The college entrance examination countdown 200 days class teacher's speech
  Classmates, friends, my dear students:
  There are still 200 days left from the college entrance examination! Looking at the countdown card, what do you think? Some students are very anxious: how can you end your high school ? I am far from learning! Some students who are also learning will sigh: What can I do for two hundred days? What else can I change? We may wish to use the poem of a great man "100 days too long, just fight for the day!" Moreover, we still have two hundred days. Don't underestimate the area for two hundred days. In two hundred days and nights, there are 4,800 hours and 288,000 minutes. And two hundred days later, we only had four exams for 540 minutes! In these 280,800 minutes, we can make a miracle!
  Perhaps, before you slacked off yourself because of pride, the results were somewhat unsatisfactory. Then, from now on, insist on self-examination every day, take every exam seriously, do a good job of each subject, and carefully deal with each problem, set up a group, gather sand into a tower, and in the examination room two hundred days later, you will definitely Now the ideal dream of the British position!
  Perhaps, before you indulge yourself because of laziness, parents and teachers are not satisfied, then, from now on, strictly self-discipline and catch up, seize the final opportunity, and learn hard every second, like the most serious and diligent classmates, and the best The best classmates compete with each teacher and cooperate with each other. The more they fight, the more brave, and the more persistent. On the test field two hundred days later, you are the dark horse that leaps and bounds, the flying eagle!
  Perhaps, before you looked down on yourself because of inferiority, you thought that the future was full of thorns. In fact, thorns are the roadblocks you imagine. In fact, every flower has open power! Think about yourself, can you give up halfway through the way, we start from the most basic, and there are 280,800 minutes of harvest opportunities. Ask yourself, do you try your best, starting today, don't waste time complaining about self-satisfaction, enhance self-confidence, improve efficiency, and the self-improvement of the heavens and the gentlemen, the water of the tricks will merge into the river, and in the examination room two hundred days later, you will also The fragrant fragrance!
  Here, I still can't help but say a few words (I can't hear it after six months):
  Everyone needs to have a sense of role. We are high school students. When you are nervous and rushing in and out of the Internet cafes, do you notice the kind of thief-headed thief you left behind? When you sit in your seat and show your limbs weak and sleepy, can you still see the "vigor" and "power" from you? The ancients said, "Sit like a bell, stand like a pine, walk like a wind," and say that you have to sit and sit, stand and stand. You should be vigorous and violent, and let your strength flow to your nerve endings. Everything would rather be five seconds in advance than one second. Why can't I reflect the mature beauty of 18 or 9 years old? Why can't you have a general demeanor and temperament to serve people?
  More attention should be paid to learning methods. "If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his weapon." "Knife sharpening and cutting firewood work" "Wanzhang high-rise building starts from the ground", and so on. These ancient teachings are meant to emphasize the basics. Any idea that is so high and high is not good. The basic thing is the textbook we have read. How to read the textbook is the biggest review. First, don't be impatient, spend some time, look at the teaching materials, do a good job in the textbooks of various subjects, and form a general impression, the so-called "everything changes from the sect": but not to be afraid, more are you I have been through a long time, and I am also an old friend. I make full use of the original class notes, go to old friends, and approach old friends. He will definitely evoke your memories: The third is to build high-rise buildings, condescending, and teaching materials. The formation of knowledge is systematic, and it is understood that there are several sections and chapters in this section, and several points of knowledge are spoken, so that you can outline your goals, and it is possible to fill in the gaps in the future. Just as you want to get a needle in a haystack, it is impossible, and if you know the width and depth of the sea, and where you can hide the needle, you can find the sparkling needle. This is the first point. In addition, 45 minutes to the classroom to be effective, many successful college entrance examination experience is a learning method is to take a good class, do you still doubt? Still not doing this? Moreover, when the third year is the knowledge point, the information point (which the teacher introduced and you get outside the class), and the method of taking the test all the way to you, the class can not firmly grasp the initiative of the review. Third, do a good job in each set of exercises, persevere, never give up, and practice your usual practice, your will and ability will be formed in a subtle way.
  Classmates, and the last two hundred days, there are many opportunities in your hands, there are many miracles waiting for you to create, but the sky will not fall, the fantasy must be cast empty. To achieve the ideal of the other side, to create the first glory of life, only confident and hard work hard! Let our teachers and students work hand in hand, in the last two hundred days, with one heart and one mind, self-confidence and self-improvement, in the examination room two hundred days later, hold up a clear sky, for everyone who pays for you! It is not easy to know that a family can cultivate a talent, but if you have a talent, you can change the fate of this family! Some people say that there are two kinds of life: one is decay and the other is burning. I want to be smart, you will make the right choice!
  Ok, let's talk about it today. If you have any thoughts, please communicate with your parents and teachers in a timely manner, or go directly to me, and you will be ruined in your heart.
  Another: To be very close to the teacher, they have to be friends with us for a few years, why not cherish the 200 days that will soon pass? What's more, it also helps to learn and progress. To love our alma mater, this is the place where we have lived for three years. It should be emotional, and love and righteousness are the foundation of human beings.