I dictate the words every day, write the paper every day, I don’t have enough sleep every day, I have to deal with all kinds of exams... The three children’s papers are really tired!
  Today's story of a bad high school against Peking University is to prepare for the third year's children's shoes and the high school children's shoes! It is said that the secret of his counterattack is: clean clothes, vegetarian food, and three mouthfuls. Parents remember to share it with the children's papers -
  Taking a basket of plans, I am entering the third year.
  I was a cheerful, very joke-loving person, and when I entered the third year of high school, I changed a whole person (later my classmates said that I had a processless change at that time).
  Every morning, I get up at 6 o'clock, wash it, wear a Walkman, plug in headphones, face the small flag on the wall, listen to the national anthem. Whenever the passionate national anthem sounded in my ears, I was very excited. I felt that I had no private thoughts. I felt a huge motivation. what! I will fight for this life and fight for the prosperity of the Chinese nation!
  Until today, I have to listen to the national anthem every morning, which makes me maintain a strong fighting spirit every day.
  After listening to the national anthem, I always have to exercise, thirty push-ups, thirty squats, and then read English texts. Between the two, I can make breakfast, a bowl of porridge, two eggs.
  Every morning at 7 o'clock, I took a bicycle to school on time. On the road for more than 20 minutes, I always rode tightly. Many of my classmates asked me: "You spend nearly an hour each day on the road. So how can you stand up to the tense high school?" In fact, they don't know, the efficiency of going back and forth for nearly an hour is much higher than in the classroom. I will wait a minute to talk about this.
  When I was in my third year of high school, I had "three magic weapons" in my study status and learning methods. The three magic weapons in the state of learning are "buried heads, plain clothes, and three mouths." I buried my head, that is, when I read the book, I always bowed my head and placed myself in an undisturbed environment. I am not wearing colorful clothes because I want to put an end to even the slightest impetuousness in my heart. I have two sets of gray underwear, one of which has a patch behind the buttocks, and my third year is basically spent wearing these two sets of clothes.
  Having said that, many students may think that I pay too much attention to the details, but I think that this detail should be taken seriously. We are still young and vulnerable to the external environment. It is difficult for me to look like a classmate who laughs all day long. I am dressed in a gorgeous day and can maintain a calm heart in the third year of high school. Sanchakou means that I don’t want to say anything other than learning, don’t say it, don’t say it.
  My learning method is very simple. There are only three principles. I also call it the "three magic weapons". This "three magic weapons" is: "Follow the teacher, review many times, and attach importance to each exam."
  I used to be too confident , like a person to "run a single", like to find a lot of problems, and do it without planning. The fiasco of the first year of high school and high school told me that that approach is definitely half the battle.
  After formulating the principle of keeping up with the teacher, I have listened carefully and took notes in every class. I put the key points and difficult points of each class with the serial number. After class, close your eyes and review the key points of each lesson from the beginning. Which one can't remember, take a look at the notes. If there are any difficulties. Ask the teacher in time and ask other students until they understand the problem. The teachers in the third year of high school are basically very experienced. The review content and exercises they prepared for us basically included the pilot of the college entrance examination. However, there was a course - foreign language, I did not fully adapt to the teacher in the end. But I still insist on implementing the principle of keeping up with the teacher as close as possible to the teacher.
  My second "magic weapon" - review, especially benefited me a lot. My point of view on memory is that it is not too much to look back a hundred times, but only to make you remember more firmly; therefore, I always take the trouble to review every point of knowledge. Many problems have not been deeply thought out at the beginning of the course, but in the time of review, because of the abundant time, it is possible to expand the problem to all aspects, and to play the role of inferences and triads. I said earlier that the time for cycling and going to school is high. It is because every day when I go to school, I can review the content of the whole day by serial number (the reason why the serial number is to prevent a certain problem). Sometimes, when I can't think of it, I stop and look at the book. Going to school every day, I always have the content of the previous day in my heart, so that after a night and review again, the impression will be more profound.
  My daily lunch and dinner are eaten in the school cafeteria. I am self-study at school at night, leaving school at 9:30 every night, going to bed at 10:30 on time, never staying up late. In fact, compared to most graduates, my sleep time is more, but unlike others, I spend my time studying, including eating, walking, and going to the bathroom. I am reviewing. Are thinking.
  Having said that, I am a bit worried that my method may not be suitable for most students. Because my method did not arrange rest time for myself all day, this is undoubtedly a fatigue tactic, but I did use this tactic to achieve victory. So, why do I use this fatigue tactic instead of feeling tired, but instead, "the more the war is, the more brave"? I think, I don't have astonishing physical strength. All of this should be attributed to the tremendous motivation, the ambition of fighting for life and prosperity for China's prosperity and prosperity; therefore, I once again emphasize the importance of this power, without ideological motivation. The method is no better, it is useless.
  Let's talk about my third "magic weapon"; pay attention to every exam. The exams in the third year of high school are very frequent, and many of the students have numb in the end. I am different, I attach importance to every exam, regardless of the college entrance examination, I carefully prepare before the exam, and carefully summarize after the exam. Why pay attention to every exam like this? Because I need confidence, I need a calm mind.
  I will never forget my "flat-type closure": one and a half months after school, all the graduates of the school will hold the physical examination of the mechanics. We knew the news in the first half of the month, and the other students didn't take it for granted. They all had a comprehensive review, and I spent a lot of time physically in that half a month. I have learned all the problems that the teacher said in class. The test results came out, I got 98 points (percentage). The whole class is the first, and the whole school is the third. That is a great encouragement to me. Do you know how much I need that kind of inspiration? My physics has not been good. I only got 53 points for the final exam of the second semester. This time, the students all sent me a special admiration, and I got this look for the first time in two years.
  I am really a little bit flustered, a little bit proud, but I quickly calm down. This is nothing, and it does not explain anything. It is just a one-step strategy that I have implemented to encourage my own "military heart." I am still the original, and I have not made much progress. I told myself this way. When the teacher finished the test paper summary, I listened carefully and took notes, and the wrong fill-in-the-blank question, I carried it back.
  I will carefully prepare for each of the subsequent exams, and after each exam, I will carefully summarize them. This point is actually very important for the review of the entire third year, because half of the entire third grade is in the exam and the test paper. If you can't learn to summarize the test paper seriously, it is difficult to talk about progress. The way I summed up the papers was a word—the time of review sorted them into strings, from point to line to face. At the beginning, I felt that I had to carry too many things, but until I reached the final stage, I found that it was rare to have something to back.
  When I saw the results of my college entrance examination and the results I had when I first entered the third year of high school, you must feel that this is a miracle. I don't deny this because my own slogan is "creating a miracle"; but in fact, I feel that I am doing it every day. In the down-to-earth, I dare not have a little glitz.
  Our school's third year of high school graduated with five major mock exams, almost once every two months. For the first time, I was ranked 98th in the whole school, the 19th in the class, and the 96th in the second school. The second class of the whole class; the third time the school is the 30th, the whole class is the fifth; the fourth time the whole school is the tenth, the whole class is the second; the fifth time I did not participate for some reason.
  In this state, I have spent my third year in this way. I can say that every day is improving, but in the middle, I can't say that there is no pain, no troubles. However, I have adjusted myself better and tried to shorten the time when the state is not good.
  My psychological adjustment
  In the third year of high school, the pressure of each classmate is very big. If you don’t put your own mentality, it is easy to succumb to your thoughts. When you are long, you can easily enter a vicious circle, resulting in no confidence. , no interest, tired of learning and other "college entrance syndrome."
  I have been a long-distance runner since I was a child. I have participated in many long-distance races: I took the third place in our school's winter cross-country race. For long-distance running, I have an experience: when it is calm, it runs best. If you are in a state of irritability and lack of confidence, you will lose, and you will be too excited and desperate to ask yourself how to do it. It is also difficult to win in the long-distance running, because it is easy to produce rebellious psychology in that state. clumsy. The best way is to adjust your breathing, keep your brain calm, don't think about anything, just ask your feet to run. I think back now, in the third year of high school, isn't it a long-distance race? The runway is long and far away. On this runway, you can't be arrogant, you can't be too tall, you want to run fast, only keep a calm mind.
  When I was in high school and high school, I remembered the diary almost every day. I opened the diary at that time. I was full of remorse and determination. It was the origin of my unhappy mood. At that time, my mood was not good. The origin of bad grades; in the third year, I only made a summary and plan on New Year's Day in 1997, and the rest of my diary is blank. Of course, this does not mean that my thoughts did not go too far during my senior year. Everyone's emotions are cyclical and ups and downs, and I am the same, but every time I feel bad, I will warn myself: "This is a period of low mood, stop at the foot, run calmly, and get through the difficult period as soon as possible." . This method can be said to be tried and tested, and it is a good prescription for me to protect my good condition in the third year of high school.
  Psychological adjustment requires tactics. It is a bit like self-deception, but in fact, this is very necessary. That physics exam laid the foundation for my confidence. Later, whenever I felt that I lacked confidence, I "made the way" and specialized in an exam. I believe that achieving good results is the best way to encourage yourself.
  When I was on the fifth mock exam, I felt that I had the strength to win the championship, but I was "strategic retreat" because it was already at the end of June. If I participated, the exam would be too good, I will breed pride. The test is not good, it is easy to be anxious, so I simply do not take it.
  The second magic weapon of psychological adjustment, my experience is self-suggestion. A lot of things are indifferent to themselves. It depends on how you think about it. From this perspective, you may feel unlucky, and from another perspective, you may be very excited.
  Many students, when they encounter a problem they will not do, may be very frustrated and say "unlucky, and they are wrong." However, I have hinted at myself that there is a "property account", so I feel like I am getting a treasure, I must understand it and get it. When I look back at my difficulty points by serial number every night, I always "like a few treasures."
  The most successful example of my self-suggestion method is the three days of the college entrance examination. When I got up on the morning of July 6, I felt that I had a cold, but I still insisted on learning. I feel that in order to maintain a calm state of mind, we should learn the end, and the saying that "big test, big play, small test, no test, no play" is unscientific. On the morning of the 7th, I had a fever. My emotions were affected: I rarely get sick. How can I have a cold on this bone? It’s really not a long-sighted man! At that time, my parents and relatives were not around because I told them not to come in advance. I said that I need to be quiet; I was a little worried at the time. Later, I remembered that some people said that when people are hot, their brains will be more excited and their ideas will be more agile. I tried to admit this view in my brain, so I quickly recovered my confidence, so I won...
  With regard to psychological adjustment, I have two more points to add.
  First, as a "poor student", you can set a high goal, but you must admit your own "poor", you can make yourself a calm mind.
  Second, human perseverance is not innate, it needs constant tempering. I always get up every morning when I get up; I have to go for a three-kilometer run every weekend; I have a cold bath all year long... All this makes me always have perseverance.
  I have looked at my own article from the beginning. Every pen is written by me, but many opinions are undoubtedly very clumsy and extreme for many people. What I want to emphasize here is that there is no fixed motivation and no fixed method on the journey of learning, but if you want to succeed, you must find the motivation and a large set of best suited to promote your progress. Your own learning method, never be superstitious.
  That said, it’s almost the same. Recalling the tense high school, I cheered my classmates who had poor grades from the bottom of my heart. Because I know the pain of "poor life," I hope from the bottom of my heart that every "poor student" in the world can be in high school. Turn over and get into the university of your own heart!