College entrance examination advice
  1. Don't go to the exam room too early. You will start to look at the legs of each girl after being nervous, and then remember them when you are in the language.
  2, look at the next boy to ask the phone number. Don't think about seeing the name and looking it up on everyone's network. I can't find it. (Don't ask why I can't find it. Because I didn't find it, the sadness turned into a river, and that's it.)
  3. Don't give up the last big problem of physics for any one person. Your goddess will go to Gao Fushuai in an extraordinary way, and you can only go to Lanxiang Technical School.
  4. If you are bored, look at the students around you. Many people will be the last time you see.
  5. Don't do it after the exam, most people just want to go home. You will be put the pigeons.
  6. If any newspaper has found a draft for you, use a pseudonym and don't say anything that you don't want others to know.  Your class teacher will recognize you, and will call you the first time after the test.
  7. Don't hand in the paper in advance. When you come out, you will be surrounded by various parents, how are you asked by various teachers, and there are all kinds of camera equipment asking you to talk about your face.
  8, don't fall asleep. After you wake up, wait for you to slow down and hand over the volume, and your saliva will stain your answer sheet, the machine can't read it, then you will hang up, then please re-read this advice at the same time next year. .
  9, after the test, find something specific to do it, otherwise it will be empty and lonely. The girls who follow the examination room are not counted. (I explain this. My good friend was chased by the boys in the same examination room. I asked the mobile phone number to go home with her bus to go to the same place to learn guitar with her. Later, my friends couldn’t stand it. Just ask me to send a text message to the boy that she is actually a lala, and have been with me for a long time. Besides, everyone is empty and lonely during the summer vacation, and most of the feelings can not last long. It is better to do something to enrich yourself, so after going to college It won't be returned to the category of silk in the first day. It will never turn over.)
  10, test the fuel, don't be nervous. The college entrance examination is really not important, and long-term good looks are the last word.