College entrance examination countdown 200 days parent speech
  Dear teachers, dear students,
  good afternoon everyone!
  Today, I am very honored to share with you the experience of learning and living since I was promoted to the third year on this special day. I hope I can help you.
  The third year of high school is the most fierce fire before the steel is released. It is the highest gate before the fish jumps out of the water to the far side. A long time ago, I heard people say that the third year of high school is busy and boring. They are constantly listening to classes, reviewing and taking exams, and they are disappointed. Others say that the third year is intense and full, and constantly check for missing and reviewing and consolidating. The harvest is hope. Others say that the third year is cold, friendship is indifferent in the competition you chase after me; others say that the third year is warm, and friendship is deep in your study of helping me. In fact, until now, we have really experienced a large part of the third year of life, and sometimes we will think - high school is not the case, it has been demonized by a small number of people, not doublehomework , norelaxation! Maybe everyone has a variety of attitudes towards the third year, but this attitude is very important: if the main color of the third year is positioned as black, then this attitude may become the last straw to crush the camel when you are depressed; If you can have fun in the intense and fulfilling life of the third year, then this attitude is a stepping stone on your path to success . There are always people in our ears who keep on swearing: attitude determines everything. But they are right. If we are defeated by our own attitude towards learning, then we will lose at the starting line. This is the first lesson I learned after I was a senior.
  The second point I want to talk about is to define my own ideals and goals. Ideals and goals are two different things that require us to make a careful distinction: ideals are rational and rational hopes for future things, and goals are our expectations of results. Our ideals vary from person to person, but our goals have been set by ourselves to be admitted to a good university. It is impossible to say that high school students do not want to go to college. The reason why I separate my ideals from my goals is to tell myself clearly that June 10, 2011 is not the end of my study. In order to realize my ideals, I still need to continue to learn. This will not be just for the college entrance examination - this is very extreme and taboo. If you study with the mentality of studying for the exam, then in the third year of high school, in addition to the answering strategy, nothing else can be learned, which is equivalent to wasting our precious youth. If we set a grand ideal and clarify the goals of reality, then when we learn to fall into a trough and feel overwhelmed, we have the tools to motivate ourselves. For example, I often use 676 kilometers to motivate myself. This is the distance from our school to Boyata. When I think of 676 kilometers, I think of a series of things in a series: I think of the lotus flower of the unnamed lake, I think of the weeping willows on the lakeside, I think of the taste of the history of the Yanyuan’s air, and I think that "the name of the lake is good for reading, and the Boya Tower should be able to listen." "Think of countless people who have spent their college life here... I think there is motivation to learn."
  Third, for the wave of high school life, we must maintain a normal heart. In short, we must calm down. Faced with the physics choice question that strictly follows the law of probability and accuracy, it should be calm; the biological experiment questions that are inversely proportional to the time of scoring and thinking time should be calm; in the face of a series of papers that only make two major questions in one lesson to calm; the face of an article on "aquarium fish" in writing , to calm; face detection module just past performance, or to calm ...... calm and not to abandon our feelings anesthesia nerve and finally turned into a do The problem machine, but we must face the joy and sorrow in life with a calm attitude, and do not be disgusted. This will not only enable us to maintain a good psychological state, but also reflect our cultivation and maturity.
  The fourth and most important point is to have a grateful heart and cherish everyone around us. We will never forget the quilt that my parents took to school the day before cooling down. I can’t forget the food prepared in advance every time I go home. When I can’t forget to call my mother, my mother will always ask if I am tired and have a meal. Not delicious, I can't forget my dad couldn't help but send us to the school gate with a chic waving and reluctant eyes. We also can't forget the teachers. Their profound knowledge and personality charm are always so admirable. The teacher is our everlasting idol. We can't forget the patience when you're tired of answering our questions or stupid questions. You can't forget the cold humor that you talked about from time to time in your class. You can't forget that you remind us to wear more clothes to prevent colds, and you can't forget the cool words you wrote. . Dear classmates and friends, you are telling me all the jokes in the world when I am sad. You pointed out the mistakes when I made mistakes, and then forgive me generously. You solved them in four ways. A question, and then to discuss and discuss with me, you told me that on the road to pursuing my dreams, I am never alone. Think about the people around us. The probability that we meet in this world is indeed a miracle. So we must cherish everyone around us and thank them for being the protagonists of the most beautiful fairy tales in our lives.
  Classmates, we are only 200 days away from the college entrance examination. There won't be many 200 days in our life for us to prepare for the college entrance examination. However, there is still a lot to learn from, and we may be more than 676 kilometers away from the target. Dreams are important, but if you just indulge in your dreams, you can only accept the reality that is still in bed when you wake up. I thought of one thing I had experienced: once I talked to my students in Shengli Oilfield and talked about my school. When I talked about the college entrance examination, they said, "Hey, our school Tsinghua University has tested seven." To be honest, then My heart is full of envy and hatred. We live in the largest province of the college entrance examination, and there are countless students who are as good as us. We are competing with us. For the knowledge that still is not mastered, these two hundred days are the last time we use to make up for it; for the knowledge that is better mastered, we can't be slow, because learning is like going against the water, and if we don't advance, we will retreat. In order to achieve our goals, we are determined to use this precious 200 days, and use every minute and every second in the place where it is used. A bite can't be eaten fat, but the fat ones are eaten bit by bit. Therefore, we must take every knowledge point seriously, carefully complete each assignment, carefully summarize each lesson, laugh at the end, and laugh best. Please believe that Heaven is rewarding. Maybe God won't throw the pie on the head of a diligent person, but he will always throw the discus on the head of the lazy person. We will do our best in this precious 200 days to make ourselves the pride of the school and make the school a pride of the whole society.
  Finally, I wish all teachers good health, family fun, and work well; I wish you all the lovely students to continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, to complete the most gorgeous turn in life in the next year's college entrance examination!
  thank you all.