College entrance examination countdown 200 days student speaking
  Let me share with you the growth experience of my high school. Since I was a child, I have always been a lazy person who has worked hard for a while, and has the enthusiasm for progress but has a temperament that cannot be changed. When I first entered high school, I was very bloody, but unfortunately, after a month of heat retention, I returned to the old state. I went to sleep in class and peeed, and my homework was not delivered late. I don't like this lazy self, but I don't bother to get rid of this habit. The days will be over, and the state is ups and downs comparable to the Shanghai Stock Exchange A shares. I learned so badly that my grades were good, and I didn’t feel alarmed at all. So the second year of the second year of high school became a continuation of the first year of high school, but the results at that time did not have the high school, the results of all subjects collapsed, the test results again and again refreshed the historical low. After that, I was forced to helplessly. I was so painstaking that I was relieved of my heart, and I spent half a semester to start the various exams in the late senior high school entrance examination. This kind of learning experience touched me a lot and gave me three important inspirations. First, the process of my excitement was very painful. I worked hard for a while, but the results did not show any signs of improvement. It was like Gao Yiming played for a semester, but the results have never been lost. I feel very different between the two situations. confused. Fortunately, at that time, even if I couldn’t see hope, the various forces made me stick to it. When the results of the mid-term exam came out, I looked back again and suddenly realized that I had made great progress. So, I understand, don't expect an immediate return after the effort. A lot of the process is accumulating, and you need to wait patiently before the results come out. Secondly, when I was in the second year of high school, I saw the masters in the class, and my heart was full of envy. I felt that their position was far away, and they seemed to never reach it. But when they made progress, they became so. When I was a member of the high hand, I realized that they were not insurmountable in their imagination. They didn't have to be superstitious and didn't have to be obsessed. Maybe all the difficulties are like this. When you first faced it, it felt terrible, but after you experienced it, you can think about it again. Third, in the study, in-depth thinking makes me feel happy, and my inner peace makes me feel happy. These are the feelings I have never had before. The process of learning has made me find a very dedicated and very invested feeling. It is a kind of luck to calm down and concentrate on doing what I want to do. When I think about it, I suddenly feel that reading doesn't seem like a painful thing. I started learning for myself for the first time.
  With this experience of the second year of high school, I have grown a lot. Afterwards, my study life is relatively smooth. Although there are ups and downs, there is a steady state, and I feel that everything is so natural. I read this in a book I like very much: "When you really want to accomplish something, the power of the universe will work together to help you." I believe in this, sincerely treat my wishes. And finally it will be realized.
  In the third year of high school , I saw the countdown on the blackboard and I was shocked. The last time was only 200 days left. The memory of the first anniversary of the countdown seems to be still in sight, but the past two hundred days have not left a deep mark on the heart. I don't know if you are under the stage, do you have the same feelings as me, time flies, and the last chance is to cherish. In my opinion, for the 200 days, you must do the following three things. First of all, maintain a good attitude. No matter whether you have enough ability at present, you must be full of confidence when facing all challenges. You can use your own method to solve the problem best and fastest. The only one that I can stand alone can scare off most of the problem. difficult. Second, there must be a direction in front of you, and you must have a goal in your heart. It is very important to plan well. Find your own rhythm and choose the one that suits you. Only then can you confirm that your efforts are effective and you will have the confidence in your heart. A friend once said that he thought about what he had to do on the day of the end of the world. This gave me a lot of shock inside. This kind of consciousness is worth learning. Finally, you must invest and concentrate. This is already a cliché, but it is indeed the quality that is most needed in learning. Practice yourself well in your studies.
  My mother once said to me: "We don't ask you to test a good university, but if you can't try to use your qualifications and waste them, then your life will be a pity." Peking University graduation ceremony once said this sentence : "the biggest responsibility in this life you paid, you piece of material is cast synthesizer." the last of 200 days, I hope we can play all his strength, to show their The true level, simply learning, learning happily, learning happily. Cherish the life at hand, let us work together.