There are still less than a month of college entrance examinations, and these words must be told to the schoolmates.
  The children of the college entrance examination. If the language is not well tested, please don't cry, because when you finish math, you will find that you cry early.
  It doesn't matter where you are tested in the country. Because this only determines where you play DOTA. When reporting volunteers, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces will take priority, because they will be mailed. It is also necessary to know whether there is air conditioning in the school dormitory, which will directly affect the fundamental quality of your university's four-year life. At the end of the college entrance examination, you should first buy a mobile phone with a good battery. Otherwise, you will go to the university, Ma Zhongte, and Ma Zhe, how can you take the time?
  And don't worry about what to do if you can't get it, because after 4 years you still have no work.
  It is also important to remember that this college entrance examination is the only one that does not look at the appearance of the exam. I hope that you will cheer.
  rest assured. When you go to college, you will find that the exam is not the most important. Work is not the most important thing. Life is not the most important thing. The most important thing is - looks.
  Finally, remember. Your college entrance examination time is the most knowledgeable time in almost the entire life. Cherish what you have at the moment. Knowledge will change the fate. When I was in college, I was 90 pounds, and now I have already been 110 pounds.
  Don't worry if you are worried that the current small object has not been admitted to a university. Because even if you have been admitted for 4 years, you may not be able to be together.
  It must be a little positive energy to say so much . Remember that you will also have wings when you fly. At the same time, remember that flies can't escape the fate of eating. Now you must seriously examine the questions. Be careful. Get the best university with the best results. Finally, you can know what is said above - all true!