In 2010, Tsinghua University recruited more than 100 students in Hebei Province. One city accounted for nearly 90, and one city in the city accounted for 78. In 2012, it increased to 96 (Tsinghua 63, Peking University 33 people)! In one secondary school, there were 11 consecutive championships. One secondary school had 4 champions in 5 years, one secondary school had 301 Tsinghua University in 5 years, one secondary school had 11 junior high school classes in 5 years, and Hong Kong Universities and the National University of Singapore. In Hebei Province, where the rate was only 8.5%, she created an 84% miracle. Yes, this city is called Hengshui City. This middle school is called Hengshui. What is even more frightening is that in Hengshui, there is never only Hengshui, but also Hengshui 2, Wuyi Middle School, Zhangzhou Middle School, Zaoqiang Middle School, Zhengkou Middle School and so on.
  What is the need for education to be so extreme in a place where the economy is so backward?
  For our students, get up at 5:30 every day, get up in less than 10 minutes to get up, wash clothes, clean up the bed, clean the quilt, fold the quilt into a tofu block, the pavement must not have the slightest fold; use less than 10 per day Minutes of time to complete the classroom - canteen - classroom distance; every day whoever arrives in the classroom who finally left the classroom teacher will have a very detailed record.
  It is true that the pressure we are understood is indescribable—the daily results of the homework are recorded; the teacher draws the name of the transcript every day; the weekly total score is ranked; the total score of each monthly test, the ranking of individual subjects, progress Regression range ranking... We are not strong , we have to be strong, every time we score, there will always be unsatisfactory, shouting, jealousy, tears, grievances, feelings of various emotions have always been not good. But who knows, how much have we paid for this? Does anyone know that there is no time during the day, no place to vent, and we are hiding in the bed at night, we are sobbing silently? Does anyone know how much we are stinging our hearts after we have put a lot of effort into it? Does anyone know that we have put so much effort and will still be criticized by teachers? Does anyone know that strict time management, we will make a small price for us to pay for it? Does anyone know that we are for our dreams , what we have lost, what we have to bear?
  In fact, we are used to it...
  I used to go to the dormitory and wash my teeth quickly in the morning when I was dark.
  I used to go all the way to the running position and only took 5 minutes.
  I am used to the uniformity of the running, as if the slogan of the bright still sounds in my ears.
  I am used to sweeping my target outside the classroom before entering the classroom, so that my heart is filled with more confidence .
  I am used to the early reading sound is too small to be reminded by the teacher again and again.
  I am used to going to the restaurant after reading the last few lessons.
  I used to buy rice and wait for me to work hard. I was gorging when I was eating. (It’s really fast to enter the university today. I haven’t found out who is better than me.)
  I am used to watching the countdown every day when I am studying, watching the state of the table.
  I am used to the class that is no longer a high three . It is no longer a place to chat. All I do is to understand what I don't know.
  I am used to the picture of the teacher's problem during the class.
  I am used to taking time to wash my hair in the water room, no matter how cold or hot.
  I used to go out of the classroom for 8 minutes from noon at noon, and ran to the restaurant. After gorging, I rushed to the dormitory again. The time was just right. Every time I went to the dormitory, I knocked on the bell. I don't know what kind of life is that, think of myself as a wolf eager to survive, and what we are craving is knowledge, high score.
  I am used to the bad habit of not going to the restaurant when I am at dinner.
  I am used to thinking about copying the second day's class schedule to the blackboard, so that my comrades can prepare their tasks for tomorrow.
  I am used to the fact that I did not leave at 10 o'clock in the evening, but I was embarrassed by the building.
  I used to sleep alone in the bed at night to think about the harvest of the day, silently mourning the goal of the college entrance examination, the tears that fell many times, soaking the innocent horns once and for all. The life at that time was really sour, sometimes it was the confusion of my college entrance examination, and it may have been repeatedly hit by the results. I don’t know where to find the power of progress again.
  I am used to the fear of the exam, but I always look forward to it, and I am prepared to come every time.
  I am used to the transcripts that I have every day.
  I am used to seemingly indifferent to the transcripts, but I still read the transcripts over and over again, in contrast to my own goals.
  I am accustomed to the weekly rankings of weekly results. Countless times, we are not ideal, but we can’t beat our confidence. No matter the progress of progress, the sweat of hard work has never stopped flowing.
  I am used to making my own opponents and goals after each test. Set off a new round of hard work and battle.
  I am used to the parent meeting and the student number after several months of examination.
  I used to take a trip for three weeks, but I stayed at home for less than 12 hours. In the evening, I returned to my warm home in the dark. When I was not too bright in the morning, I had to prepare for the clothes that didn’t dry again, and I went back to the place where I pursued my dreams.
  We are really used to it...
  And what about our teachers? The teachers are almost always in school. At 10 o'clock in the evening, after the break, the teachers have to check the room. In the morning, before we get up, the teachers will wait on the playground. The young teacher has to follow the exercise. It is the kind we just watched. Running. The teachers have no holidays like us. A teacher is busy with a child who is 3 years old. I don’t know who my father is. There is a teacher who attends classes during the day and corrects homework at the ward of his ill father at night. Many young teachers are only taking time off at their wedding. (There is also a teacher, omitted)
  Our principals shed tears in front of all the faculty and staff. In addition to the enrollment plan, there are many people rushing into the balance. Each family has the right to have money and strength. In order to ensure excellent students, the principal is under pressure. !
  I don't know if I am "institutionalized". I only know that this place has been branded into my soul, whether he is similar to Lin Chong's cheeks, which can never be washed away, or the aristocratic family. I am proud of the family crest, I only know that nowhere will make me have so much love and hate, grievances and vows, passion and loss. Most importantly, he gave me a simple boyful time, full of ridiculous ideals and fearless struggles .
  The place that once hated to gnash his teeth and smashed him eight times a day but did not allow others to say that it was not. When I first came, I had to wait until I really wanted to leave, but I wanted to stay for a while. She secretly left my unique youth. If you give me a chance to choose, I will not be in the balance, because the first time feels irreplaceable!
  When we were in the middle of the balance, we were suffering in the bitterness, but we did not expect that when we left, for those who were indelible, they were sighed with blessings in the blessings.
  I don't know how others think about his high school life, but I dare say that everyone in the balance has a clear conscience and regards it as a lifetime of wealth. Every time there is something on the Internet about Hengzhong, everyone has reprinted it. Every holiday, everyone organizes a party. Every city has a group of children who often contact and help each other. Why, why are you so sensitive to the word Hengzhong, why, why are you feeling the decadence of college life? Because, because we are Hengzhong people. It was not until she left her that we understood what exactly the balance brought us.