Those years, the college entrance exams we have experienced
  In China, most people are sick and die, and there is an unavoidable experience - the college entrance examination. These words are used to describe the hardships of the college entrance examination. That heavy and tense, even after many years, whenever I recall the situation of the year, I still have a lingering fear.
  Every year from May to June, the summer knows that the voices are more and more frequent outside the window, making people feel inexplicably irritated, no mathematics in the classroom or rustling books; or bored on the table like a bored Prisoners who are imprisoned; or pass a note with their classmates, and spit each other out as if they were a comrade-in-arms. In a variety of ways, it is simply Paul's world.
  I remember that in my high school years, I was 17 and 8 years old. It was a period of adolescence and rebellion. Although the behavior was far less than that of young people nowadays, the spirit of rebellion was not bad at all. At that time, we also slammed the college entrance examination system, which is very disgusting to this system of lifelong examination. Schools and teachers are particularly concerned about the rate of enrollment, and they are the same as the relatives who study well. If they are poorly studied, they will be arranged in the last row as garbage. They will not be allowed to let themselves go their own way, but they will be excessive. The teacher will deliberately persuade some students with poor learning to drop out of school because of the rate of enrollment. For a while, I was really disgusted with this phenomenon.
  Every day is a never-ending volume and a variety of tests, semester test, half-semester test, monthly test, weekly test, and even developed into a daily test. I got up at 6 o'clock every morning, ate breakfast, and walked into the class. I started a day of cramming, keeping on class, doing the exercises, and the topic was looped infinitely until 9 pm, and I was waiting for myself at home. Zhang Juanzi, in addition to doing the title or doing the problem, there is no creativity at all, plus the teacher's deception, I believe everyone listened to this familiar speech in high school. "Learning, you can play casually at university." When I went to college, I could fall in love. When I went to college, I could..." As a result, we were naive to think that it would be possible to go to college once and for all.
  Although the mouth is blamed, but the study is still on, the test is also to test. After all, we have a small population in the northeast, and the competition is far less stressful than the population-rich provinces like Henan and Shandong. I rely on my own foundation, and then a little smart and finally passed a 65-point line to a university in the north. When I entered the university, I discovered that those who felt that they were excellent in high school did not excel in the university. The classmates in a class had at least ten class members and ten study committee members in high school. At that time, I felt a little bit, why the college entrance examination is so cruel. It was only a few years later that I discovered when I was abroad that hard work and hard work are far from the unique qualities of the Chinese. Even in a world-class university, you want to get a high score, and you have to memorize it. I have to devote myself to research and experimentation. The degree of hardship is not less than that of China. At that time, I felt more deeply. Success is really no shortcut.
  Nowadays, there are too many people in the society to spread the uselessness of reading. The plot is similar. Everyone must have heard it. It is nothing more than "my classmates", "my friends", "my neighbors and children"...the university has not read, directly I bought and sold, and now I am driving a car, living in a villa... I am working for him at the university. As if as long as you don't go to college, you can definitely be a boss. If you can succeed in business , is there such an example? The answer is yes, but what is the ratio? Maybe it’s just one in a thousand or even one in ten thousand. I believe more of the unknown wage earners, maybe they are regretting why they didn’t go to college. You must know that the university education you despise is the dream of those who cannot go to college for education.
  The average level and treatment of college students is definitely higher than that of high school graduates. This is beyond doubt. Therefore, those who have already received should cherish and those who have not yet received need to work hard. Maybe you didn't brush up the space, play games, watch movies today, but instead took a few words and made a few questions. When you took the test, you happened to answer more than one other question. If you score one more point, you can open it. Tens of thousands of people, the reality is so cruel.
  It is true that the shortcomings of the exam-oriented education have been ruined by countless people, and I have no intention of reversing the case for it, but before the problem is solved. We personally still can't escape it. Instead of hoping for others to reform, it is better to face it bravely and overcome it. One day you will have the ability to personally reform. The college entrance examination is something that everyone must face. No matter what the outcome is, we must work hard to make it clear. I hope everyone will pay for the sweat in the summer and harvest in the fall.