I want to go to Beijing University.
  When I wrote this sentence, I was even surprised by myself, because there was never a "Tsinghua" or "Peking University" student in our school. It seems that there was a "National People's Congress". I don't know how much. Things happened years ago. As the years go by, people gradually forget that there seems to be no such possibility.
  However, I still tell myself in my heart that I must let my students get admitted to Peking University.
  In recent days, the results of the college entrance examination have been announced, and everyone has "explained" the college entrance examination this year. Several happy families are worried. Every year, such things happen, and it is not surprising. As for the results of our school, the overall situation is steadily rising, but through the results, we will find that there are not many people who have reached the key line. There are very few people who can be admitted to a prestigious university. Can we really not? I am always looking for the answer. People don't often say that everything is possible? Why this may not happen in our school. So, I hinted at myself: Give me two years, I will also be a North University! It's a bit tragic, it seems to be screaming, or let others think that "the tree is ridiculous, ridiculously self-sufficient", but this is indeed my real idea, and I have to put this idea into action to achieve it.
  "How far is the ideal, how far can we go?" I told myself and my students more than once.
  Lofty ideals are life sails, our life is the life of the ship. Everyone hopes that their life will be colorful and glory. At the end of their lives, they can proudly say to the heavens and the earth - there is no regret in this life.
  Life is a journey, from falling to the ground, to the dust with the yellow soil, we have to go through too much, and the college entrance examination is just a touch of scenery in this journey, no matter how successful or bad, our life is still brilliant.
  Nowadays, although the college entrance examination is not the only way to change one's own destiny, it is by no means letting everyone ignore the college entrance examination. For more than a decade, I have been immersed in the sea of ​​knowledge. I have worked hard through hardships. The college entrance examination is a solemn review of the learning results. It is both a hard work for myself and a promise for my loved ones. We just hope that in the face of the college entrance examination, everyone can be calm and indifferent.
  However, we know that not everyone can smile and meet the coming storm. Many young students are under too much pressure and burden. During the three years of high school, they are confused, helpless, painful, confused, and even go to extremes. What we hope is that everyone can get out of the lost predicament, be able to actively face the setbacks , cope with failures, and learn from failures, sum up experience, and ultimately succeed .
  Success comes from ideals, and fruit cannot be separated from cultivation. There is a road in the book mountain, and there is no end to the sea. Tell yourself - I want to go to Beijing University! Implied yourself - I want to go to Beijing University!
  "I can realize my dream , as long as I work hard!" This is a sentence given to us by Professor Sun Yiming of Peking University . Please read it again: I can realize my dream, as long as I work hard! "This seems like a simple sentence, but who can really do it?"
  To go to Beijing University, we must realize the three golden laws of Peking University:
  First, there are great ideals and clear goals.
  Second, we must have a strong will and perseverance. This is necessary for every Tsinghua University.
  Third, we must have a family environment and a good school environment. (The so-called good family is the family to support you to study, a good school environment is that your teacher is qualified to teach you).
  To get to Beijing University, we must complete these three laws.
  Although we live in a small county, we are still relatively backward. Our location is still a national poverty-stricken county, but this is not the reason why we can't get good results, no! It should only be a reason for us to work hard!  We want to change our destiny towards the loess, we have to change the backward scenes in our hometown, we have to cheer up, no matter what the past, now we have to scream in the sky: "I want to go to Peking University!"
  Tsinghua University is just a symbol, a symbol that all Chinese students yearn for. We shouted: "I want to go to Peking University!" It is by no means arrogant or arrogant. Because although we may not be able to look back in the past, we still have the present and the future. We still have two years, why not shout: "I want to go to Peking University!" Although we are very difficult to go to Beijing, but do not try to know the results, just as Chen Sheng Wu Guang although the uprising failed but still: "Wang Hou will be Xiangning There is a kind of!" Is it not known as the age?
  Classmates, work hard! Shouted out loud: "I want to test Peking University!" Less one day net, learn more than one article; less watch a program, more practice a problem; less talk a little empty words, more than a few words. Time is like a sponge, squeeze it out bit by bit and use it.
  Nothing is impossible Jest like you!