College Entrance Examination, 1977
  In 1977, it was the first year to resume the college entrance examination. In that year, my father took the college entrance examination, admitted to the university, became the first university student in the family and also in the village. Grandma was happy for a long time. Thirty-one years later, in 2008, I took the college entrance examination, admitted to the university, became the first female college student in my family, and my grandmother was happy again for a long time. This year is 2014, my graduate student is graduating soon, my little cousin is about to take the college entrance examination... In the past 30 years, the computer has changed from a legend to a daily-use electric appliance, and my father has turned into a retired grandfather from a handsome man. ... Everything has changed dramatically. The only constant is that the college entrance examination is still the theme of the whole people.
  In June, it belongs to the college entrance examination.
  I have listened to my father many times about his college entrance examination experience. At that time, I didn’t even know what the college entrance examination was. I went straight to the examination room. The teachers are just "collecting" back from all over the place, let alone reviewing, and even the work status has not been recovered. Students rely on themselves, hurriedly read a few textbooks, and went to the battlefield. In contrast, I really don't know whether our generation is fortunate or unfortunate. The high school year's test paper bombing, the sea of ​​questions, has already made everyone exhausted. Later, my mom always said that I have never seen me so calm, not as calm as a seventeen-year-old child. Now think of it, in fact, it is not calm, but numb.
  My college entrance examination is two days, the first day of the morning to test the language, the afternoon to test mathematics; the next morning, the examination of the text comprehensive, afternoon English, the whole process is very smooth. It was not until the afternoon of the second day that English was tested, and the long-standing pressure was freed from the control of psychological quality, and protested through physical discomfort - I spit out a noon until I entered the examination room. Since then, every time there is a major exam, it will be accompanied by gastrointestinal discomfort. Take the postgraduate exam, four exams, each time you spit out and then enter the exam room. This is enough to prove that the college entrance examination is not the most difficult exam in my life so far.
  After finishing the last subject, I actually did not participate in the college entrance examination feeling. Going out of the examination room, I feel that the one that has just ended is a general exam that does not expire. I repeatedly asked my mom, "I really finished the college entrance examination?" I asked three times. My mom must have thought that I was stupid, but didn't say it.
  It was not until the second day that the post-test syndrome began to become clear. On the one hand, it was the great joy of sudden liberation, and on the other hand, it was anxiously divided, and the days lasted for more than half a month, suffering and being happy. .
  Speaking of the college entrance examination is two days, in fact it spread for a whole year. From the first day of entering the third year, we are like a group of sheep that have been caught up in the starting line. The class teacher and the teachers of various subjects, even if they use the whip, they have to drive us one by one to the college entrance examination. Of course, can you go? Come, see the individual.
  Four months before the college entrance examination, my desk confessed to me, refused, and then lost a friend and added an enemy. In the first three months of the college entrance examination, mathematics was completely ruined, fell to the lowest valley, and fell below the class teacher. Dad and my tutor's glasses, fortunately, did not fall below their willpower; two months before the college entrance examination, the second model returned to normal level, which was freed from the class teacher's tight monitoring for one month; In the month, the geographical achievements have advanced by leaps and bounds. The geography teacher first knew that I have such a personal existence... One week before the college entrance examination, everyone packed up and went home for trial. I spent a night with a few friends in the empty classroom. In the dark, chat about secrets that have never been said before, and cheer each other...
  I always say that the third year is the darkest time in my life, but later I always want to go back: I can’t forget the days when I practiced the problem over and over again, simply want to learn; I can’t forget that I saw the math problem because of a mistake. I was shaking with my hands, but still biting my teeth and forcing myself to solve the problem; I couldn’t forget to ride my bicycle with my friends to study in the evening, and the wind at eleven o'clock in the early summer night was so beautiful.  I still remember that the early morning classes at that time sometimes stopped in the voice of "China is a country, two systems..." "In 1840, the Opium War broke out..." "Mediterranean climate..." Down, looked up, looked at the head buried in the textbook, I felt ridiculous, but I really wanted to cry.
  After so many years, many of my classmates' faces and names faded together, but at that time they became more and more clear. It’s a lie to say that it’s good to go to college. Life is just beginning. At the moment of filling out your college’s volunteering, all the hardships have just begun. And the important things that I learned in the tears of my third year—focus, seriousness, and persistence , accompanied me through a long journey.
  In recent years, the movie about youth has suddenly increased, from last year's "Youth" to the recent "The Same Table". I saw it, it was beautiful, very good, but it was not my youth. My youth is the boring and hot high school class. It is a class teacher who can never get rid of it. It is a girl who has short hair cut and is always silent. Help the girl who has no heart and lungs, looks like a soil...
  In fact, entrance is not so sacred, and not many people really hold that great day diffuse blood hero dream to struggle . It's not so romantic, maybe it's awkward, but more of a sober responsibility. It is just the beginning of a grown-up, a period of unsustainable persistence, and a period of self-impression.