Last year, today's sultry people can't stand it. Unlike today's cool, the students gathered on the Internet the most. We are also anxiously waiting for 12 o'clock.
  Then, someone cried and someone laughed and someone was pleased that someone didn't want to live. But those who don't want to live are now alive and well, and those who are smiling don't necessarily laugh now.
  In fact, no big deal, 12 years of hard work is not only for an exam, but a college entrance examination can not decide too much, going to the university will also face hanging, hangover, degeneration, do not want to live, these are far more terrible than the college entrance examination.
  After today, there has been a complete conclusion with the college entrance examination. How to live in the future is new. No one will show off the results of the college entrance examination for a lifetime, it is just a small comma, no matter what kind of experience will leave a legend.
  Every year when the college entrance examination scores, a group of laughing and crying, a bleak batch of brilliant people, those who are sad think that they have gone to hell, the happy people thought they really went to heaven. Only when I was in college, I know that SB's university can work hard, and then NB's university is full of degeneration. Don't cry, no matter how long after four years, don't talk too early. In fact, the diploma is just a train ticket, Tsinghua's soft sleeper, undergraduate hard sleeper, specialist hard seat, private station ticket, adult education crowded in the toilet. When the train arrived at the station and got off the bus to find a job, I found out that the boss didn't care how you came, only concerned about what you would do.
  No matter how many points you scored in the college entrance examination, can you go to the school you want to go to, don't worry, the place you can go will definitely bring you unexpected surprises. You will meet some people, feel that you will meet each other late, or meet someone who feels worthwhile, this is life, meet what you should meet, accept what you can't change. At that time, I thought about how my college life would be like it, what kind of people I would be with, and it’s good to come back now. If that year, we have two or more mistakes, then now we will know different people in different places, do completely different things, and miss everything we have now. The fascination of the college entrance examination is not a wish, but a mistake.
  Poor and wrong, perhaps as willing to make people grow! Perhaps a not-so-famous university won't bring you a lot of glory, but it will never limit your development. Today, your choice is just to decide who to meet with, who to live in, which city to work in, and where to leave the scenery. As long as you are good enough, as long as you work hard, you can achieve yourself wherever you are! Because life is a long-lasting battle!
  After graduation, some people were disappointed, some people fell in love, and some people were missing. Some people make a fortune, some people are blessed, and some people send a wedding invitation. These things will happen one after another, and the tacit life trajectory will be put to rest and begin a completely different life. It is not extravagant to gather again on the day, but I will not forget their original appearance. After all, we have all entered the life of the other party for three or four years.