Unconsciously, it has been a year since I left my alma mater. In the past six months, through the contrast between college life and high school life, I think I have more insights into the high school. I don't know how to name this article, so I can only take a more common name. Because it is more of my experiences and feelings, not an empty one. Share some glimpses with you and hope to make you less detours.
  About the environment
  If you don't adapt to this environment, try to change it; if you can't change it, change yourself.
  The epitaph of the tombstone in the basement of Westminster Abbey
  When I was young, my imagination was never restricted, and I dreamed of changing the world. When I was mature, I found that I could not change the world. I shortened my eyes and decided to change only my country. When I entered the leap year, I found that I could not change my country. My last wish was to change my family.
  However, this is not possible. When I was lying in bed, when I was in the woods, I suddenly realized that if I only changed myself at first, then as an example, I might change my family; with the help and encouragement of my family , I might do something for the country. thing. Then who knows? I may even change the world.
  We may often complain that a teacher is not good at teaching or that the environment is not good. This is a very common excuse.
  My English teacher in the first semester of high school is teaching junior high school. I can imagine how bad the teaching will be, but it is very serious. The class is ok, the knowledge points and grammar are very comprehensive, but when the topic is finished (especially Type), often say a sentence: "This question is like this, let's look at the next one."
  The class at that time was very poor. I took the first place in more than 120 points. I used the teacher's bad teaching as an excuse. The class was very resistant. However, when I learned that many students in the small class had more than 130 points, I realized how big the gap between me and others. Therefore, the study of grammar and knowledge points depends on class, class, and reading. Question, if you are wrong, you will understand the answer. If you don't understand it, remember it.
  After making the change, my English score has improved a lot, and the basics have been played very well. I have laid the foundation for my English study in the high school below. At the end of the final exam, I have only one point difference with the highest grade of the grade. And those of my classmates who continue to complain about the bad teachers are not even 100 points. Getting started from yourself is far more effective than trying to change the environment.
  Another example is related to English learning. I scored high in English essays in the exams before the third year of high school . However, after the third year of high school, the paper review was changed to computer scoring. Since my writing was not good enough, the score dropped to very high. Low, sometimes lower than the worst classmates in our class.
  There was a mock exam. I took 144 exams. It was a 6-point deduction. I took the essay to find a teacher's comment. After the teacher finished reading, I said that it was very good. The low score may be low. The writing is not beautiful enough. There were many People who are good at English have encountered the same situation as me. We all feel very outrageous. How can we make a score by writing, and writing is not bad, just not good enough. At that time, I was very unconvinced, and the next test score was lower.
  It is true that English composition writing is not the most important, but in the face of the speed limit, the teacher may be very helpless. So I decided to change myself. I couldn't forget to keep a copy of an English composition every day. I also had to face a blow that was not directly proportional to the effort. The more I practiced, the lower the level, and the more I continued to practice after the attack...
  Finally, hard work pays off, my college entrance examination composition only deducted two points. If I was still complaining about the unfairness of the college entrance examination and continued to contradict English, then I am now likely to suffer in the classroom sitting in the balance.
  When we find that some of our habits are incompatible with the environment we are in, if you do not have the ability to change the environment, it is best to change yourself. This is not to suppress your personality, just as the tombstone says, this is Your future goals will be paved.
  About doing things
  What is truly happy is not the person who is doing what he likes, but the person who can do things that he does not like.
  Each of us has a relatively comparative subject, even if it is a good student, this can be called a short board.
  When I was in junior high school, it was not good. When I was in high school, I didn’t have any idea about it. Since I was not accommodating in the first semester, my efficiency was very low. In addition to English class and math class, it would be better. The rest of the class was sleeping. .
  When class is divided, it is excellent in mathematics and English, and the chemistry of Chinese is OK. The results of poor physics are divided into small classes. Although it occupied the middle and upper reaches, it is conceivable that the science classes are elites, and the rationality is definitely strong. From the next semester, physics and chemistry can't keep up with the speed of the teacher. I can't even understand the lectures given by the teachers in the class. Each test is not a physical countdown or a chemical countdown.
  At that time, parents, teachers, and classmates let me work harder on physics and chemistry. I also understood it myself, but on the one hand, I was very fond of mathematics English with good grades, but I was not interested and very poor in physics and chemistry. Unfortunately, I chose the former, and it is only necessary for physics and chemistry to not count down.
  When I was in the third year of high school, I began to regret that I didn’t study well before, and the pulling and pulling was very serious. This seriously struck my self-confidence. A series of chain reactions caused the result of my rationality.
  Let me talk about my mathematics. Because of my love for mathematics and the need for mathematics to get the world, I have finished my studies in the summer vacation of junior high school. I have completed the compulsory two during the first semester of high school. In the high school winter vacation, I have completed the compulsory four. This has laid a good foundation for my mathematics. The self-learning ability and knowledge gained in this process have given me a lot of help.
  However, the mathematics English scores are no better, and it can't make up for this shortcoming.
  You will have a bigger feeling in the future. No matter how good your favorite subjects are, the satisfaction it brings will never be better than the progress of your short board.
  In the future of our work, this truth is even more obvious. No one can guarantee that the chosen field is not suitable for you. If you like it or not, what we don’t want to do is often the most needed. This is also a kind of ability. What you don't want to do is really good. At that time, you will be more fulfilled and more recognized.
  Therefore, what is truly happy is not the person who is doing what he likes, but the person who can do things that he does not like.
  About persistence
  Perseverance, the stone can be smashed;
  I have always admired those who worked hard and worked hard, whether they got the reward they deserved, whether they were regressing or advancing. There are a lot of students around you who are very hard-working and you may think that if I work hard like him, I will be very good, but when you think so, it will also explain your weakness, because you Just dare to talk about it, the fact is that you are not as good as others, you dare not challenge, since you also believe that you are better than them, why not prove yourself?
  If those students have not had good grades, you may be more proud. Then, have you ever thought that one day you will be defeated, and you will have the courage to face failure and continue to work hard like them.
  In fact, in high school, especially in the third year of high school, it is a very common thing to pay and return. (Good students are also, and may be more serious), learning is a long process, maybe you have learned a little through a few hours of hard work. Point, but you can't mention a good from a few hours or days or even a month, even if it is possible, this is temporary.
  In a successful state, it is easy to stick to it, because at this time you are very fulfilled and will be happy to learn. So the determination and perseverance I want to say means that when you are hit, you can continue to work hard with a normal heart. You may think that I understand what you said, but you may wish to think about it carefully. Can you really be humiliated?
  I have a personal experience at this point. Here are two examples:
  (1) Every time the exam is over, if the exam is bad, I will be very frustrated. The wrong question will not be changed until one week later. This is not lazy. Lazy is a very good reason. It will help you. Escape everything, so don't take lazy as a reason, but timid, I really don't dare to face my weak subject. From high school to high school, I have never been able to overcome it. So I came to Sichuan and others went to Beijing.
  (2) As mentioned above, don't laugh at those who have paid a lot but have not paid back. We have a classmate in our class. It is really hard to learn. We admire her. At the beginning, it has been in the top 100 of the grade. After the third year of high school, it has been more than 200 grades, sometimes more than 400.
  However, she never gave up and still studied hard. As a result, the college entrance examination was unexpected to everyone. She was admitted to the top 100 of the grade. This surprise may be the best reward for her! Changed to be you, can you do it? Can you face this situation and still be able to persist in the college entrance examination?
  So, don't label yourself with failures in advance, no matter what difficulties you encounter, keep working hard and stick to the end.
  About learning status
  The status is very important both in the usual study and in the exam.
  In high school, especially in the third year of high school, the mentality is very easy to be affected by all aspects. At this time, you need to put things in the middle of your work, divert your attention to things that can make you easy, or give yourself a certain Psychological suggestion.
  (1) It is often the case that there is a situation in the senior high school review stage. On the first day, a set of mathematics or rationality papers is made. It is very fulfilling and may fall to the bottom of the day and feel nothing.
  At this time, you may be very inferior, you can't learn anything, so just look for subjects or topics that you are good at, reshape your confidence, and then look at the problems that make you headache.
  I am good at math and English. So when I start self-study every afternoon, I must first do math or English for a while. When the mind becomes excited and then I can do it, it is easy to find the state, the mentality is not easy to be affected, and the efficiency is high. .
  (2) Do not blindly learn from others, and know that you are the one who achieves the best.
  Perhaps the order in which many people do the rationale is to do the whole part of the multiple choice questions first, then do the elective questions, and finally do the physical, chemical, and biological problems in order. I did this at the beginning. I have a poor physics. The other two subjects are OK, but everyone knows that biological and chemical multiple-choice questions are sometimes abusive, so I am already tired when I finish the two subjects. When you do physical selection, your brain has solidified. No matter whether it will or not, it will be a lot wrong every time.
  When you are doing big problems, you should also do physics first, although the physical axis will give up every time you look at it (know that I am physically worse), but when you do simple and big problems of chemistry and biology, it is very affected by physics. The turnover rate is very high. In this way, my comprehensive results are very miserable. After a summary of my situation, I changed my policy.
  When there is a comprehensive examination, I will try to change the pattern and find the order that suits me. What I finally decided is the kind of silly that others would think, that is, to finish all the creatures first, then to finish all the chemistry, and finally to do all the physics, so that I can greatly reduce the biological and chemical error rate and do physics. When you usually have about 80 minutes left, you can calm down and do physics, instead of worrying about other things like before. So my comprehensive scores have improved a lot.
  To give this example, I don't recommend this order of answers to everyone, but I hope that you can combine your own specific situation, find the right medicine, and find your own status.
  (3) Mentality is particularly important before and after the exam and during the exam. Nothing can affect your mind except yourself.
  I believe everyone will be afraid of insomnia, and I am the same. I have insomnia every night during the semester. It is very difficult for me to have a good taste. If the class is good the next day, if the exam is taken the next day, it will definitely collapse. Because I have such an experience, I am afraid that the college entrance examination will be insomnia for two days.
  When I was half a month away from the college entrance examination, I began to adjust. I went back to the dormitory every day at noon and went to sleep at around 11 in the evening. The adjustment phase works well and the quality of sleep is good every day. However, the night before the college entrance examination may be because of nervousness, I fell asleep at two o'clock in the evening, and woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning, which means that I could not sleep for 3 hours.
  It was really a crash at the time, I feel that this is definitely over, but I am not willing, anyway, how is it all finished, I will hold the idea of ​​getting out, calmly preparing stationery. After being smashed out of the dormitory, I went to the playground and ran two laps to wake myself up.
  Then I told myself that I must overcome myself. Even if I want to review, I have to play my true level. Otherwise, I will face an accident next year, and I don’t know what will happen. In this way, I talked to my classmates about the insomnia of the previous night and entered the examination room and started the language test.
  At noon, when I go to sleep, you can definitely guess my mood, my result - not falling asleep! At that time, I thought: The morning is the language, it doesn't matter much. In the afternoon, it is mathematics. I feel that I suddenly fell down and I didn't even dare to enter the examination room.
  Sitting in the examination room at that time, the brain was blank, and I kept breathing deeply to calm myself down. I was doing mathematics calmly. I only spent an hour in the first three questions after filling in the blanks, but I didn't expect to choose the wrong questions because of the wrong questions, which caused more than 20 minutes to waste.
  This time, I panicked again. The first question when I was doing the next two big questions was very messy. In the end, there was only 20 minutes left. There were two roads left in front of me. Check or continue. In combination with the previous lessons, I chose to check, which means that the last two questions were not done. Although this time I played better, the last 20 minutes was equivalent to wasting, but I still don’t regret my choice. .
  By the way, my college entrance examination is 125, mathematics 137. Although not high, but in this state, I am already very satisfied, which also shows that the accident is actually not terrible, the terrible thing is that you take it too seriously.
  For those students who are prone to malfunction, you must give yourself psychological hints and adjust your status.
  About the goal
  How to set a reasonable goal?
  Everyone will definitely have a goal, but what I want to share with you here is to set long-term goals and small-scale goals when setting goals. Because the big goal will make you feel that the time is still very long, there are still many opportunities to work hard, but you will find it too late.
  So set a goal at every stage, preferably one every day, and push it backwards based on your long-term goals. For example, when I was in my second year of high school, I decided to take the Central Finance, so I need to take the top 20 in the grade.
  In this way, I will reach an average of 20 in the third year of high school. I was 90 at the time. This goal is too far away from me, so I have to reach 50 at the end of my second year of high school. name. As a result, I took 14 exams, which was the best result of my high school three years.
  The goal is not necessarily achieved, and my goal is not achieved. On the contrary, the goal can be set slightly higher. Its main role is to motivate you. If you can't reach it, you can analyze why it is not achieved. Better can be achieved.
  Of course, the goal is not too high, it can be adjusted according to your performance each time. If the target is set too high, you will not reach it at one time, and anyone will give up. In short, the goals can be in various forms, but they must be there.
  Don't trust the teacher to yell at you (the university is very easy), our teachers and parents will tell us every day, now we will work hard and fight together, it will be very easy after the university.
  Everyone can think about it. The content of the university is more than that of high school. It is more difficult than high school. However, if you work hard now and fight together, it will be very easy in the future. University is just a springboard, but this springboard can be said to determine your life.
  If you have taken a bad university at the time, you tell yourself that you can take a postgraduate exam in the future, but you will find that the school simply cannot provide a suitable environment for you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. If you dare to protect your self-control, use it in the most precious time of your life - high school.
  You may say that a certain candidate has taken a third exam. Later, he was not admitted to Tsinghua’s graduate school or how good he is, but he must have worked hard beyond the imagination of ordinary people. If he can use his efforts to the front. It may be that Tsinghua is directly waiting for him.
  In short, high school is a very precious time, experience it, you will have a lot of gains, don't wait until later to miss the meaningful life of high school like us.