The college entrance examination countdown 200-day swearing-in-chief teacher representative speech
  " Achieve your talents, you will be rewarded for twelve years; you will win the championship and win two hundred days. "
  Dear leaders, teachers, dear students, good afternoon everyone!
  I am honored to communicate with you on this special day. Time is like an arrow from the string, and it has passed away with the wind; the water of the years goes by, never returns. Unconsciously, the college entrance examination is only 200 days; in silence, the gantry is approaching two hundred days. The horn of the battle has already blown, and the wheel of history has once again reached the front line of life. In response to the college entrance examination, the students studied hard at the desk; the research countermeasures, the teachers took the lights and night battle. Looking to the future, we are determined to achieve; to start the reality, we are confident.
  Taking this opportunity, I would like to make a few suggestions to my classmates.
  First, you must cherish the time, time is like a gap, and fleeting. You must use passion to play the music of life, and use the blood of youth to ignite the beacon of hope. You must have the same chest and temperament of the sea, be good at tolerating others, and never ruin your precious time by accounting for personal gains and losses.
  Second, the ambition is high, and there is confidence in the heart. The ancients said that it is the best to take the law, and to take it from the middle. Even if you are in a difficult situation, you should be "poor and hard-working, and do not fall into the blue sky." Believe in yourself, tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world; strong will, can cast any piece of iron on the earth.
  Third, we must persevere and be down to earth. Only perseverance can make you go to the other side of success. "You can't take ten steps; you can't give up ten steps. Don't give up because of a little difficulty. You have to write a sentence in the diary every day in the vast sea like Columbus." "Today we continue sailing."
  I firmly believe that ordinary life will weave a colorful pattern in our hands, and a limited life will surely go to eternity in the unremitting pursuit of our students. Struggle for two hundred days, let the flying dream open its wings in June. Struggle for two hundred days, let ambition and wisdom shine in June. We will take a calm smile to win the glory that we must achieve. Teachers, classmates, 10,000 years is too long, just fight for the day. Let us witness the morning sun, bathing in the wind and rain, and the faintly visible rainbow is in front of our hard work!
  Fourth, we must dare to brighten the sword. Many people know the spirit of the sword? The essence of the bright sword is that no matter what kind of opponent you face, you must first dare to show your own sword, dare to show your own momentum, even if you fall down, you have to go on the road of assault, even if you fall down, you must maintain it. The dignity of a swordsman. Weakness can't win the opponent's sympathy, only leave a joke, and even ruin in weakness. Classmates, this "sword" does not shine when to wait! We are not born for the college entrance examination, nor will we die for the college entrance examination, but since it has blocked the path between our lives and death, we will cross the past!
  Classmates, there are many ways in the world, and there is only one way to choose -- that is, the way to give up; there is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate. From now on, don't complain about others anymore, and ignore the obstacles at your feet. Going forward, if it is not useful, go forward a little. In fact, it is not too difficult to make a little progress each time. The students "From now on, let us seize the lost position!"
  Life is a game, it must have the endurance of 10,000 meters long run, but also the speed of 100 meters sprint, the starting position is not in a line, but who can talk about the position of the front, must be the first The winner who reached the end! We have come from the storm for more than 900 days. In this final sprint, we must not relax. I want to insist on the morning wind and think about what I should do today. I will ask the sunset today. How to harvest.
  The road to struggle is often difficult and full of thorns, but you are not alone. You have strong arms of your parents, teachers who teach you, and students who live together day and night...
  Finally, please allow me to swear on behalf of all senior teachers: in the two hundred days of this sprint, to ensure that each class is good, to the classroom forty minutes to be efficient, to quality, to score. We will be united, work together, and work together to create a quiet and peaceful learning environment for our students. We will carefully study the syllabus, study hard, carefully prepare lessons, constantly update the educational concept, keep abreast of the college entrance examination information, and collect information from many sources. We will care about each student, be patiently tutoring in self-study classes, provide meticulous guidance on learning methods, and promptly guide people to discomfort, so as to be responsible, responsible, and responsible.
  Classmates, the college entrance examination will open a new page in your life, it will make your dreams beautiful, make your future bright as a star, make your life perfect as a song, and all this possibility, only one word It can be achieved - fight! In the next 200 days, enjoy the environment created by the school grade, believe in the teacher, believe in the school, believe in yourself, truly calm down, accumulate, work hard, and behave in a down-to-earth manner. We will succeed because there is a dream. Everyone is amazing, and if there is courage, there will be miracles. I hope that everyone will have the courage to overcome difficulties and surpass the limits. They must have the arrogance of unloading their burdens and letting go, and they must have the domineering of whoever, who is resolutely bright. Classmates, come on! The teachers will escort you and work hard with you to prepare for the college entrance examination. May all our teachers and students in the third year of high school, unite and unite, work hard to overcome difficulties, change life with faith ! The 2014 college entrance examination Middle East campus was a hit, I believe that through our efforts, the 200-day East Campus will be more exciting for you.