The college entrance examination failed to count! I have found that many successful people have experienced the failure of the college entrance examination. What is important is that they have never given up their efforts!
  I think you must have lost in these days, I understand! Because I have had the same experience twice. In particular, the second college entrance examination failed. I remember that on the night of the list, I was lying on the platform of the old Zhejiang Library with several students who did not enter the university. I looked at the stars and filled my future. Worry... I’m afraid of being looked down on, being afraid of being complained by my family, fearing that I will never lift my head forever, fearing that I have no future...
  The answer to the high test paper is often only one. If you do not find him, it is unqualified. This is really cruel. But life is different.
  Life is changing, and today’s success may not be successful in the future. Failure today does not mean that there is no chance in the future. Some people are born to study, will test! We don't take exams, we may not be as good as others, but in other places we are no worse than them. Maybe we were born not for the exam, but we will work hard and work hard! We may indeed need to take a few exams to succeed. Our luck is not in the exam, our luck must be elsewhere! Just we haven't found it yet.
  I never thought that I would have today's results. But I believe that there is always a chance to wait for me in this life! Some opportunities are others, and envy is useless. Those who are born to study are life, but those of us who are not very likely to study and take exams may not have our luck, as long as we insist on doing what we like and try to make it perfect and perfect!
  Of course, studying at university is still very important. I don't know if you have heard this paragraph yet?
  "In the year of the college entrance examination, I took 200 points, and my mother's friend took 680 points. The child went to Peking University, and I can only go to work. After nine years, the child's mother showed off to his mother and my son. I also hired a project manager with a monthly salary of over 10,000... And I was thinking: Should I hire him."
  In fact, the vast majority of those who scored 680 were much better than those who scored 200. Most of the people who took the exams were much better than the average university... Don’t pin your fate there. Small enough to no longer have a small counterattack probability. Although my appearance is a small probability event, most people can only be the majority. (Note: Ma Yun's Alibaba is basically only recruiting key university graduates. Of course, two of the three college students of the special cattle are also recruited, not to discriminate against two college students. The reality is that the key university students are indeed better than the average college students.)
  Stick to it a few more times! It is not necessarily necessary to enter a prestigious university, but it is very useful to enter the university. Even ordinary universities can't test, then you still have a little problem of your own. Don't give up, come again.
  If you are admitted to a prestigious university, please look at others with a look of appreciation! If you are admitted or not admitted to the university, don't deny your own possibilities. Stand up and be alive and confident. Please look at yourself with a look of appreciation! You must have your own chance.