Learn to give students: look at it when you can't hold it.
  Dear yourself:
  When you read these words, you are already taller.
  I don't know what you have to experience in the more than 900 days of the future, but since you have been involved for nine years, I hope you will try your best in the three years from high school to high school .
  Dear yourself, only you know best, how much you have paid in the past minute and second, and how much wasted.
  I hope that you will calm your heart for the last three years. Even if you are not absolutely smart, you must believe that you can make up your mind.
  Dear yourself, please don't give up in the future.
  You will inevitably have a time to fail, because not only are you working alone.
  But please believe that paying will definitely pay off. You must remember that stumbling is life. You must regard each failure as the roadbed of the next success . You must persist .
  Of course, you will also make some progress. At that time, please don't relax, because when you slow down, others don't.
  The reason for your progress is that you have fallen a lot before, so you need to run when others are away, and you will accelerate when others run. You don't have the capital to be proud.
  Dear yourself, you need a goal.
  You have little understanding of the road to fight for the goal is not tired, so please continue to catch up.
  It can be a city, a school, a person, or a dream .
  In short, you need it to spur you into a better person. While gradually narrowing the distance, do you feel that it is worth it?
  Dear yourself, please take care of yourself in the days to come.
  If you don't go online, you won't lose a few years of life. The book you like is not only sold for one year. It is out of print. And your cell phone is not an organ that grows on your body. It is good to leave you.
  And the emotions that you often flooded at that time, please control your mood.
  Regardless of whether you have experienced it or are still thinking about it, please don't continue to struggle. You know where you have lost, so you can't fall again.
  Please know that it is not the person you are meeting now is a lifetime, not the pain you are suffering now is called life and death. You have to go a long, long way in the future, it is not the time.
  You can have someone you like, but please put her in your heart. If you can't go on, take a minute to miss, and then remember that she is still working hard. If you don't insist, you will be farther and farther away from her. So, you have to cheer.
  Dear oneself, the moving love songs, and the beautiful story are not suitable for you in the first year.
  Listening to English songs can practice listening, rock can be refreshing, and light music can relieve stress.
  Hiding in a quilt to read a novel is definitely more tired than watching a newspaper. So when Wen Qing is not bad, you are not qualified now.
  Dear yourself, although you have to get up early and sleep late in the day and night, you have to change a lot of your habits, you have to endure loneliness.
  But still please remember to be nice to yourself. Remember to drink a cup of milk every day, and drink tea better than coffee.
  Remember to exercise regularly and get better. Remember not to overeating.
  Remember to give yourself a big smile on a cloudy day, and bring an umbrella to get wet.
  Remember to hold yourself when you are on the verge of collapse, tell yourself that it is almost over, and you can't give up.
  Dear yourself, you know that you don't have a prominent background, no one can lay a good road for you, and you have no other choice. For you, the road to the future is only a single-wood bridge called the college entrance examination, and this road can only rely on your own thorns. You have to know that you are carrying not only the fate of you alone, but also the family you have to pay for your family work day and night. You have no reason and no time to work hard. The last stroke, only success, no failure.
  Dear yourself, please cheer and believe in yourself. Dear yourself, please change your bad habits, smoke does not suck, drink does not drink, you are still reading a book, and there is no money to make these meaningless, please dear yourself to change.