Stick to it, sooner or later, create a miracle
  No matter how cruel the reality is, you can't give up on pursuit and hope. Just believe in yourself, keep working hard, spend, and open.
  Really, as people have said, as long as the nameless water is in the eye, there will be a determination to go to Peking University. Even though my academic performance was still a mess, I decided to meet with the "One Tower Lake Map". When I really became a "good student" and passed to Peking University, I recalled my high school experience and found that the seemingly calm journey was inseparable from the twists and turns. More importantly, I really understand that as long as I work hard, Success is always promising. As long as you are willing to stick to your dreams, you will pay your emotions and perseverance, go to the fire and the fire, and do not hesitate. When you are desperate, you will not admit defeat. Success will ultimately belong to us.
  When Gao Yi was in school, he always thought about some problems that were not fruitful but enough to torture himself. I thought about the terribleness of "consciousness of existence" and thought about why there is oneself, who is who I am, what I am not like. The problem, because I can't get everyone's understanding, I can only keep thinking about it. After that, I didn't adapt to the class and let me think about transferring to school all the time. After the final exam, the family's guidance made me decide to adapt to the environment. When I was in the next semester, I began to lose sleep for more than half a month before the exam. I couldn’t sleep at less than two or three every night, and I was a political writer. During the daytime, the liberal arts classes all go to sleep, and the final exams are hard. Because of the dysfunction of the biological clock, that summer vacation was also groggy, not efficient, and even went to sleep while going out to play. Fortunately, the end of the holiday and the dream of Peking University, let me have a clearer goal.
  I remember that at the beginning of the second year, Mr. Zhang, the class teacher, instilled in us the idea of ​​success or failure in the second year of high school. (After the college entrance examination, the teacher in charge of the class told us that there is no period, which will determine our life, including the college entrance examination. Just to let us pay attention to the present.) Different from the good atmosphere in the class, maybe because I can't control my own study, maybe because of the helplessness and confusion caused by the dream too far, I cry when I call my parents every night. One, never go to the class without going to self-study. At the time, the same table was the first in the class. I didn’t talk much. I was studying all day long. I don’t know where to come. I changed the pressure by changing the seat again and again, until there was a table D who would help me, enlighten me, let me decide to start learning, I decided not to want to test the ranking, but to pursue every knowledge. Really mastered. In this semester, my grades have been more than 30 from the previous one to the fourth place in the second monthly exam. I have confidence, and I have the motivation to study later, and my grades have basically stabilized. After this incident, I realized the importance of the environment. The kind actions of my friends around me may have a great impact on others. I also decided to treat others in good faith and help others as much as possible. This way I am getting more. many.
  High School next semester on the test after test, the head teacher rows of seats according to rank order approach made me feel lost once advantages, but also because of the same table and have separate lost long ago, I told myself this is not normal, knowing that the strong should not Affected by such things, knowing that true perseverance should be the control of emotions, but it is still difficult to do, and it has been disturbed by this matter for a long time. It is the arrival of the holiday to calm this emotional fluctuation. L Middle School holidays, I did not give much attention to energy, the teacher did not homework, just do the classes, one of several high-intensity day to change the volume of the test questions, I became rare people who did not go I stayed at home in the name of nursed back to the body. At that time, I was already aware that if I wanted to get into Peking University, my high school would definitely not be disturbed by the outside world, but I could not adjust myself. I had to ask for help. A relative cleared my mind and gave me some useful practices. He told me to pull the things that are not good for the college entrance into the recycling station like a computer, and archive good memories. If you can't put them down once, I remembered an operation once. (Communication is very important. Some things are just problems of understanding. If you realize it, the problem will be solved naturally. If you can't think about it, you may have a big role in one or two sentences. You can solve the happy knot.) I also understand that every time I encounter a thing, I have to set a good position: What is this? What should be done? When you don't understand, let go, sleep, or consult. Before you can locate things, you should summarize them later. If you have similar problems next time, you can solve them better. Article rationality is very important. Don't let the brain be in a chaotic state. Many difficulties are self-conceiving. We often complicate the problem and imagine the difficulties that may arise when nothing happens. I was intimidated myself. In fact, success is not as difficult as you think. To face it bravely and to operate with your heart, there will be good results.
  In the third year of high school, as the teachers and sisters said, you may test any scores you can't imagine on the exam. The high school's performance fluctuations are like a knife, stinging our nerves again and again. Many times I don't know where to go to find confidence, or even know if I should look for it. The teacher in charge of the junior high school told us that the tension before the exam is that you only paid seven points, but you want to get very. It was only then that I found out that there was another kind of tension. You paid seven points, but you were afraid that you couldn’t even get three points. I told myself that the exam is a good opportunity to find problems and solve problems. Isn't this the core of the third year exam? I am not going to pursue the rankings. I only pursue the perfection of this paper in front of me. It is very good to do the right thing and play the true level. I told myself that this is not an exam, but a good opportunity to show myself. Before each exam, I encourage myself to stay away from anxiety and have a good attitude. Normally speaking, it is simple. When I really do it, I realize that the meaning of these three words is so profound.
  Even in the third year of high school, I tried hard to maintain my peace of mind. However, in November, my own bad state provoked some waves. The world itself suddenly lost its memory and couldn’t think of any knowledge. It was very simple. Nothing will be done, fear and despair will fill the heart. The book says when to believe in yourself, but in that case, others are almost perfect, but they can only be more than two hundred; others can write a lot of this workbook, but they can’t finish the teacher when they are in class. Questions to be told; others can communicate well with the teacher during class, but they can't listen to anything like listening to the Bible. Where to find confidence ? Fortunately, the belief is still there, I insist on it, at least not give up the dream, the measures are also there, sleep, diet have certain adjustments, but fortunately, after the New Year, I entered the remedial stage, and I gradually adjusted it (later concluded, so The state is most likely caused by irregular schedules of the previous period of time. After that, I pay attention to this point. Every day, I sleep at a fixed point. It seems that I should follow the law at all times. This is also the case when I study. The method may be due to people. Different, the law of learning can be certain.)
  There is still a lot of interference in the third year of high school. The review of the entire third year is almost accompanied by the noise of construction next to the home. Sometimes it is impossible to sleep at noon for several days. I told myself that my fate can only be my own. Why does the environment decide me? I tried to overcome it and told myself that as long as my heart is quiet, the noise will not affect me at all. In addition, the delay in the registration payment was successfully notified. The only physical examination form printed at the time of the medical examination, the interference of the vehicle noise outside the examination hall during the college entrance examination, and the intimidation of the invigilator... all tested my patience. I remember the words of Lin Liyuan in Guangxi in 2007: "All the hard work is the ingenious arrangement of God. He let us suffer before the college entrance examination, so that we can pass the college entrance examination smoothly." The contrast between the bad state of the third year and the big dream made me want to win more. Pull back all this. In the third year of high school, I kept looking at the dream of Peking University, Peking University, and Peking University’s diary. I was admitted to Peking University’s books full of new insights and I expected myself to be a member of them. At the same time, I also hold the book of Yantai Yanyuan Youth Peking University, and long for the life of Peking University. But the difference between reality and dreams made me suffer. Until one day, this sentence reminded me: "I always want to win and lose, not afraid of losing." If we are always suffering, we must be careful not to let go, and we may not get anything. When I was about to take the college entrance examination, I wrote to myself: Choosing Peking University essentially chose to struggle, hardship and responsibility. Isn't it at this time that you are between them? Even if you can't dream, you can walk through life in the future. As long as you persist in fighting, even if you can't enter Beijing University, there is no regret. In the end, the moment the dust settled, I realized that there was a lot of good things, and I understood that a period of experience is only full of hardships and sweat, and when I look back, I will be extremely happy.
  I think that everyone's high school can't be smooth sailing. Hardships must be there. In the face of hardships, what I hold on is the tenacity. I never give up on pursuit, never give up the determination to work hard for my dreams. Not until the last moment, anything can be said to be successful, hopeful. I have persisted in the unswerving pursuit, and I have persisted in positive optimism and strive for it. I constantly reflect on myself, adjust myself, and constantly strengthen my heart. No matter what happens, I will tell myself that as long as I am willing to pay, everything will be fine. As long as the heart is still hot, it will melt all the suffering and cast the most beautiful flowers.
  Tomorrow's self, at Peking University, I will hold on to my dreams, stick to the peace of mind, and stick to the people around me. No matter where, no matter what happens, I will deeply believe that if you are willing to pay, stick to it, sooner or later, you will create a miracle. .