Why do people have to work hard in this life?
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  Originally this was a question of "knowing" on the fire. Everyone's answer is not the same, but there is a sentence , straight to the bottom of my heart: Don't forget, you were the first place.
  At least before junior high school, I never expected to take the first place in the exam. I didn't dare to think about it. I didn't think about it.
  I am a generation of Li Lei Han Meimei. I only came into contact with the Internet when I was in college. So the children of the same age, no one of them is rebellious, what parents are doing, what we are doing.
  In the early days, his father was a carpenter, playing furniture and painting for the rich. The mother is at home and looks after me and my sister. One who earns money, four who spend money, and who earns money are not in state-owned enterprises. How much is earned, there is no welfare, and telling the truth is not easy. The help of the neighbors is quite a lot. It is a sympathetic tone that makes me feel a little dwarf.
  Why do people have to work hard in this life?
  I am the eldest son, and my father’s wish naturally falls on me. The father’s wish, according to his wishes, is “let my son read a big book”.
  Therefore, when I was in elementary school, I knew that my task was to "read a big book". If I could go to college, it would be a success . I didn’t argue for the “small red flowers” ​​in the class. I thought at the time, the purpose was to study, and “de-smart, art, and beauty” was useless.
  It is hard to say that the hardships of the past, but the poor children did not feel at the time. It seems that when they grow up, they will recall: How did Nima come over?
  Before the third grade, I didn't carry my schoolbag and went to school with a plastic bag every day. The plastic bag contained a pencil eraser. The pencil once broke the plastic bag and fell down the hole. I cried all night and didn't dare to go to class the next day. After that, only the notebook and the eraser were placed in the plastic bag, and the pencil was in the hand.
  In the fourth grade, my mother bought me the first school bag. I bought a schoolbag, I couldn't help but show off everywhere. I didn't want to be stared at by the classmates in the class. I dropped it into the trash after school at noon. Someone secretly told me who did it. After school, I went directly to him and was actually beaten by them. Holding a new school bag, I ran all the way, and I was beaten and bruised.
  Maybe at that time, I still didn't know how to work hard. I only knew everything in front of me. It was hard to come by.
  After junior high school, the school's activities are getting less and less, abolishing the "small red flower" system, and teachers are increasingly emphasizing learning. It may be that the elementary school's "de-skilled body and art" dragged its hind legs. After junior high school did not emphasize it, my scores went up straight. In the first semester, I entered the top ten of the class.
  Look at the honors of "three good students", "excellent cadres", etc., all of which are in the top of the class, and the children who learn well are often protected by teachers, and even bad children do not dare to bully easily. It turns out that learning can have so many benefits, and gradually realize that I am the first step in my efforts.
  In the second semester of the second grade, I quickly got the first place in my life. Then, in the third day, I was assigned to the experimental class, which became the focus of the school, step by step.
  If I had weaknesses at the time, it was too stressful and too bad. I was afraid that I couldn’t take a bad test. This idea runs through all the time, so I usually perform exceptionally well, and the senior high school entrance examination is not playing well. Even the composition has not been written. No way, I can only go to a second-rate high school and continue to learn a long way.
  In high school, there have been many things in recent years.
  In the first semester of high school, the rebellious period came as scheduled, I became a bit too unreasonable and often attributed my academic achievements to the family. For example, a rich family can spend a few dollars to go to a better school; if you go to school every day, if the car picks up the car, how much time can I save to learn? Looking back, I think that the most incomprehensible person is the parents.
  However, this situation was quickly cracked by a vice-president's sentence. At a "mobilization meeting", he said to us: "You are in second-rate schools, and many excellent students may not even be in good middle school. But the status quo, why do we always look up at the sky, but never look down at the feet? Beside you, who are better than you, waiting for yourself to surpass?"
  I don't know if this sentence has stimulated the top students. Anyway, for me, it touches a lot: at least the first place, I am qualified to say that the school is not good.
  But after all, the status quo is so, if Koko is caught, it will be difficult to surpass, so I will focus on science and engineering and give up the history of literature in the next semester. Similar to the junior high school situation, the second grade of liberal arts, my grades once again ranked first, until the second year of high school, the first throne, return to the hands.
  The so-called murder in the people in the sky, three simulations, the city's big list I actually ranked 140, is expected to hit Tsinghua University, but on the day of the college entrance examination, my father and I actually had a car accident, my father smashed my bicycle by a motorcycle Scratching, I sat directly on the ground, my father fell two or three meters away, was pressed under the bicycle, the owner of the car escaped.
  The college entrance examination is still a normal test, but half of the scene in the brain is on the subject, and half is in the scene of the car accident. The trick is that the composition of the college entrance examination, I also lost more than 100 words.
  In the car accident, my ass landed so it was fine. My father was directly scraped by a motorcycle, elbows on the ground, and a comminuted fracture. Even so, the father of the college entrance examination did not fight plaster for two days.  In the day of June, he wore long sleeves to cover the swollen and purple arm.
  In the last section of the college entrance examination, I slammed out of the examination room. I saw my mother carrying my father, my father’s arm was plastered, and the tears were screaming in the mouth, and I couldn’t say half a word in my mouth.
  After the results, I remember that it was 619 points, far surpassing the second volunteer admission line, but the difference between the first volunteers and Peking University was five or sixty. The notice of the second volunteer school came down and my father asked me if I could go. I look at my mother. My mother said that you don't care about the money. It has been over for more than a decade, and it is not bad this year. Then, in front of them, I tore the offer letter in half.
  At that moment, I couldn’t think of complaining about fate. I only thought that such efforts were not enough. We must work harder.
  In the fourth year of the year, the whole person became crazy, did not leave the seat at school, took meals in the classroom at noon, and did not go to the toilet once a day. One year later, I was fatter than 30 pounds, but the simulation results were almost perfect. Although the day of the college entrance examination was a bit of a drop, in the end I was forced to come over and hope to get the key points.
  That year, everyone in the family worked hard. The father also worked very hard, and the black hair was half-white.
  Until now, I realized that the title of a "college student" made me so desperate. At that time, I was just following the "first place" road and fumbling forward.
  If I use the university as the boundary to divide my life in my twenties, then before I was 18, I was desperate for it. After 18 years old, I did not want to live up to the title of "college student."
  In this way, there is no reason to fall in the first half of life.