Dear students from the senior high school class:
  You can like Wang Bin's cuteness, but please don't like the cute Wang Bin. You can like Zhou Xiao's weird elves, but please don't like Zhou Xiao of the weird elves. You can like a girl who is as light as a chrysanthemum. Fire, but please don't like a girl who is as light as a chrysanthemum and passionate. You can like all the good qualities. In these likes, constantly correct and perfect the standard of your wife, but please don't let others youth. Pay for your irrationality. Please cherish the girl who sent you a good card because she knows how to respect, respect and respect you.
  The reason why it is irrational, because of love, it is like a small tree, his growth requires sunshine, rain, fertile soil, meticulous care, and these, as a high school student, you simply can not afford. Because his economic foundation is not money, but time and energy. If you are a responsible person, you don't need to say it. You also know that your time and energy should be invested in high school for three years. Even if you have a good grasp of your favorite university, you can be sure that you will not affect it. The other person's life track? Can you make sure that what you gave her is the life she wants? My understanding of love is that love must promote each other's growth and make each other better than imagined. If because of your "love", so that two people can not do their best to do the right thing at the right time, and regret to miss the height of life, it is the embarrassment of love. Please take back this fake and shoddy love.
  14 years of teaching career, 10 years of class teacher experience, have seen too many regrets, love is occasionally like a cardiotonic agent, will make the results of two people in a short time, but the short-lived is inevitable, because of emotional instability, mental Immature, in the end, it is very difficult to have good results in the academics. The most terrible thing is that the general emotional struggles that declared war on the world in the past were basically ruined in a high school summer vacation, which made people feel boring.
  Therefore, I don’t care about the so-called “early love” students in the class. I don’t give you the opportunity to create a new energy. But I will tell all the teachers, this person, don’t care, because the efforts of all of us are probably because of them. A small contradiction between them is zero. There are too many students worth paying attention to. Don't waste energy on them. Don't blame the teacher for being cruel. If you choose the sweetness of love, you must bear all the consequences. The world is conserved. There is nothing wrong with it.
  I once told a student that I was joking, the teacher, the house car ticket, my parents have prepared for me, I am missing a wife now. I told him that what you lack is not a wife, it is a brain. A truly quality girl will not go with you because of the generosity of your parents, because eating people's mouths is short, and people's hands are short, not two people struggle to earn, the low-browed little wife is not good; if she is rushing these things Going, then there is no need to mix with you, she can go directly to your father to go, in front of love, species are not a problem, let alone age?
  Everything is there, it is more terrible than nothing. Parents have given you a higher platform. In fact, it has increased the difficulty of your struggle. You need to work harder and make more achievements to make things happen. It's harder to have your own label than to start from scratch. You should be more cautious than the average person. Is it good to take the achievements of your parents here? Still don't hurry to shut up and redouble your efforts?
  Love, for high school students, is like a too expensive luxury, can not afford, can not afford. It is not because of the "all evils" college entrance examination, nor because there are too many Chinese people and the competition is too fierce. In fact, everyone should thank the college entrance examination and give you a chance to grow up and prove yourself. From small to large, you can't count a lot of big things, but from the college entrance examination, your life really begins to be yours. What is a university? My understanding, the university is to give you a safe place, let you grow up slowly, let you use four years to recognize what you really want? What kind of person do you want to be, and what kind of path do you want to take? This is really a place to talk about ideals in life. Then, do you say that this place is not important?
  Different universities will take you on different paths of life. What you can see is the difficulty of finding a job. What you can't see is the edification of culture, the leadership of values, and the establishment of a trajectory of life. I really see that the life of many students is very different from the beginning of the university.
  Brothers who used to be struggling with the same problem in a classroom, how many years ago did you have a world of difference? Are you willing? Think about your junior high school and elementary school students. You must have someone who feels that you are struggling to catch up and it is hard to catch up. There must be people who try their best to catch up with you. The university will turn this gap into a quality life. difference. Therefore, no matter how hard you try, you can’t do it. So, are you still willing to leak your time and energy?
  Wake up to the world, drunk and beautiful knees, is the life that many men dream of, but I want to ask, when she has long hair and waist, have you already had the ability to do the world? If you are not ready yet, there is not enough strength, please stay away from love, please keep a bachelor's exercise.