Re-reading students' inspirational stories
  " High five students, the Zhejiang University "
  Walking in the quiet forest vagina of Zhejiang University, I will still remember the past years in the rush of footsteps: all efforts are only for one goal, that is my "college dream". For this dream, I took my five years most. The beautiful youth was swayed in the high school campus at the foot of the hill; for my college dream, I participated in three college entrance examinations and filled in three volunteers...
  High school - no suspense
  When I stepped into the threshold of the third year of high school, I suddenly found that the college entrance examination, which was so far away, and full of expectation and fear, came to me like Taishan. In addition to panic and lack of self-confidence , my heart is almost numb to it. After the first high school exam, I looked at the lifeless number "15" of the transcript - my rankings, my heart is full of sadness and endless cold. I know the principle that "the young and the strong don't work hard, the old man is sad", but I was foolish at that time: my "small and strong" era has long since passed away, I can't go to repent, I can only get a "big brother" The end of sorrow.
  At that time, only 6 points difference with the key high school, I was so proud that I was confident that "the gold is shining everywhere", so I chose an ordinary high school in my hometown. However, the discomfort of entering junior high school, the lack of experience of teachers, the lack of a good transition and transformation, the sense of psychological loss and contradiction, the embarrassing and difficult choice between liberal arts and sciences... all this made me gradually lost in my studies. Self, inertia grows like a weed in the heart. Since then, I have relaxed my requirements. In addition to the homework assigned by the teacher, the other workbooks and materials are almost blank; I always know everything I know and understand. I also became mediocre in such a fall, becoming the object of the teacher often shaking his head and sighing.
  When I was in the third year of high school, although I became busy, I was as powerful as I was in the swamp. I know that I really want to be admitted to college, so I tried to start studying hard, but I was so lazy that I couldn't settle down to do the problem or read a book. At that time, I was studying, always excusing "the weather is cold", "one person is not safe", etc. I don’t go to school to study. Every evening, after dinner, I am in front of the TV like a magnet until my mother is angry. When I turned off the TV, I reluctantly went upstairs to my hut to study in her condemned eyes. In the face of textbooks and exercises, I couldn't concentrate on reading books. I used to worry about it for a long time, or when I was doing it, I started to sleep, and then went to bed and fell asleep in my faint sense of crime. I always tell myself that I must do 11 points or read 12 points in the book tomorrow, but each time less than 10 points, the words on the textbook will start to blur in my eyes, and then I will simply be thrown by me. Aside. The whole senior year slipped away in my sleep, and the high school three years went away in my degeneration and self-blame.
  So, I fell to the list without any suspense. I have no tears, because such results have long been expected.
  High four - the prodigal son does not change the gold
  After a summer vacation, I came to my alma mater with a few books - the quiet and beautiful campus at the foot of the hill and started my re-reading life.
  In that familiar campus, in the face of a familiar environment, familiar teachers and strange schoolmates, everything is calm except for some unusual things. I have been calm and calm in my heart. I study quietly every day, quietly go home from school, and live quietly without a trace of color.
  At that time, facing the list is so calm, facing the re-reading so calmly, facing the college entrance examination so indifferent, I have some not believe that that person is himself, but she is indeed. It is not impossible to think about it.
  It is said that when people go through re-reading, they will become mature and people will grow very fast. For me, the unsuccessful fall of the third year is the beginning of my growth and maturity. Sometimes it's really weird. The more you want to get rid of some things, the more you can get rid of it, but you can do it without any intention. When I was in the third year of high school, I couldn’t help myself to study hard, but when I was in the senior year, everything was naturally reversed. I was no longer lazy as I used to. Every morning and night, life became very busy, but methodical, almost I can see myself making progress a little bit every day.
  Our review materials were purchased by the school in a unified manner. Although it is not very good, it is also the essence of the “Shali Gold Rush”. Because the foundation is not very good, I usually follow the teacher's steps, systematically do the information sent by the school, try to understand every question, and ask the teacher for the problem that I don't understand. On the one hand, I can solve the problem, and on the other hand, I can solve the problem. On the one hand, the teacher can also help me to check for missing vacancies.  More information will make people feel at a loss. In the end, although they have done a lot of questions, they are not systematic, but they cannot achieve the goal of improvement.
  After re-reading for one year, apart from studying hard, I have almost no psychological pressure and burden. The family never gives me any pressure; and my friends always encourage me to come and see me occasionally through letters. Their care and support made me feel happy and energetic...
  The senior four went through the busy schedule. The results of the college entrance examination made me feel that all the contributions were worthwhile. I should be able to read a good "two books", which is also a good ending for me.
  High five - keep the cloud open to see the moon
  Throughout the summer vacation, I lived in the middle school of Tianjin University. When I volunteered, I chose a second-class undergraduate in Tianjin.
  However, the summer vacation is over and I have not waited for the notice I expected. That day, I went to the Provincial Admissions Building alone. When I saw the trajectory table, my tears burst out. Standing in the high temperature of 40 degrees, I felt the cold that I had never had before, and I heard my heartbreaking voice. It’s 3 points, it’s 3 points that crush all my dreams and embarrassment! Is this the result of all my efforts in a year? ! How ironic, how cruel!
  But when all the sorrows turn into tears, when all the tears are exhausted, and the heart has almost died with tears, I don't know how to go in the future. However, the words of the senior four class teacher made a flash of light in my heart: "There is no such thing as the loss of the horse." This is the sentence that made me see a glimmer of hope. I started my unknown high five - also my unknown future.
  Although I didn’t feel the pain of the heart and the tears in the scorching sun, my heart still couldn’t calm down. Despite the support of my parents, the encouragement of my friends, and the attention of my teachers, I am still very helpless and helpless. So I was shaken, I just wanted to choose an ordinary school to end this boundless jealousy and helplessness, even if it was a specialist. Once this idea is born, it occupies my whole heart.
  However, a teacher who once taught me and gave me a lot of help once again "save" me, he let me see my strengths. Mathematics and foreign languages ​​are my strengths. I have no reason to back down, aren't they? ! When all the minds have settled, when all the uncertainties are fixed, I begin to re-enter the intense review preparation. As the days get busy, my mind becomes "simple". Besides learning and reading, I don't think about anything or do it.
  Because of the good foundation of the senior four, the study of the high five is very easy. Making a math problem and completing an English composition will give me a kind of victory. "Quiet and far away" may be my most profound life experience at that time!
  In addition to learning, psychological adjustment should be the key to success for my "high five students." As the first person to eat crabs - I am the first high school student on that beautiful campus. I have been paid attention to by all aspects, from teachers, classmates, schoolmates and sisters, the strange vision of the surrounding people, the gloom of the future, Suspicion of myself... will bring me some pressure. But I told myself that I can't be beaten by pressure, I can't be defeated by myself, so I keep looking for ways to "decompress". The psychological lectures and psychological consultations arranged by the school gave me a lot of help, and I learned a lot of very useful methods, such as deep breathing, muscle tension - relaxation, and so on.
  If you are tired, give yourself a vacation and go home to do nothing. Watching TV and helping your mother do housework is the best way to relax. When you are lonely, write a letter to your friends. Even if you are gibberish, it is the most Good talk. The understanding of the family, the encouragement of the friends, the appreciation and help of the teachers are all my spiritual pillars, which propped up my most gloomy years.
  To this end, I have become more and more serious about the college entrance examination. I have adopted the method introduced by the teacher - "big test, big play, no test, no play." Turn the test into a pleasure, not a Burden; turn the fear of the exam into "sluggish pleasure". So the few days of each exam is my most relaxing time, no need to endorse day and night, after the end of the exam, I can go home and see TV, then go to bed early. But the premise is that I have to study very hard at the usual time, often at 11 o'clock in the evening. Only with a solid foundation, you have the capital to "sneak in the fun" during the exam!
  The blue sky in July of that year, my mood is also very clear.
  Because, finally, I defeated myself and won my dreams. I sat at the desk of the Zhejiang University lecture hall. I recalled yesterday that I cherished the college entrance examination that washed my soul...