The college entrance examination countdown 200-day swearing-speaking conference speech
  Dear teachers, dear students,
  Good evening, everybody!
  On this special day, solemn moments, please allow me, an ordinary teacher of the High School of Arts and Sciences , here, sincere expression.
  When I look back, I am shocked by the passage of time. Recalling the days of more than one hundred high school teachers and students struggle, we stood our day and night, we heroic passion, crossed a road gully, crossed a barrier, along the way is successful climbing footprint.
  Passing through the relaxed high school, the second year of the dragon and the tiger, we walked into the third year. The tension and the busy atmosphere are filled in every corner of the middle. After the class, there are always teachers who are surrounded by the water. The students can discuss each other's problems everywhere... In the midst of a close review, we have entered the preparation for the college entrance examination. The state of white heat.
  For 200 days, let us swear and swear by the swearing; 200 days, let us burn the scorpion and jump over the gantry.
  The college entrance examination is a marathon that requires extraordinary perseverance to reach the end. It is a 100-meter sprint that requires all efforts to win. It is the most just match for those of us who are born into civilian families and have little life experience. . If we can't stand it and can't stand it, it's a multiple-choice question. We have no right to choose. There is no escape, no sorrow, just today, we are in the middle school, and we are standing in the starting line of the 100-meter sprint. Therefore, please ask each of our classmates to give them the loudest applause and endless power!
  classmates! We are heartened by the fact that you are fighting for the future. Looking at your face full of expectations, a little excited, a little nervous, a bit depressed, we feel very sad. Nietzsche said: "A tree, to grow taller, accept more sunshine, then its roots must go deeper into the darkness." And the third year we grow up like a tree tough and lonely. But dear classmates! Please remember that you are not alone, fighting alone, there are 23 high school teachers we can kiss, always with you, always, never give up. When you go all out and your grades climb, there will be a heartfelt smile on your face; when you are lax and sluggish, your brows will always be ruined anyway. Let us be a plain poplar in the spring, pumping branches and leaves, and all the present, our beloved leaders, dear teachers, their mother's sunny gaze will cover our life. Therefore, please give us the warmest applause and the deepest gratitude to every classmate we are present!
  In the next learning process, I hope that students can do the following three things:
  First, down to earth, tenacious.
  No matter how urgent the time is, how heavy the task is, we must reject impetuousness in our study, and try to avoid squandering and greed. Reviewing is a subtle process of accumulation, which requires us to read the memory without bothering and to tirelessly verify the calculation. It’s better to do a problem than to do a ten-question problem. It’s better to have a page of knowledge than a rough book. Some knowledge we think we can get away with it. In fact, every time the exam comes down, many students say that the more common the feelings of lack of confidence, the easier it is to meet in the exam.
  If you get the knowledge points, you can't extract them completely and accurately from the memory, and there is a jamming phenomenon. If you get the problem, you can't quickly and clearly judge which kind of title it has been, and the fault of thinking. Then, you have already lost the exam. Therefore, I hope that you don't have any illusions, don't give up any chance of learning, especially for the weak knowledge of weak disciplines, clench your teeth, and break each other.
  Second, rational planning and efficiency.
  It is necessary to pay attention to scientific and reasonable arrangement of time. First of all, do not waste time, some students do not concentrate on the classroom, spend a lot of time to make up after class; some do not grasp the time of day, stay up late at night; some do not go to bed on time, dozing off during the day. These unreasonable schedules directly affect our learning outcomes. Only by self-control and getting rid of these bad habits can we obtain more sufficient study time to maintain a stronger combat capability. It is also necessary to make full use of the small time that is often overlooked and considered to be insignificant. To develop a small plan with time flexibility is a practical consideration for every student, so that you will get unexpected progress.
  Third, grasp the details and pay attention to the norms.
  It is necessary to improve all aspects of learning. Do a good job of feedback and summary of review information in a timely manner, make full use of valuable points such as mistakes, questions, focus, and omissions in the review, and make self-remedy intensive review for the wrong source information, and spend time and energy on it. On the blade.
  It is necessary to follow the rules of the rising points of various subjects, focus on the subject knowledge, and summarize the accumulation of typical test questions. The liberal arts review focuses on knowledge rumors, and the science review focuses on lateral thinking. Only by doing a good job can we achieve a good grasp.
  It is necessary to score to the norm, to the detailed results, fully recognize the importance of time-limited training, improve the accuracy and speed of problem solving, and do not lose points in the basic questions, and score more problems. It is necessary to pay attention to the normative answer, clear organization, complete expression, accurate calculation, and reduce unnecessary loss factors.
  classmates! 12 years of hard work, 12 years of wind and rain, now, only 200 days away from the college entrance examination! The real test is about to begin. Who can keep Dantian in this 200 days, hold his breath and surpass himself; who can come up with a slogan in this 200 days, "When people don't know Lingyunmu, they wait for Lingyun to start high"; Who can be here? In 200 days, I really realized the true meaning of "Bao Jianfeng from grinding out, plum blossoms come from bitter cold"; who can clench his teeth and accept the test of God's "bitterness and painstaking efforts", who can be in the college entrance examination "A thousand troops have crossed the wood, and the dust has taken the lead!"
  Taking this opportunity, I sent a message to the top students: dare to stand up to the Tsinghua University in Beijing to pick up the stars, and seek common cause to go to the top universities! Middle school students: You are the main force in the middle, I believe that miracles are everywhere, I believe that I will be useful when I am born, everything is in the variables, and strive to rush upstream! Classmates whose interim results are not ideal: The past setbacks are like autumn leaves. Today’s dying is to make a better spit in the spring of the coming year! As long as we continue to work hard, I believe that the dark horse next year is you!
  Today's swearer is the horn of the expedition, the horn of struggle, the horn of the sprint. In order to make a fruitful fragrance in June, in order to spend the golden moon of the full moon, we all have to join hands, be brave in the chest, work hard and work together to create brilliant!
  I wish you all success in the college entrance examination and your dreams come true!