Ten years ago, when I didn't have a computer, I still kept the habit of keeping a diary every day. In the diary, I can vent my emotions freely, I can cheer for myself, or I can lick my wounds alone. I have forgotten how I expected it ten years ago. Ten years later, I am now, my answer to my age, I think it’s just passing, there are still decades of life, and more work is needed! Gradually, memories seem to make you more capable of moving forward, so I hope to re-recognize myself and cheer for myself with the memories of ten years ago!
  These days, the entire society is paying attention to the college entrance examination. Indeed, the college entrance examination is a crucial barrier for every student, even a turning point in life. I am embarrassed to say that I have experienced two college entrance examinations, one is a failure, and the other is a victory. I remember especially deep.
  Unconsciously, ten years have passed. Ten years ago, only the shadows of the shadows were left behind. The memories that I really care about are unforgettable. Ten years ago, the first college entrance examination was admitted to a college. This made me very disappointed. I was 9 points away from the two lines. I was recorded at the school that I thought was so bad that I couldn’t add it. I also feel that I am only unsatisfied. I always feel that I am only 9 points apart. I have never thought about repeating it. I am determined to repeat it. But this decision has undoubtedly brought a great burden to my family. I have clearly remembered it so far. That morning's breakfast, my father and mother were deeply sad. Even then, my father couldn't bear to give up my study . I first saw my father shed tears. The mood at that time is still clearly remembered. I think that is my shame. I have made my family face a difficult situation because of me, and my parents are more tired because of me. During that summer vacation, I became more silent. As long as I lived at home, I was active. Whether it was farm work or housework, I remember to go to the cornfield to help them corn. Only at 10 am, I was pale and pale. Dizziness, the mother saw it, persuaded me to go home to rest... The emotions that were tolerated during the day, only after lying alone on the bed to turn off the lights, only broke out. But I know in my heart that I have to courageously come again to give myself and my family an account.
  I went to school to repeat the report and it was raining. I had a meal in the morning. I took a heavy book and a bedding and rode my bicycle to the familiar dormitory. I moved them to the dormitory in the same way, and I finished the meeting and stood in the open air. On the playground, I felt that my heart was as empty as the playground. I decided to set it up again. If I had to start again, I must get the final victory no matter what I paid!
  The days of re-reading came with countless mock exams. The thicker and thicker the paper, the more I slept at 12 o'clock every night and got up at 5:30 in the morning. I have been sticking to it all the time. Gradually, I found myself often dizzy, did not care. Just one day after school, I never came to school to see my father standing at the school gate. I was amazed. What surprised me even more was that he sent me a blood-supplying oral solution, which is basically my first. Drinking a supplement once, it is the first time my father gave me something. He left after he left, leaving only the heavy expectations and concerns in my hands.
  Soon, the college entrance examination was taken in the county. In order to save the accommodation expenses, I lived with her relatives who lived in the county with Xiaoyu. The two-day exam was in a good state. The teacher said that he would not let the exam finish. Sure enough, everyone did not mention it, and it was soon completed in two days. Then go home and help collect the results of the wheat.
  I remember the results came out a few days, I used the landline to check the situation, the first time I checked, said that there was no admission information, so that my heart was tightly tied together, the mother said with relief, two days later, perhaps the results have not come out yet. . I had breakfast that day, I was alone at home, I picked up the phone and tried to check it again. On the phone, you were admitted to the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Xi'an University of Arts and Sciences! For the first time, I realized what it is like to cry!
  Until now, I am grateful that my parents allowed me to repeat the same year. Without them, of course, there will never be me today. I can have a skill of myself today, which is vital in my entire life. I am also grateful for my persistence and hard work ten years ago. It was my own efforts ten years ago, in exchange for my own achievements today. I also believe that all my hard work today will be rewarded with another surprise on one day later!