Fudan girl, heard the flowers in the silent world
  At 639, she came to Shanghai and came to Fudan.
  When she was in class, she liked to sit in the first row, as close as possible to the teacher.
  Her name is Zhang Meng.
  She said: "I have not been to Datun County, and I have come to Shanghai after I am out."
  At the age of 12, she was deaf. In 2009, Zhang Meng performed a cochlear implant at the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital of Fudan University to restore part of her hearing. Last year, she was admitted to the Department of Liberal Arts of Fudan University with the 86th grade in Shaanxi Province.
  ["When I am completely desperate for the world of hearing, there is only the courage to face life."
  Zhang Meng was born in the rural village of Dabai County, Shaanxi Province, and his parents worked in agriculture. When she was two years old, she learned to speak. The family living in the countryside did not realize that this was a precursor to a nightmare.
  On the second day of the second day, Zhang Meng’s hearing was gradually lost within two weeks. "This was discovered in the process of listening to English." Zhang Meng likes to listen to English. "One day, I really can't hear it completely." And with continuous tinnitus.
  "It's not a problem for me. It's a problem for me." This swearing is indeed a true portrayal of Zhang Meng's life.
  During the school break from school, relatives and friends often came to the door to persuade Zhang Meng to give up her studies. Her parents expressed their support for her daughter in silence. Years ago, when Zhang Meng’s brother tried to drop out of school, his father strongly disagreed: “As long as you two are not in the countryside.” This is what the father often said. The rural baby Zhang Meng knew from an early age, "Our family has to stand up and can only rely on us two." The poor family has suffered such economic changes and suffered from both economic and psychological pressures.
  At that time, Zhang Meng’s money for selling cotton in the fall and selling watermelon in the summer was spent on treating her, but it didn’t work. When you spend the most, you get 10,000 yuan a day.
  The father who was not good at words was even more silent. Zhang Meng remembers that his father often kept himself in a small room, did not turn on the lights, and a person smoked sullenly. "In the past, Dad occasionally took a box of cigarettes. Now, he only smokes a pack of 21 cigarettes." Since then, Zhang Meng has cut off all hopes that can be cured. She said to her father, "You send me back." School, I don’t want anything."
  For the middle school students under the pressure of the college entrance examination, the biggest difficulty may be the math problem that seems to be unclear forever. Perhaps it is the blame that the parents always don’t understand their own heart, maybe it is a sudden friendship change...when asked When she came to "What was the biggest difficulty in her high school," Zhang Meng shook her head. "When I was completely desperate about the world of hearing, I was left with the courage to face life." Any academic and life difficulties in Zhang Meng It seems that it is not so terrible. I lost hope of returning to the world of sound, and all difficulties can only be overcome by myself.
  [ High school , time is accurately calculated]
  "The third year of high school did not sleep so much. Zhang Meng put a familiar smile on his face.
  Get up at 6 o'clock every morning and welcome a tight day. During class, Zhang Meng pays great attention to classroom efficiency, and is also good at summing up skills: "The liberal arts can close the textbook in the second round of review, while listening to the outline; mathematics does not rely on the teacher to write steps on the blackboard, focusing on thinking and skills. "
  Zhang Meng will not be idle during the class. Zhang Meng will use the class to deal with the problems encountered during the class and the previous day, and ask the surrounding students and teachers.
  A nap is necessary, but I want to maximize my time. Before going to nap, I was slowly getting tired. Zhang Meng felt that it was suitable for copying and writing.
  After class in the afternoon, because the school turned on the lights late, the day was dark, and I couldn't see the homework during the dinner. Zhang Meng discussed the problems and learning methods with the classmates.
  The use of time in the evening is the highlight of Zhang Meng's study. "Although it is less than three hours, I think this is the most fully utilized and efficient time."
  "In general, I will choose mathematics and geography and other homework that I need to think about." Zhang Meng paused. "In fact, I have another important task at night, that is, listening to English for 20 minutes to half an hour." After the cochlea, she cherished this hard-won condition, although tinnitus was commonplace for her.
  "I don't sleep every night from 1 to 12 o'clock." Zhang Meng will measure his sleep limit: choose a time between 11:30 and 12 o'clock every day for a week to fall asleep. "I found out that it is most appropriate to fall asleep at 11:45. The next day, because of these few minutes, the energy is much stronger than others."
  Under the dormitory building, there is a duty room in the building, and many nights in high school, Zhang Meng spent there. This duty room was not open, because Zhang Meng's treatment equipment needed electricity, and Auntie was temporarily open to her. Later, many students found that this was a good place to develop into seven or eight people squeezing a piece of homework. Later, a classmate accidentally broke the door handle and no one came to repair it. "When it snows in winter, the snow runs straight inside, especially cold, the wind is still very big, and then I slowly leave me alone... "Zhang Meng wraps herself in a thick blanket, but she still can't resist the cold," the leg almost freezes, but it doesn't matter how much it writes. "After the night of study, Zhang Meng will not forget to clean the duty room." .
  The days in the duty room made Zhang Meng etched the chrome heart, she later wrote in the diary:
  "The snow outside the door of the duty room is flying, the water dripping from the column is frozen into an icicle, but there is only a quiet figure in the door and it is on the table. The hand is constantly flipping the pages of the book, and the pen is constantly Write on the ground. So quietly grab every minute until late at night. When I went upstairs at 12 o'clock, the lights of the five-story building were gradually extinguished, and the dim light in the corridor stretched my figure and shortened. I stretched again and silently watched my way back to the dormitory..."
  [Girls in the silent world are not alone]
  In the middle school's learning process, the "listening" course became a "seeing" lesson, and Zhang Meng relied on the teacher's mouth to guess what was said. The rise to high school, the increase of disciplines, the complexity of the content, and the speed of the teacher's lectures have undoubtedly increased the difficulty of looking at the mouth. Fortunately, there are a group of friends around Zhang Meng who are willing to help her.
  Because the class will occasionally fail to follow, Zhang Meng needs to ask the classmates under the class. "I remember that the people who gave me the questions later formed a team, and most of the time they were helping me. "Friends often explain her way to the law, until the method that makes it easier for Zhang Meng to understand. . I don't know if the party, this small team found the most convenient solution. Whenever Zhang Meng understands a topic, friends will make such a gesture: the thumb stretches one by one and forms a "ladder." This interesting gesture has another meaning - you are great, keep on cheering!
  These classmates who helped her are also making progress, and most of them are admitted to the best class A in the grade. Today, they are still traveling to the university and still maintain friendship.
  When talking about getting along with others, Zhang Meng thinks that "active" is the most important. Initially, Zhang Meng did not believe what she could bring to the people around her. Gradually, as her grades improved, she found that sharing learning methods might be a good choice. As the "top student" in the class, Zhang Meng never regrets that the learning method will be "publicized to the public". "Do your best to help others, inspire others, infect others, and everyone will always have something to give to others." Disability, you still have valuable things you have, such as a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and a good learning method."
  Zhang Meng hopes to tell her more students who are struggling in high school , especially like her, children living in rural areas: rationally look at the gap between urban and rural areas; in reading, the key is to work hard, good teachers can Guide you to learn better, your own efforts can let you reach your potential to surpass yourself; in the college entrance examination, you don't have to be discouraged by the prosperity of the city. There are more opportunities in the city to let us know what the society needs and rely on it. Improve your own efforts, as long as you work hard, opportunities will always be there.
  During the summer vacation, Zhang Meng did not go home. She chose to work in a customer service department of a company. She got up at 6:30 in the morning and returned to school at 7:00, with a subsidy of 75 yuan per day. Despite the hard work, Zhang Meng still smiles and insists .
  Zhang Meng once said: "I rarely go to celebrity famous quotes, because I feel that I have done it." However, Beethoven's phrase "I want to hold the throat of fate" became her motto .