"Which school are you in high school?"
  "The balance."
  "That is the Hengshui learning, know that you have a lot of Tsinghua University in your school?"
  When I first entered Tsinghua Park, a dialogue like this happened to me many times. Indeed, whether it is going to college, going abroad, or working, we will always have a name - Hengzhong people. Hengzhong is always our pride.
  There may be a variety of rumors of unwittingness in the outside world. However, only the people in Hengzhong know that the three years of ups and downs have given us much wealth. Only when we have experienced life in balance, we know the greatness of the spirit of Hengzhong.
  We can get up at 5:30 in the morning and gather at the playground at 5:35. Everyone is consciously carrying a book or a notebook and memorizing it. Then we are like the army, releasing the passion and vitality of our new day with neat steps and bright slogans . And if you go to the dormitory at this time, you will be amazed at the neat bedding and clean ground.
  We can keep the classroom quiet during the 10 minutes between classes, and even some students can complete a chemical or biological case efficiently.
  Our Olympson can take care of the Olympic Games under the pressure of heavy cultural classes. When people praise his excellent cultural class, he has already put on a gold medal and stepped into the Tsinghua school.
  Our class cadres can carry out heavy learning pressure, check the results, organize class meetings , and manage the class well.
  Our classmates can study in the classroom quietly, and run like a string of arrows at the games, singing at the party.
  This is our balance, efficiency, rigor, responsibility, talent and talent in the balance.
  As a member of the balance, I also have my own unique experience and sentiment.
  Initially stepping into the balance, the masters of the province gathered here, I feel like a drop in the ocean, the road ahead. I also clearly remember that the first language class, I was impressed by a classmate's moving recitation; the first physical homework, I was faced with a lot of exercises because I was unfamiliar with the formula; the first English test, I I have tested more than 40 people in the class and suffered a huge blow...
  Although I have suffered a lot of setbacks , I have a flame that does not extinguish in my heart. I am not satisfied. I believe that I can become a strong. At a class meeting shortly after enrolling, the teacher asked everyone, whose goal is Tsinghua University, I did not hesitate to raise my hand. However, the first research exam, I did not get the ideal, although not too bad, but still far from the goal. At the class meeting after the test, the teacher asked, who still insisted on the goal of Tsinghua University, and I raised my hand again without hesitation. Because I know that with a firm ideal, the world will make way for you.
  Yes, even though I am sad, I never give up. I wrote "I have never got back.I will never give up!" before my English correction. In my weak aspect, I asked the teacher, practiced the problem, corrected the summary, and reviewed the case... I try my best to surpass myself and move forward better. In the next semester, the third grade, the second grade, and the first grade, I finally reached the top.
  I never give up, thanks in large part to my class. Our class has always been leading in the whole year, and in the second survey of the second year of high school, the whole class regressed and was ridiculed by competitors. After the test, the grade organization organized a warning and inspiring meeting. On behalf of the class, I made a solemn commitment. "What we want is not to get back the previous glory, but to create a new myth!" After that, I felt every one in the class. There is a fire in the students' chest, we are working hard, working hard, and being in shame. Finally, in the mid-term exam, the scores of our classes were all first in the grade, and the top ten in the grades accounted for four. The name of the "Ace Class" was far from this.
  What I want to say is that there are a group of brothers and sisters who work together towards a common goal and are really happy. Not only learning, but in fact there is collective strength everywhere. I remember that in the relay race of the second year of the Games, I ran the last one. Because the former great classmate fell, it was already far behind others when I picked it up. I was already discouraged, but I just ran two steps and heard the classmates wearing the cracks of the cloud. The cold heart was ignited by the fire of passion. I was desperately running, breathing hard, my eyes were dizzy, but my footsteps never happened. Slow down. In the end, it was hard to catch up with the distance of nearly 50 meters, more than one person.
  Recalling the growth experience in Hengzhong, my heart is always embarrassing.
  I also clearly remember that after the physics teacher learned that my independent enrollment did not pass, I told me the story of a previous senior. He has been very good at sending and recruiting himself, but he has not been admitted to Peking University because of some grievances. However, he insisted on sticking to it and the college entrance examination was admitted to Tsinghua University. So, I left everything and burned myself completely, and I went to a thorough sprint and sprinted to the college entrance examination.
  I am running the first place every day, leaving the last one after school, and almost all of my free time is used to do the problem. My grades are also a little bit back to the peak. The second and third models are the top ten in the grade, and I really found my position.
  However, when the countdown to the college entrance examination was 5 days, the disaster happened again. I felt a chest pain. I went to the hospital for examination and found that it was a serious pneumothorax. The doctor suggested surgery and said that if I had surgery immediately, I could catch up with the college entrance examination. If it was hard, the consequences would be hard. Unpredictable. After a short period of despair, I calmly called to inform the parents, and then prepared the surgery as quickly as possible.
  Pneumothorax refers to the rupture of the alveoli, the gas entering the chest, causing tremendous compression on the lungs. My surgery is to intubate for venting. The tube is roughly as thick as a thumb. On the first night, I was so painful that I basically didn't sleep. However, the greater pain is that the doctor asks for a cough to encourage the lungs to swell to vent. In fact, the venting device does not pump outwards and can only actively cough and squeeze the gas out. At the beginning, because I was afraid of painful coughing and no effort, the gas could not be discharged. The doctor looked very anxious and threw a sentence. "If you want to catch up with the college entrance examination, you have to cough hard." If I am embarrassed by the blue sky, I have to know that I only have the college entrance examination road that can lead to my ideals. I can't take the college entrance examination. I might as well die. So, I endured a severe pain and cough, and it hurt me to numb, and my pain almost fainted, and my mother fell into tears with distress. Of course, my parents didn't stop me because they knew my attachment to the ideal. Yes, if I let this happen now, I will definitely not kill it, but that time, I did it, I am really strong enough to touch myself. All of this comes from the spirit of toughness and courage to cultivate!
  On the afternoon of June 6, I was discharged from the hospital and returned to school. On the 7th, I walked into the examination room. I don't remember how much pain, but I don't know what tension is. I feel that this world is only my existence. I am writing my ideals.
  When I received Tsinghua’s acceptance letter, I was really not excited at all because I knew that this was what I deserved and that God would not obliterate my ideals.
  Today, strolling in the Tsinghua Park, I still often remember the bitterness of the year. Hengzhong, always my most precious memory, is the treasure of my life.