I am a Ph.D. student at 985 colleges and universities. Looking back on the road to study for more than ten years, and the experience of myself and my classmates, I have a lot of feelings. For the sake of convenience, I will write it in the form of dots, and I will not write a big story.
  1. If you can write a hand-written word in the elementary school era, it has the ability to accurately calculate mathematics, OK, perfect. It is enough for future academic careers, so try to give your child a colorful childhood...
  2, the 12 years of primary and secondary school learning content, are hundreds of years or even thousands of years ago (Archimedes, Newton, Descartes) human creation of the previous things, speculation is not high, really not difficult.
  3. If you want to win the Nobel Prize or be elected as an academician of the two academies, this depends on talent and IQ, but learning something that was hundreds of years ago, a good university, basic and IQ have nothing to do. What is it about? Emotional intelligence!
  4, students who are not good at learning, are basically patients with severe procrastination, today's things can be dragged to the next semester.
  5. Is diligence always the truth? There is a concept of "effective time" in pedagogy theory, and see how much time your heart uses to learn. So don’t be surprised to see that a lot of hard work in the class is not good, but what you play is good.
  6, always looking forward to genius, I am a good high school, I have not read the genius of the teacher. The gap between the students is there. Where is the gap? Acceptability and concentration, these are the categories of emotional intelligence.
  7. Today's development of the times, it seems that children in the city are more likely to have talents in learning. The students in my university have less than one-third of rural children.
  8, but the children in the countryside either do not read, read will read very well. "The cold door is a talent" is the truth! The general family situation in high school and university is not good. I am a native farmer (Is not narcissistic, forgive me).
  9, the girl's primary school general scores are good, it is not very good to junior high school. What is the reason for this? Pedagogy gives a biological explanation, the law of the nature.
  10. In view of Article 9, girls must pay great attention to mathematics when they go to junior high school. Hey, how many outstanding female students have finally lost their studies in mathematics... Hey.
  11, for students with poor grades, parents always look forward to a miracle, the results suddenly "take it up." What kind of classmates are easy to get up? It seems to be generally a boy and generally very naughty.
  12, the second day is really critical. Basically it is a watershed, so we must pay attention to the study of the second day...
  13. When the ideological outlook and values ​​are formed in junior high school, this time someone will bring bad and bring it bad. Instead of spending more time looking for a tutoring class for your child, it is better to pay more attention to your child's playmates and friends. There is a saying that "people don't go, sneaks fly!" Pay more attention to your child's life!
  14. If parents find that their child’s academic performance has dropped badly, please refer to Article 13.
  15. "The network is a double-edged sword, good or bad." My opinion is: Never let your child sink into the Internet! Indulging in the network, the school is bound to be affected! However, today's children have already regarded the Internet as the TV of our time, the radio of the father's era, the network has been regularized, instrumentalized, and temperance is the key.
  16. The child has not been admitted to the ideal high school. Should he choose the school fee for him to continue reading? This is to be classified and discussed. If it is indeed a natural disaster, the child does not play well on the spot, so the iron sold in the pot must be paid. If you really don't want to learn, then you don't have to take a hard-earned money to support a group of teachers. It is a special case for such students to choose a good university. It is a lot of applications to drop out or be expelled...
  17. Just said that "Is it necessary to pay for selling iron in a pot?" Is it excessive? I don't think it is important to read which school is in elementary school or junior high school. High school is really important... why? Because the college entrance examination is a selective examination, the other is not.
  18. How to learn English well? My experience is to listen more, just as we listen to dialects from an early age, so we will say the same. English is also a language. Don't over-emphasize grammar and structure. Foreigners who know my native English are not able to understand their own grammar. How many Chinese people know the main subject in Chinese? ), please don't demonize English.
  19. I really want to strongly listen to English and listen for half an hour every night before going to bed. In the long run, English guarantees will not be bad.
  20, insert a short story of his own: remember that when I was a child, I was a naughty king. When I was a child, I always failed English. Later, my family changed. My mother was seriously ill and my family was forced to be poor. When my mother died at the age of fourteen, my mother’s death was very bad. Big, I started to know that it was ugly. I don’t make up for English, I listen to it every night. I drink the school’s free porridge for the shadows. I always buy the money from the buns in the morning to buy the battery (say, the battery quality is bad at that time), watching others eat buns, belly. Really hungry...
  Later, I took the English test for the senior high school, and the high school English was close to the perfect score. The university won the first prize of the National College English Contest. The first person in non-English major. As the profession ranked first, I skipped the master's degree and was directly sent to the doctor.
  Many people have asked me if I have a trick to learn English. I just give two words: Listen more (I say I still listen to English every night.)
  21. Do children want to live without accommodation? My suggestion is to stay well (note: this will vary from person to person, a bunch of friends, may be bad.), the collective atmosphere is conducive to children to develop team awareness, know how to interact with others. This society, people who die reading are not welcome to see. But if you want to care about your child's growth, please refer to Article 13.
  22, if reading is a good talent, then the talented person is a minority after all, do not be too harsh on the child. As long as you work hard, you must be a good child, but you must be an adult. Whenever you are a character, it is the most important thing.
  23. Under the system of exam-oriented education, you will not really believe in "quality education"? The colorfulness that can be passed in the elementary school era, but went to middle school... or the reality.
  24. A conversation between me and my students:
  "I am not interested in the subject of mathematics... Hey."
  "Children are twenty years old. They are all high school . In less than a year, they have passed the college entrance examination. You and I said that you are not interested in mathematics. I will tell you the story of a scientist when he was a child? Then I will cultivate interest in you?"
  25, I have read a doctor, and I still don't know what interest is. And those celebrity allusions that are innately interested in physics and chemistry and are not interested in playing games and basketball, from the perspective of human nature, I prefer to believe that it is just a rumor. Under the system of exam-oriented education, my explanation is "no hate is interest." So, in fact, taking the university is to see who is more embarrassed to yourself... Do you believe it or not?
  26, early love is a bad thing? I don't think there is a pair of high school classmates around me. I tried to encourage each other to go through the hardships of the third year of high school. In the end, I was admitted to a very good university (how could I tell you that the actor is me!).
  27. I am promoting early love? wrong. I haven't finished yet. As far as the examples around me are concerned, the probability of this simple and inspiring love is basically the same as the five million you bought in the lottery. So, still take the flowers and intestines and put them together, so study well. But there are still many people who will buy lottery tickets... If love comes, it’s really a blockbuster.
  28. How to learn math? My mathematics has always been good. I think this is a technical subject. The primary school requires accurate calculation. The middle school mainly consists of four thought methods: digital combination, classification discussion, function thinking, placement and transformation.
  29, the four methods of thinking, I went to college in a month of black wind high night, summed up the high school and college entrance examination experience (exaggerated? Hahaha), but unfortunately already late. I once asserted that as long as these four methods are mastered, never worry about mathematics. It is said that I have coached a high school student for three years in my undergraduate period. Originally, the mathematics foundation was general. In the end, I was admitted to the Chinese University of Science and Technology! Wipe, better than I did.
  30. If the cheats of English are more than listening, then mathematics is to sort out the wrong questions.
  31, too important! Organize the wrong questions. My most brilliant record is to coach a second-year girl. At the beginning of the period, mathematics was only 36 points, and the final final exam was 115 points! ! The family rewarded me with 5,000 oceans in the long run... How did I do it? I ordered her to correct every wrong question that I encountered. At the end of the exam, there was basically no wrong question to correct...
  32. Why is it so important to correct the wrong question? Because in fact, there are so many questions in junior high school mathematics, and it is invincible to find blind spots. This is why. See article 2.
  33, you think that your mathematics can only be tested in general, you just learned the general knowledge? Wrong, you have mastered a lot of knowledge, but only a few have not mastered it. It’s just that I didn’t know, I always made a mistake. The exams are all comprehensive questions. If a knowledge point is not mastered, it will be too veto, and it will be too important.
  34. I wrote that I had written five books in the middle and high school mathematics, and that I had written seven books for the high school students who were admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China for the last three years. Probably this is why it is better for me to take the math test for his college entrance examination...
  35. Students with poor mathematics generally have two obvious shortcomings: carelessness and lack of perseverance. Students who do not learn well in English have a common shortcoming: lazy!
  36, I have not seen learning very hard, but the English is poor, if you have encountered, please introduce me to increase my experience. There are a few students who study seriously but have poor mathematics. The main thing is that they have no choice but to do nothing. See Article 6.
  37, there are many ways to learn English, but listening is undoubtedly the fastest and most effective. This must be adhered to , and really must be adhered to. Every time I think about my own experience of learning English, I will look at some educational bricks who always like to learn English to rise to metaphysics or rise to the realm of methodology. I can only smile.
  38. The improvement of English is really a long-term process. The speed of improvement is slow, but the stability of the test can be good. Especially in high school, I found out that she or she is always the first in the class.
  39. You ask me what is good in English? My answer is: Elementary school listens casually, don't be too purposeful, cultivate interest-oriented; junior high school listens to texts, high school listens to the college entrance examination questions.
  40, still someone wants to talk to me about interest. When you are in elementary school, you should not be too oppressive, really. The famous "starting line" theory does not know how many beautiful childhoods have been killed. The childhood has just reached the heart, and the heroes are full of tears... In my college classmates, there are many classmates who are very good at home, I have seen The truth is that all the family members who were forced to learn (piano, violin, ukulele, etc.) almost did not persist and regarded it as a career. When they recalled, there was only a period of dark and oppressive, which is the influence of art? Is this really necessary?
  41, junior high school strongly want to listen to the text! ! Junior high school is a compulsory education stage. We must know that the senior high school entrance examination must guarantee a high passing rate! ! Therefore, the real questions of many Chinese exam papers are from the rewriting of the original sentence of the text or the rewriting of the same subject. The main test is fixed collocation, grammar (mainly clause), polysemy, and habitual expression, because there are so many knowledge points. If any teacher who is out of the volume is a knowledge point other than textbooks, this gentleman will be undoubted, and he can’t explain to the people of the city...
  42. When the bright moon was in the past, Zeng Zhaocai returned. I remember that I dedicated all my breakfast money to the socialist modern battery factory. I listened to the text every night, so that every article in the final text can be carried on. Then you know, don’t boast...
  43. According to this method of English learning, I ordered my students to recite texts. I really demanded strictness. At first, he said that he was very painful. All kinds of voices, I can still hold him, his third grade text. Now the back of the roll is ripe. I have been teaching for less than a year, and now I am stable at 115+. I have no pressure. In a few days, he took the senior high school entrance examination. The last student I taught in Chongqing, I wish him good luck!).
  44. In fact, it is really simple to take high scores in the English for the middle school entrance examination: If any of the students who take the senior high school entrance examination can thoroughly read all the English texts from the second semester to the third semester of the third semester, they will listen to English every day and play normally. In the situation, the senior high school entrance examination did not even test 110+. I absolutely must call my voice and call on the masses who do not know the truth to go to the Education Bureau to negotiate with the English teacher. I don’t know how to make this post.
  45. High school is actually very different from junior high school, because even in such a university expansion, the admission rate of key universities is still less than 10%. The biggest gap between junior high school and junior high school is that junior high school can only do a good job if you can understand the textbook. Even if you read the book in high school, it may only be a passing grade...
  46, high school remember to listen to the college entrance examination over the years, too important, can recite better. The college entrance examination is very boring, really, the pressure on the selection test is too great. In the third year of my senior year, I can see which one of the provinces this year is. High school wants to test the famous university (the top 20 in the country is a famous brand. The top 50 in the country is the key. The top 100 in the country is well-known), we must seriously study the real questions of the college entrance examination, you will find some regular things, Jiangsu college entrance examination questions every year Almost all the famous teachers, can you have no rules? ? But don't go to the university to know what to do. Very amazing, do you believe it or not?
  47. It is mathematics. Mathematics is really a big problem. When I was a tutor, I preferred that the child's language English physical and chemical geography and political life history and even music and sports art are not good, but mathematics is good, and I don't want children's mathematics to be very bad. Others are good. Because experience shows that the improvement of mathematics seems to take more effort, especially to raise mathematics to a level of stable performance, which is not a day's work.
  48. There is nothing to say in elementary school mathematics. Parents have more control over it. I don’t even think that primary school students have to find a tutor to find a tutoring class. I used to teach classes, never recruited primary school students, and did not teach primary school tutors. Do not want to be nonsense, mistaken children, see Article 1.
  49. Those parents who are always busy doing business and busy with their business regardless of children, always remind me of playing tank battles when I was young, killing the enemy outside, my hometown is about to be bombarded and still in the drums, continue to be happy. Galloping the battlefield. I don't know what they are fighting for? In recent years, left-behind children have repeatedly appeared in various clues. I can only say that society is sometimes helpless.
  50. If it is hard for me to give advice to a primary school mathematics: learning the Olympics will definitely play a role in pioneering thinking. There is no harm, and if you don't pay attention, you find that your child is a rare math child prodigy. It is directly sent to the university to speak freely. If you glory for the country, it is not fortunate for the family, but fortunate for everyone...
  51. Junior high school geometry can basically be used as a microcosm of Chinese education. It is more practical to play word games and brain sharp turns. I have had this semester once again. I didn't make a third-level geometric proof. (Good faceless), the topic is a combination of circle and similarity. It is not easy to think of the practice of the auxiliary line. It belongs to the category of brain sharp turn, and it is not enough.
  52, high school is not learning geometry (except space geometry), will not encounter the mathematics proof of the pituitary in junior high school, method and direction are much more prominent than junior high school, will not let you because of the practice of the auxiliary line, Was awarded 0 points. Thanks to the party, thank the government, thank YCTV, and thank JSTV. In the future, I would like to thank CCTV for the love and kindness of the students who have been hard-working for the hard work! !
  53. Even the pit-type proof is only five points (usually the second question in the third question of the paper). Nothing is particularly difficult in junior high school. The quadratic function is basically the most difficult. The quadratic function has been selected as the finale of the senior high school entrance examination. It is very exercise thinking. This must be practiced more. Especially the students who want to take the famous brand high school to take the students...,,,
  54. Language is an awkward subject, especially in middle school. First, an anecdote that has been circulated in a long period of time: I said that in the middle school test in Beijing, I chose an article by Mr. Ba Jin as a modern reading material. If there is a good thing, I will read this modern text for Mr. Ba Jin (Mr. Ba Jin died in 2005). In retrospect, in the final reading of this modern text, Ba Jin scored only seven points. The most difficult thing to understand is that there is a question asking "What is the deep meaning of the author here?", Ba Jin As the author of the article, the answers given are far from the standard answer, and they are judged not to score...
  55. Basically, as long as the words are written well, the basic knowledge (pinyin, famous sentences, idioms, sick sentences) is mastered, and more than half of them are successful. The change of the language is subjective, and it is not too much time. This is of little significance. Practice shows that this subject can be played as long as it is seriously played.
  56. I am worried about the above paragraph, will it cause the Chinese teachers to collectively swear by me. I am letting everyone ignore the learning of the language? We may not ask the chef of the breakfast shop to give you a regular heptagonal yellow bridge cake with a circumference of 16 degrees and a cut angle of 80 degrees. We may not reach the realm of communication with foreigners for the rest of our lives. Those who study English translation majors?), but we write Chinese characters every day and speak Chinese. In fact, language is the most important subject in life. A person who is well-literated and exported is a popular place to go wherever he goes. What is strange is this kind of industrialized and productive production system that is eager for success.
  57. There is a poem in the abdomen. Read more extracurricular books, astronomy, geography, history and humanities must read some. Books will open up a new world for you, and Chinese classical literature will make people feel good and calm. I found that science is especially good at reading extracurricular books, and the knowledge is comprehensive and full of aura. I think the two are not unrelated.
  58. If you develop your child's hobbies and interests, my weak advice allows the children to learn some Chinese style. The nationality is the world. Don't learn piano, violin, dance, learn calligraphy, drama, Chinese painting. Especially recommended to write calligraphy, learning the heart of impetuous, writing a celebrity copybook will make people quiet, I have been keen on Linyi Zhao Mengfu, but still do not want to lead, Huai Opera can also sing "Talk about the cold kiln" "Pearl Tower" Buy the fritters, then the classic paragraphs, art bacteria.
  59. I have never felt that the physics and chemistry of junior high school belong to the scope of science, especially junior high school chemistry. Because of the fixed type of the subject, the simplicity of the subject matter, the single mode of thinking, and the rough calculations, people can't bear to classify them into the scope of science.
  60. If a child does not learn well in junior high school chemistry, as in English, it is basically a word: lazy.
  61. Reading has always been a very simple matter of one person, and has little to do with your family, birth, character, and parents. I went to college and slowly came into contact with society. I often thought that if everything could be as simple as the college entrance examination, it would be fine.
  62. Reading really has little to do with whether or not there is money. This paragraph is for children with bad family conditions. Children who have no food and clothing can go around and go directly to the next one. From junior high school to college, I have been the worst in my class. My mother died young and my father was a handyman in the field. I am a grandparent who has trained me, and they call them. They often say that I am like their little son. I am a national student loan for college tuition. I am a heavy-faced person. I never accept a scholarship or open a loan to my classmates. When I am in the hardest part of my life, I only eat two hoes a day and I will be boiled. !!!). Later, it may be that the tutors have done a careful and meticulous effect. The rewards are not low, and the "appearance fee" is also rising. Together with the annual national scholarship (eight thousand oceans), the cost of living is enough for yourself, and sometimes it will be sent to the family. Now I am fortunate enough to get a full scholarship to study the master's degree, I think I may not worry about not having money to study in the future, but I am very grateful for these days, and those who have helped me in my most difficult time. People, I will never forget this life. Compared with my former classmates, although I have no room, no car, no family, I am really content. I like to read and write in a simple way. I regard my interest as my own career.
  All of this is hard work by myself. I have no regrets. Any time for tomorrow, there will be a good hope, a happy point of view, and an open-minded point. The world's cold students are awkward! !
  63. What to listen to in English, this is the most questionable question. This second article has already explained: what the primary school listens at will, the textbooks for junior high school, and the college entrance examination for high school.
  64. Don't let your child touch the network too early. This is really not a good thing.
  65. Someone sent a message asking me, "My child is seriously partial, other subjects can test 130, but English can only test 50, immediately take the exam, how to make his test scores are not partial?" I jokingly replied: " Let him take 50 exams in other subjects, you can not be partial." What I want to say is: This is a long-term process. We should pay attention to it early and adopt an effective learning method to kill the sin in the cradle.
  66, I dare say: If your child can do a study plan every day, list the tasks that need to be completed every day, tick one by one before going to bed, his learning efficiency will be twice as fast, and he will like learning more. Do you believe it or not?
  67. Practice has shown that naughty children are better off than those who are quiet and inferior, and their performance is improved faster.
  68. Regarding the application for volunteering: Unless the family economic situation has reached the realm of the consortium, or the relationship has been tough enough to have a way out, or the determination to hold a non-professional university for a major, I am not very suggestive of reading literature for boys. , "English", English, philosophy, politics, environment, bioengineering and other "metaphysical" professions.
  69. I don't deny that there are three hundred and sixty lines. However, I do not deny that today, when the social distribution is so unfair and the employment pressure is so great, if the boys enter the wrong line, how can they say that it is a tragedy? That is a tragedy! My undergraduate university is a comprehensive university, which is almost the consensus of all graduates.
  70, large-scale examinations such as college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, the feeling of peacetime examination is completely different, must recognize the importance of playing on the spot, you must deliberately train this. How is it considered to be qualified for training? Usually is the senior high school entrance examination, the middle school entrance examination is like usual.
  71, carelessness is not enough for you to do, the proficiency has not yet reached! I never knew what was careless, and I don't think there is such carelessness in the world. The word "careless" does not know how many times it is used as an excuse to cover up the truth of the facts and kill many heroes. You thought that you would do it. In fact, you are not so skilled and easy to "careless", which will kill people in the big exam! ! !
  72. My conversation with my students: The student said, “Teacher, I could have tested 140+, because I was only careful to test 120+.” I asked “1 plus 1 equals a few?” He replied “equal to 2.” Say: "There are only two problems that will be done and not to do. If you don't score, you won't. This is always the case in large exams. Why do you add 1 plus 1 equals 2 without carelessness? So what you have to do is to be skilled. The degree and understanding of the knowledge points will raise a realm. These questions are all infinite for you. If you add 1 plus 1 equals 2, you will be invincible. Write these mistakes seriously to the wrong book. This is your most precious. The wealth." Saying that this child will be correct in mathematics exams, and no more because of "carelessness".
  73. You now know why your wrong book is always a few sheets of paper and you have not revised it yet? "Oh, this topic is actually what I will do, but I am careless, and I have calculated some problems. I will pay attention to it next time. It is not necessary to write the wrong question." Then I can only play Manjushri to bless your high school entrance examination, not careless!
  74. It seems that the role of the test on the spot is always magnified. The common exaggerated version is: "The amount, the small amount, can be admitted to Tsinghua University, the college entrance examination is dizzy, and finally did not go to Tsinghua University. I was admitted to the Tsinghua chef training vocational school to learn the chef." "Amount, my baby is a classmate, my performance is not as good as my baby, my baby did not play well in the college entrance examination. Finally he was admitted to Nanjing University, my baby took the Nanjing Vocational University."
  75. There is a theory in economics called “prices fluctuate around value.” The specific example is how to increase the price of a box of matches, and it is not more expensive than a car because the inherent labor time is different. This can be used to illustrate the problems played by this large exam. I read and read now, I have never seen a black shiny horse or a white glaring horse. A small black horse or a small white horse is very common.
  76. The college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination are actually an examination of your comprehensive ability in learning, psychological quality, stress resistance, and coordination ability. Not only do you study and study, I think this is also one of the rationalities of the college entrance examination.
  77. Those students who complain that they have passed the ideal school due to excessive stress, diarrhea, insomnia, headache, loss of love, and misunderstanding on the day of the test. If there is such an understanding, are they those who read? I have a lot of entanglements and regrets in the situation?
  78. The senior high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination are almost the most fair and fair of all the domestic examinations I have known. Especially for rural children, it is a good and almost the only chance to change the fate. Therefore, I saw that many rural and family-oriented children also clamored for canceling the college entrance examination and changing the current talent selection method. I said that I could not understand.
  79. I regret a little over-emphasizing English in the past. In fact, in addition to listening more, there is a big problem: vocabulary. People who don’t care about words and only listen to English want to learn English well. I don’t believe that there is such a possibility.
  80, I dare to say that high school English has a vocabulary, the world. I once finished a summer vacation time with a Spark English word book. When I was in the college entrance examination, there was no word I didn’t know in the college entrance examination English test paper. It was no different from reading Chinese. I have asked my high school students to recite common words outside the classroom, at least to achieve the level of four levels of the university, the effect is very good, once and for all, to play a stable, high school third English does not have to worry about. Every high school student is required to recite the textbook, but the college entrance examination is a selective examination. Do you know why the textbook HOLD does not hold the college entrance examination?
  81. A mock exam paper. If you have tested 140, you are very happy? I don't think, because in fact, you spent more than two hours to take the exam, and spent a lot of time listening to the teacher changing the volume and awarding the prize. In fact, what is meaningful to your progress is only the one that has been lost. I know this. Will you still ignore the wrong question?
  82. Rewrite the famous sentence of a great man. 'The pace of the wrong book should be a little bigger.' Do you think it is necessary to correct the wrong question only in mathematics?
  83. When correcting the wrong title, please use a pen of different colors to indicate why the title was wrong at the time, and the experience is not wrong.
  84. All those who study natural science know that philosophy is the origin of all natural sciences, and that mathematical thought methods are actually in the category of philosophical methodology. The secondary education in our country ignores the explanation and refinement of mathematical thinking methods, but often examines some topics involving mathematical thinking methods. This is itself a contradiction. The combination of number and shape, classification discussion, function thinking, transformation and transformation, I will specialize in one semester in high school, and I will speak half a semester in junior high school. To be honest, the effect is good. Sometimes I can't believe it myself. It is obvious that the student suddenly opened up.
  85. Is there often a problem (such as the finale of a large-scale exam), there will be no ideas, do not know how to start? If the basics are passed, it is that the mathematical thinking method is not in place, which is often said to be "not open".
  86. If I am a mathematics teacher, I will not lecture according to the teaching plan. I will specifically talk about the thinking method of one month. It is really useful to sharpen the knife and cut the material.
  87. After mastering the history of mathematics and the methods of mathematics, students can look at the topic from the perspective of high-rise buildings. Geometry and algebra have no clear boundaries. Sometimes, when they see some topics, they have ideas that are like insects in their minds. When I saw the sequence, I thought of using the function method to solve it. When I saw a function analytic, I tried to make an image of it, and the combination of numbers and shapes to see its nature. Great benefit!
  88. The fifth and sixth grades of elementary school are actually very important. Inheriting and starting, especially some mathematics application questions, test your abstract thinking, and the most important assessment standard of IQ is abstract thinking.
  89, the word must be written! I have to write well since I was a child. This is also a once and for all. My university is selected as the marking point of the college entrance examination for the college entrance examination every year. The same paper, the neatness of the paper surface is also very different. This is the conclusion I observed after I was lucky enough to enter the college entrance examination.
  90. Struggle is always a continuous process. I mean that any exam that does not include the senior high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination can be used as a node of academics. If you feel that it is easy to finish the senior high school entrance examination or finish the college entrance examination, then you really need to mature again. Lu Yao’s “Ordinary World” has always inspired me to regard hard work as a necessity for life, even if the hope of not harvesting is still calm and continue to cultivate.
  91. I said that my high school students who did not play well, graduate students are Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other famous schools. Therefore, the college entrance examination is very important, but it is not as ridiculous as "one test for life".
  92, the length of study, the test is a lot of hair, play good or bad, or hi or sad is also very common. Even if you can't do the realm of "not to be happy, not to be sad", you should also consider the value of persistence.