This is an article written by a high school teacher to her students. It is like a sentence, and it seems to have hit 100 needles! Not only do college entrance examination students need to take a serious look, every student should read it, and inject the power of depression into the source.
  You can study in nine classes and two nights a day. You can write two refills at a time to make at least three sets of papers. You can get up ten minutes early and sleep for ten minutes. Write a few words and idioms. You can use your mobile phone time. I can understand a math problem and finish reading an English reading with the time of reading a magazine. You can use K songs to watch movies and play games. The time is always spent on learning . Some people are harder than you. Work harder than you.
  If you want to change a new mobile phone after the college entrance examination, buy a computer, go to a concert, enjoy a single trip, wake up every morning to wake up naturally, do not have to listen to your parents, confidently say me Going out to play, pulling the lover's hand on the street is mad, and the class teacher is pulling tighter. Then, go to work hard. At least 18 years old summer vacation needs you.
  Seriously, I also hate learning. I can't understand what the second trigonometric function is. I agree with Ke Jingteng: Ten years later, there must be no math LOGO in my life, but I can still Live very well. But this is not the reason why you don't study. Speaking of the custom, you are born in China. In China's exam-oriented education, the result is king. If you don't have the score, you will have no confidence when you stand up. Are you stupid? Do not. Then why not study well?
  Is the score not enough to hit you? Is it comfortable to sit at the end of the exam? Isn't it tiring to make up the copy? Mobile phones do not leave, WeChat, Weibo everyone update makes you become beautiful and handsome? Waiting for the loved one to have no idea to learn mobile phone chat, will you get married? Soon, dear students, don't forget your dreams .
  Then again, learning is not so annoying. When you have finished a whole page of political history and language, others ask you that you can confidently back up and harvest the eyes of others, when you are working on a topic of mathematics and physics. After tangling for a whole half-day, but finally solved it and was praised by the classmates and teachers, when you are finished with the college entrance examination , you can feel at ease and wait for the notice to be afraid of others . When you are encouraged by the parents , when you are free to control your time, you can fall in love. I am not afraid of my father and mother. I can confidently and steadily sing the past. The sense of accomplishment is unparalleled. Everyone wants to be a good person.
  At the age of 15, I feel that swimming is difficult. I give up swimming. When I am 18, I meet someone you like and ask you to go swimming. You have to say "I won't be yeah." At the age of 18, I feel that English is difficult. I give up English. At the age of 28, I have a great job but I want to work in English. You have to say "I won't be yeah." The more troublesome the early life, the more lazy to learn, the more likely you will miss the people and things that make you tempted, and miss the new scenery.
  People have two ways to go, one must go, one is to go, you must take the road you must walk to be beautiful and you can walk the way you want to go. Some roads, if you don’t go, you won’t know that How beautiful the scenery is.
  When you are tired, tired, tired and tired, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath, telling yourself that you should stick to it. If I work hard today. The results are still not good. At least when I grow up, I can say: I really worked hard at that time! When you can't hold it, you can say "I am tired" to yourself, but don't say "I can't do it" to myself. It can also be said to "keep another 3 minutes"!
  The potential of the human brain is infinite. If a person's brain is fully developed, it is said that it can remember the entire contents of more than 4,000 books in 26 languages. Einstein, the smartest person in the world, has only developed 12%. So don't use your own stupid excuse. If you really worry about whether you are the next Einstein, you will know.
  There is nothing to fear about the college entrance examination! The number of college entrance examinations is 9.15 million, of which 9.077 million are not in the same province as you. Among the same province, 10,000 of them have been sent, 2,000 people have no confidence in post-university employment, do not participate in the college entrance examination, 8,000 are naked, 9000 can not play normally, 1,000 will be late, 42,000 will not test with you School, the remaining 1,000 people, 630 level is not as good as you, 369 will have psychological problems. Your opponent has only one left!