Summer is a watershed and always mixed.
  Many young people around the age of 18 have harvested the fruits of the midsummer, and soon they are going to college. For some people, this summer is all sad. All the things that were originally happy were also covered with a layer of frost. Just because they didn't get into college.
  A few years ago, I was one of the latter: I was inadvertently tested and did not go online. I was faced with the choice of repeating to be a senior or to work. With a good memory, I was very good at the end of July of that year, I was admitted to a good unit, red paper with my name, first place.
  However, less than half a month after work, the freshness of entering the society is still flourishing. Many college students’ admission notices have arrived one after another, and people have to consider the future of life. When I was on duty at noon one day, I suddenly realized that I might not be able to go to college in this life! In my mind, my friend’s brother-in-law’s letter was written to her: This life is not a university, there will be a lack of a way of life, it will be a pity! Inexplicably, at the lonely office at noon, I began to cry in a panic. The fate is so big, so urgent, I have not been able to digest.
  Unexpectedly, it is not that I want to repeat. The class teacher of the re-reading class, a female teacher who retired and retired, because of my rebellious high school , clearly said that I would not accept me, the reason is that I will break the learning style in the class . Later, even if I tried hard to get a chance to repeat, the class teacher did not arrange my bed in the dormitory. For this kind of soft discrimination, I only have to bear it. Every day, head down into the crowded classroom and promise yourself to the book every day: Be sure to go to college, be sure to stay away from here!
  After a test in the re-reading class more than a month later, I have been catching up with the results of my hard-working studies. My English and Chinese are still quite good. I finally won a bed from the class teacher and I don’t have to ride a bicycle to and from home every day. Between the schools. What makes luck better is that the two girls in the same dormitory are kind and simple. One is the junior high school graduate who has been working in the secondary school for two years. She said that when the salesman in the machinery factory sells the wrench and the screw is a bit annoying, it is better to come back and read it. Taking the chance of luck; the other is that the family has been in the countryside for four or five times. The university is always a few minutes away from the cloud. She is the person who has seen the most English words I have seen so far, and she knows all kinds of incredible words. The reason is very simple. She has recited all the words in a large English-Chinese dictionary. It has been unclear how many years it took to achieve this goal. I met her both.
  After more than three months of becoming a senior student, I have gradually recovered my academic confidence because of the dedicated teaching of many dedicated teachers . However, there will still be tears in the book, tears in the face of a stunned future. Don't let anyone see it, don't reveal it to anyone, just force yourself to put your mind on every question, every word, every exam.
  Everything has the taste of a battle, and I have not worked so hard since then. In this way, the second "black July" in life came as scheduled. After the test, I dreamt of the accurate total score, which is not bad with the real score. I was admitted to the university, but it was not a good university, but it was always admitted, and I could fly. There is a vague expectation in my heart, and I will go to see the beauty of the world landscape and people. Looking back at the year full of lonely tears and unyielding fighting, such as the world. For more than three hundred days, I wrestle with myself every day. There are many beautiful memories, there are very warm and bitter, and there is a beautiful and bitter beauty, but there is a thrilling break in the plain, which does not want to repeat.
  Real life begins with the fourth year. From books to reality, and from reality to the classroom. That year, let me know a lot of truth. Since then, I will not be proud again. I will not bully others but never give up in principle. I understand how important the goodwill and encouragement between people is .
  Every high school graduate has a new page in his life. Since then, it is no longer a child, and I have to bow my head to face my true self. In the long life, the year of 16, 17 or 18 is just one of the small steps. When you fall, you have to stand up. What kind of path this life wants to take, grasp in your own hands. If you want to go to college and do a high school life, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Growth begins with a fall, and in China, it is relatively easy for colleges to find an upward path – this is true, so there is a book to read or go, let alone the university rankings and professional hot and cold. If the college entrance examination fails, the economy or other conditions will not allow you to be a high school student. Don't be discouraged. As long as you have light in your heart, as long as you insist on it , there will be other opportunities for further study. Was the former Chinese Queen of Work, Wu Shihong not a graduate of secondary school? ? Don't worry about the sneer of "smart people", like Shen Dao, sinking your heart to do meaningful things, not going to college is not the most important.
  When the article was written, the storm came, and the trees outside the window fluttered in the wind. They were not pulled up by the strong wind, but because the roots were there, they were as rock-solid. Each of us will encounter many heavy winds and heavy rains in our lifetime, and whether we can be stronger afterwards, everything can only depend on ourselves. Really, you can only rely on yourself. Dear senior, come on!