multimedia.
  I remember the last English test in the college entrance examination. My roommate took the first sentence that I took out. "My TMD is finally finished in twelve years!" It is very "sounding and screaming", which may be the common voice of the students at the moment. Simple or even vulgar. At this moment, there is no university, no dreams, no injustice, only a body that has regained its radiance after death. The so-called dryness is not the exhaustion of thoughts, not the weakness of the body. It is the ultimate after the enthusiasm of one, and there will never be such pure enthusiasm in life.
  Recalling these 12 years, most people dare not say that they are doing their best, because all the things that have nothing to do in the past 12 years are very tempting. But all things exist relatively, and the current game gatherings and movie music that have been thinking about it have been eclipsed. Taking a step back, I grew up in Shanghai's superior environment, and I was much more fortunate than the children of many other provinces and cities. We thought it was a trivial but a paradise for many people.
  I am the ordinary one of the more than 50,000 candidates in Shanghai. My name is Gao Xinhong.
  High school , looking for sunny days
  In June 2012, out of interest, I switched from adding test chemistry to adding test politics. In the face of the people's incomprehension, I chose to endure silently. A good friend said: "You like politics, but the politics you want to read is not the same thing as your concern."
  From July to August 2012, I spent the most lost two months. All the teachers in the political class are seriously doubting our ability. Every word they say is stuck in my heart like a needle. I even suspect that I am really wrong in choosing this path.
  In September 2012, a mathematics exam after the test was just averaged. The teacher talked and the parents worried. I clench my fists, mathematics is not as good as high school and high school. How can the liberal arts study?
  As a result, I insisted , in fact, I have no choice but to insist. During that time, insomnia entangled me like a devil. At 10 o'clock in the morning, I was awakened several times by the roommates' slight turn of the book, and was tortured a few times by a little bit of light. I clearly know the reason, the other one is saying to myself: "With your IQ, why should you sleep while others are working hard? Why do you need to guarantee an ideal result for 8 hours of sleep every day?" But in the college entrance examination Before, I was really grateful for this insomnia. One night before the exam, I fell asleep peacefully, just like the usual quiet night. What I want to say is: No matter how confused or scared you are, you must walk firmly.
  Failure is not guilty, no regrets
  Just look at the above experience, it is not all my life. I also have my own way of recreation, and I don't regret that I am sneaking in the indispensable busyness of my studies. Some people say that when they fail to work hard and fail, they don't have to be too upset, because in fact, "doing nothing" indicates that they have not thought about success . No one has defined how we can work hard enough. Is it not going to sleep at night, or is it temporarily ruined by madness? So no matter when you have to believe that you have already paid yourself, you have no worries and no need to compete with others for a long time.
  If you want to lay a flat road for yourself, please remember to work hard forever. Putting the honor of the place too much in the heart will only cause you to suffer and lose more. I have experienced such pains and always remember that no matter what you study or live, only you are the director. As long as you do it seriously, you can confidently say: "Look, I am making progress!" is the best harvest.
  I have been talking about learning attitudes, but I don't talk about methods. Because there are thousands of other people's methods, everyone can learn from them, but the only thing that can be mastered by themselves and decided by themselves is attitude. Am I willing to fight for myself? Are you willing to stick to the eyes of others? After asking yourself these questions, go find the way that suits you. No one's success is easy, just as Kobe said that the reason for success is that he can see Los Angeles at 4 o'clock every morning, and most people are still asleep at this time.
  Fair battle, this life is difficult
  On the eve of the college entrance examination, Mr. Bi teacher gave us the last class class. One of them said: "We thought that we had got rid of the test purgatory, but it might be the fairest game in our life, and I thought I fled. The abyss of high school may be the most touching time in our life." It is only in the pre-examination of the college entrance examination that you can understand the depth of this plain and easy-to-understand speech. I am also convinced that everyone has a different way to go. The college entrance examination is not the only channel, but it is a memorable memory. It is a collision of enthusiasm and pain. It contains the simplest energy that can be incomparably powerful.
  The college entrance examination is not a demon ghost. After repeated accumulation and tempering, we can calmly and rationally face it. On the last day, I walked into the examination room, and even the tension and time were left behind. I only knew how to write my efforts and my enthusiasm. I have always been very fast, so I have only 15 minutes left to check after every test stop. I feel a little scared. But why is this not the best state? I put aside the pressure and distracting thoughts of the college entrance examination, and I was very happy at that moment.
  The grass is affectionate, the youth is endless
  When I returned to Shanghai Middle School, the phoenix tree in front of the Longmen Building was lush and surrounded by greenery. I have been watching the flowers for three years without knowing it. The most memorable one is the counterattack of February Lan, which blooms in every corner of the upper corner. Their bloom is like us. Although it is a very small existence, it strives to gain a place and is eager to win the praise of everyone. Their counterattack must give more or less motivation to the middle school. I once complained about the hard work of the next week when I returned to school every Sunday, and constantly calculated the remaining weeks. Now walking on campus is only kind, because there is the main battlefield of our dreams of germination and youth, and we are no longer able to sit in the Longmen building and fight without fear. Everything is in love with grass and trees. When I touched the heavy wood in my hands and felt the traces of his years, I fell in love with this land.
  My college entrance examination has already closed, and this moving time has passed away. The end point is also the starting point, just like a classmate said: "The era of exam-oriented education is over for us. The standards for measuring strength are no longer valid. The next step will be our new era." The painstaking experience of the college entrance examination Touching and growing will be our most precious wealth, and we will walk with it between the heavens and the earth, even if it is cold and cold, the road is far away.
  Test magic
  Language has always been my weakness and the most headache. In the third year of high school, what I value most is language. From reading volumes to writing papers, I have been working hard to find a breakthrough. Do not think that students with Chinese language talents can be tested well, because the college entrance examination language is the accumulation and method, and these can be done through training.
  For example, at the beginning, my language was not smooth enough, my thoughts were not clear, and the questions were very problematic. Some of my ideas were written but lacked strength and depth. I basically took up most of the essays. For students who have such problems, I think that "diligence modification" is essential. After many changes to the touch-up, once it has achieved results, it will be very dominant. The talented classmates in the composition will get high scores. We rely on more essays to write the essays without rushing to pursue the high scores of those students, just keep closing the gap. Especially in the examination room composition, as long as the topic is complete, the content is rich, the depth of thought is deep, the language is smooth, and the gap between those students with strong language ability is narrowing. The usual test writing is the first time. After the teacher has commented on the essay, it is the second time that the large-scale rewriting of the idea is broadened. The revised essay must communicate with the teacher more, and the teacher will give us more open ideas and practical writing suggestions. For the part of the article, the paragraph center sentence is not clear enough to focus on rewriting. After several times of writing down, the sense of frame and language will be greatly improved, and gradually it will be found that the test essays become handy.