In 1980, there seemed to be a lot of people taking the college entrance examination, so I took a pre-test and wanted to screen out the majority.
  With my strength, the pre-test is not a problem, so the day before the test, I was still playing basketball in the sun. For me, the pre-test is really a piece of cake, my requirements are not high, just go online. The result of the test was unexpected. The total score was (the liberal arts) first, but it was composed of several districts, cities and counties in the southwest of Sichuan. This achievement was proud of the city's liberal arts candidates.
  For more than a month, I was surrounded by a splendid halo. The principal saw me, the smile was extraordinarily kind, and I might pat my shoulders and encourage a few words; the neighbors from far and near also took the children to my house to learn from them; even on the road, someone would point and say: "She is Lu Zhi. !"
  I can't afford it all. After all, I am only 16 years old, and I am beginning to float. In an essay , I wrote a sentence like this: "Go to Peking University for the New Year!" For Peking University, I didn't play the ball, and the novel didn't look at it. I struggled all day and flew over a month.
  The day before I finally got to the official college entrance examination, I was so excited and excited that my mind was always doing the problem quickly. When the lights went out at night, the excitement continued, I was a little worried.
  People are strange, the more they are afraid of falling asleep, the more they can't sleep, the night is getting deeper and deeper, and I am getting more and more anxious. From 1 to 100, and back down, it didn't work. I had to get up, walk for a while, and do push-ups in an attempt to get myself tired. But after I am tired, I still can't sleep, and all the questions in my head are questions.
  For a while, a essay title "Clarion" suddenly appeared, and the ghosts thought that it might be that tomorrow's essay question is it. Once the thoughts are produced, they quickly enter the role and begin to write this "Clarion" in the heart. For a time, the passion is screaming, the whispers are lingering, and some sentences can still be recalled until today. After the composition was finished, the imaginary marking teacher gave me a high evaluation. This is even more difficult to sleep, but had to go and do push-ups, so repeated, finally got a little sleepy, suddenly found that the sky has been bright.
  Frustrated and annoyed in the mood, a cup of strong tea, drink, and restless into the examination room. When the roll is sent down, the first thing is to turn to the composition. When you look at the stupid eyes, what is the "horn", it is Da Vinci's egg!
  When I was fainted, I felt even worse. At night, I was worried that I couldn’t sleep. I asked my father for sleeping pills. Our family never ate this game. My father said that if you take the medicine, you will not be awake during the day. ? Think about it too, I have to keep sleeping. The next situation is exactly the same as the day before, so for three days, people are going crazy. Until all the tests were finished, I fell on the bed when I was black, and I slept until the next day at noon. But there is no test to test.
  Scores, barely on the line, Peking University is not going to go, the teachers advised me to re-take the exam in the second year, but I feel that there is no face to go back to repeat, plus hate mathematics, do not want to go to math class, I have reported a Chinese teacher in Chongqing Normal University system. I received a letter of acceptance soon, and my middle school era was completely over.
  Now that things have passed for more than 30 years, for the three days of insomnia in that year, I have gone a lot more detours than those who have taken the key universities, and have paid more hardships, study, distribution, work, treatment, etc. In many things, I can't compete fairly with them. But I still came out step by step. I paid a lot for the childishness of the year.
  There is nothing absolutely good or absolutely bad in life. An exam can change the course of life, but it can't change the direction of life. What kind of person will have what kind of ending, nothing can ruin me unless I am self destroy. In this sense, life is like a marathon. It doesn't matter which step is faster. It is important to keep moving forward and sticking !
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