Just in the third year of high school, the class transferred a boy named Mugen. As the name suggests, people are awkward and dull, and they look like peasants who have nothing to do with the crops and the university but have nothing to do with the university. According to the gossip, he has been fighting with the enemy for two years on the front line of the third year, but still has no sign of winning the commanding height.
  That year, I always felt that my classmates suddenly became a little subtle and indifferent. It was obviously a bit of a second, and the face was deliberately hung up. The scores and rankings of each other are like state secrets, and they don't want others to know their own, but they try their best to find out others. Learning in such a depressed atmosphere, people have a disease called the college entrance examination syndrome: chest tightness, dizziness, irritability, inexplicably want to get angry and teach someone a lesson.
  The days slipped through the silent killings and soon reached the last New Year's party in the high school era. Although the TV broadcast is filled with the atmosphere of the New Year, the squad leader has repeatedly encouraged everyone to perform for this last party, but in front of all the beliefs that make way for the college entrance examination , few people are willing to prepare what kind of program. Finally, the civic committee members were anxious. Please come to the class teacher and order everyone to have one program at the party, otherwise they will cancel the half-day holiday.
  At the party, I finally managed to set up a stage. It was very simple. There were no colorful balloons and lanterns in the past. On the program list, in addition to an old-fashioned stand-up comedy played by the entertainment committee members, all of them were "solo".
  The party was a bit lifeless. Until the host reported Mugan’s name, everyone would be curious and fresh in sight, and “turned” to him.
  Mugen is like a sorghum in the fall, his face is black, red and black, but his body is short and strong. In other people's whispers, Mugen opened his mouth several times, but no sound came out. Two minutes later, he finally screamed out loudly. At first, we were still very surprised. I think this guy is not close to film and television on weekdays, but will also come to a song that makes the whole class strange.
  Only when he finished singing, suddenly someone snorted: he sang Zhang Yusheng's "My future is not a dream" Yeah! After awakening, we realized that he sang the song completely! And the extent of the run can create a Guinness record in the world! For example, it is to sing "Good Songs" into the tone of "Love You Love You". This funny singing method really opened the eyes of the whole class. Someone has started to whisper underneath, and most of the students are looking down and pretending to be blinking or bending over something. But everyone knows, laughs, and it’s about to roll out.
  The song is finally over. From the applause that never passed, thunderously sounded, and the scalp was numb. Through the cover of this applause, some people couldn’t help but cough, and our dear civic committee member carefully moved out of her stand-up comedy. I only said the first sentence. The people in the audience all laughed. Some people even laughed and slammed into the ground, and the tears flowed out.
  However, such a smile was a stimulant for the party, and it immediately pushed the atmosphere to a climax. And our roots are sitting in the corner of the classroom, blushing and gently asking his desk: "I sing... okay?", but it evoked an unanimous answer: "Wugen You sang very well!" After that, it was a burst of laughter!
  Laughing is really the best panacea in the world. With it, all the sorrows, sorrows, and uneasiness will be “snapped” and disappeared. After such a party that was deeply remembered in memory because of Mugen, we suddenly realized that the breakup, not the college entrance examination, has already roared. All the suspicions, unhappiness, it’s time to get rid of it. The exquisite guest book, like the late pupils, was breathlessly spread on the way we passed.
  And our Mugen never realized that he brought us, in addition to laughter, and the growing truth. He just remembered the phrase "You sang very well" and took the college entrance examination with confidence.