In the past, young and ignorant you carrying backpacks and riding bicycles everywhere crazy; today, in order to make the seeds of your dreams sprout roots, you are sitting on the bus between the homes, and then, despite the physical and mental exhaustion, the three more lights and chickens; Tomorrow, with the reluctance to bid farewell to the past, the new dreams of flying like a bee fly to the north and south of the river, picking flowers and honey. Staring at the piles of textbook materials and papers, you will be amazed at your tenacity and perseverance. A book, a page, becomes an unforgettable memory in the passage of time, with happiness and sadness ; with joy and loss. But when all the dust settles, what you have to face is the journey of waiting for yourself to measure. The winding path is quiet, and the novelty is seen in the depths; the sunshine is smooth, and it is the openness of a horse. Different choices make a difference in life. In the face of the upcoming life curtain, the oil paintings with thick colors are heavy, and the understatement is aesthetic. Thick and beautiful are presented in different forms, pointing to happiness and fulfillment. For this simple pursuit, I hope everyone can be such a person.
  Be a person who knows how to be grateful . The first thing you should be grateful for is your parents. Because of thousands of accidents, you can come to this colorful world. When you see the first rays of the sun, you have to be grateful for the flowers and plants, because their makeup, your life will not be monotonous; you should be more grateful to those who know and do not know, because they let you feel the human feelings Warm and cold, I realize the complexity of the world and the difficulty of life. The price of family is invaluable, the sincerity of friends, the wretchedness of clowns. It is through personal experience that you can grow up.
  Be a caring person. As a group creature, you are not alone, nor grow alone. The flower blossoms thank you, the ebb and flow changes, let you feel the greatness of nature and the beauty of life. While enjoying pleasure and happiness, you must know how to stretch out your hand and hand it to someone else's hand. When you lend your hand to someone else, you also enjoy the warmth that others have passed to you. A warm look can melt the ice, a warm blessing can awaken the sleeping soul, and an inadvertent movement can save a life . You can't have the heart of the world, but when you do your best, when you pass your warmth to the people and things around you, you will be rewarded with infinite happiness.
  Be a courageous person. It is a great wisdom and a big feeling for the rise and fall of the world. As an ordinary person, you may not have the great ambition to rule the country, but you should play your own role in your own life. For the Son of Man, you may not be able to realize the high hopes of your father's Guangzong Yaozu, which you have placed on them, but you will do everything in your power; when your parents are squatting and faltering, you know how to help you in time; for parents, take up the responsibility of the family. Educate and guide children so that they can thrive; take care of and be sympathetic to their parents, let them spend their old age; for citizens, keep their roots, and ask for the society, and do their duty and obligation. Although there is no ambition to "give the princes to the shackles, and then make the customs swear", the feelings of Lao Du's "big hustle and bustle of the world" should remain in the heart. It’s true that the reality of “scarring flowers and fascinating eyes” makes you temporarily unable to see the direction, but the clouds that cover your eyes always drift. Stand up to your position, manage your career, and play your part. When everyone can do this, the sky will be high, and the scenery will be clear.
  Be a tasteful person. After more than ten years of writing, your soul has faded from the dust. In the era when noble is the epitaph of noble people, and despicable is the pass for the despicable, you seem to understand that the days of "spring blossoming toward the sea" are far away from you. However, when the smog gradually dissipated, when a breeze hits, you should know where you belong and where you should travel in the classroom for more than a decade. In the era of materialization, the principle of economic success has forced people to go all the way. However, even if the short-lived life is Jinshan Yinshan, you can really consume it. The length of your life has been doomed when you fall to the ground, but the width and thickness need to be extended and extended by yourself. It’s a kind of life, and it’s a kind of life to pick up the chrysanthemum and the moon. When the material's appeal reaches a certain limit, if you can slow down your footsteps and clean the dust in your heart, you may have a different harvest. Life is not as good as usual. It is impossible to do everything. If the city is fascinating, the door can be a realm. Find a place where you can place your own soul and hide into a small building, so that your life will be everywhere.
  Presupposed life loses its challenge, and life without a goal is equally boring. Everyone has a colored pen in their hands. Everyone has a pure land under their feet. How to spray ink, how to cultivate, requires wisdom and feelings. A hundred years of thoughts have been dull, and the oaths have been removed. In the future life journey, I hope that every student can weave beautiful ribbons with white silk in their hands, and they will never fade in life!