The college entrance examination countdown 200 days mobilization conference speech
  " Strong and fierce, decisive battle high three "
  Classmates, on the occasion of the 200-day countdown to the college entrance examination, I was supported by the school and the teachers to exchange ideas about the relationship between the college entrance examination and life.
  a long life, a key step
  The college entrance examination is a "critical" step for the younger generation in China in the 21st century. This is the situation. Because the world today is a world where scientific knowledge has developed rapidly. It can be said that if you do not want to be thrown away by history, you must have a considerable degree of scientific and cultural knowledge. In view of this, the college entrance examination has become a crucial stage in the life of the younger generation. I remember the famous writer Liu Qing said: "A person's life is long, but the key is one or two steps." Ji Hongchang also said: "The road is stepped out, history is written by people. People's Every step is writing his own history." A long road to life, a key step, you can rewrite the legend of a lifetime. Take a step and benefit for the rest of your life. The opportunity of heaven is often given to those who have taken a critical step in their morale. Looking back at history, there are many important facts that go out of the key step and determine the overall situation: in ancient times, Mao Zedong took the “self-recommendation” step and stood out among the many diners in the Plains, and achieved the feat of combining the two with Chu; The key step of the sin of the sin of the sin is to spread the beauty of the "harmony". Modern Mao Zedong ’s important decision at the Zunyi Conference prompted the Chinese revolution to step out of the right key step and turn the Chinese revolution into safety. Some of these key steps are to decide one's own destiny, and some also determine the fate of a country and a nation. It can be seen that this step seems to be short-lived, but in fact it is a victory or defeat. The college entrance examination is the most crucial step in the life of the Qing Dynasty. It is not difficult to understand that knowledge changes fate. Whether you can pass the college entrance examination will determine whether a person has the opportunity to learn more cultural knowledge. If we can successfully pass this critical stage, we can devote ourselves to the more magnificent sea of ​​knowledge and make ourselves the tide of the times, thus changing our own destiny. Today, 200 days of the 2012 college entrance examination is the climax part of our life movement, and the main theme of this movement has only two keywords: this is: struggle and success !
  Strong and fierce, decisive battle
  To take this critical step, first of all, there should be a heroic ambition to break through. Facing the high mountains of the third year, if you are discouraged, you can only sigh with mountains and do nothing. On the contrary, there is a courageous courage who will give me the best, and the mountain will make me bow down, and the river will make way for me. If there is such a ruinous person, he will lose all the distracting thoughts and devote himself to the current high school exam preparation. At the same time, this has a more important role, that is, with this resolute and determined spirit, it will inspire all of our own potential, create even the results that we will be surprised, even a miracle! Therefore, it can be said that this kind of ruin is not only a passion, but also a realm. In these 200 days, if we work hard, what difficulties can we stop us from conquering the high mountains?
  Of course, it is not enough to rely on courage, but also to have the wisdom to win. In the face of this 200-day period, there is a question of how to make the most of time. From the time account: 200 days = 4800 hours = 28, 8000 minutes = 1728, 0000 seconds. This formula has profound implications. My understanding is: First, time is valuable, it must be used in minutes to calculate and use, can not waste a minute and a second, to cherish; second, the use of time must pay attention to efficiency, every minute and every second There are gains. Classmates, in this 200 days of hard and long-lived and evanescent, on the one hand, you should have a good review of each class, do a good job of each exercise, test each exam, and do it. The exams are taken seriously as a college entrance examination. On the other hand, to do a good job of learning planning every day, to develop clear learning content and learning objectives, there is a specific feasible learning timetable. The third aspect is to be good at summing up experience, paying attention to learning methods, being busy and not chaotic, making it step by step, solid and step-by-step, learning and beneficial, and effective!
  Classmates, in the course of this intense 200-day preparation, sometimes it is inevitable that we will encounter some unsatisfactory things. We don’t have to worry about it, let alone be discouraged. There is a saying that morale can not be vented. We must raise our heads high and fight again. To adjust your mindset, treat learning as a full of hardships and treat it as a fun-filled thing. In the hard study, you can fully enjoy the fun of reading and enjoy the fun of struggle. Perhaps, nowadays, students may not be able to appreciate this kind of good taste at the moment, but when you look back at the third year of the third grade, you will be filled with emotion and say that 200 days at that time is really memorable and beneficial. shallow! It not only encourages a person to eagerly absorb knowledge, make it grow sharply, but also temper a person's will to make it perseverance. Confucius said that "a gentleman can't be without glory, he has a long way to go." Yes, a motivated person can't live without the spirit of perseverance and the spirit of hard work for ideals. Life can have a few back stroke? It’s only 200 days from the college entrance examination. At this time, no fight, when is it waiting? Let's make a slap in the face, fierce and fierce, shouting loudly: "The Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now it's stepping from the beginning!"
  Here, let our teachers and students fight side by side, bloody battle for 200 days, laugh at the college entrance examination next year. When I was on the list in 2012, I laughed at the list. At that time, we will proudly announce: "Hangshou was two hundred days at the time, challenging the third year and conquering the mountains." Now, in front of the 200-day countdown, I believe that the students will express their heartfelt thanks every day, thank you. An unforgettable test preparation for 200 days. I will silently say in my heart that preparing for 200 days is a good achievement for you and a key step for us to take our lives. Finally, I wish the students a happy study and a successful academic career!