Cross the college entrance examination and gain success
  Finally, it is time to harvest. At this time, the college entrance examination should not only be pressure, but more should be the joy of coming soon. The college entrance examination will be the release of the tremendous energy that our hard work and sweat will transform into. It will also be our every The return of the courage of the individual beyond self, we yearn for the college entrance examination, we will reap the joy of the college entrance examination, and harvest success.
  Special tips:
  First, adequate preparation (pre-test knowledge and skills, method strategies, psychological substances, etc.)
  1. Global wisdom, the right medicine; (high-rise building, strategizing, not comparing with others)
  2, plan to use time, busy and not chaotic; (near the college entrance examination, what you should do is the most important)
  3. To avoid weaknesses and learn to give up; (to decisively give up the "third type of problem" and seize the second type of problem)
  4, pen thinking, focus on attention; (multi-note pen, diligent thinking, concentration is the efficient learning )
  Second, calm and test (review)
  1. Arrive in advance and bring items together (to avoid confusion)
  2, purify thinking, eliminate distractions (do not want to be unrelated to the undergraduate exam, and do not pay attention to some specific knowledge points or questions)
  3, calmly enter the field, into the test (enter the test site to familiarize yourself with the environment or look out, find highlights, stabilize the mood)
  4, browse the test questions, the mind has a number (according to the program to do every step, do not because the problem unexpectedly affects the mood)
  5, easy problem paving, three rounds of problem solving (the first round of stable answer is easy to grasp the title; the second round of leak detection fills; the third round of change ideas, strategy scores. The overall first easy and difficult, continue to expand the results)
  6, control the rhythm, reasonable use of time (effective use of time, overcome the psychological point of error, do not seek to answer)
  7. Seriously review the questions and pay attention to the implication (intensify the awareness of the questions and alertness, overcome the set, understand the intent, analyze the implied, find the eye, see the requirements and explain)
  8, analog Lenovo, breakthrough barriers (to be used in ordinary learning, Lenovo prototype, reasonable migration)
  9. Emphasis on decomposition, step-by-step scoring (strengthening the awareness of scoring, decomposing the problem of not being or not meeting the whole into small problems, step by step)
  10. Scientific search to overcome forgetting (using the subject knowledge system or related knowledge points for retrieval)
  11, based on the routine, standard problem solving (the surface is neat and tidy, highlighting the points rather than less, the conventional solution)
  12, a success, pay attention to review (based on a success, focus on dislocation, typo and other low-level errors)
  13, timely adjustment, focus on (Dare to rest for 30 seconds, relax adjustment, do not care about others)
  14, leave as soon as possible, do not answer the answer (good at forgetting in time, go all out to prepare for the next section)
  15. Listen to the requirements to prevent fouls (prevent unintentional fouls, small losses)
  16. Take the overall situation and stick to it all the time (do not influence the college entrance examination because a certain subject or a certain two questions are not answered well, and insist is victory.)
  Third, special tips :
  Examination, painting, calculation, review.