On June 24, 2017, Shaanxi Provincial Admissions Office released the minimum control scores for all batches of admissions in Shaanxi Province in 2017, and announced the results of the college entrance examination to candidates. Zheng Shuhao from Xi'an High-tech No. 1 Middle School won the first place in science with a total score of 719 points, and became the first place in the liberal arts with 696 points from distant students.
  Since his hometown was in Baoji, Zheng Shuhao did not meet with you at the first time, which made the Xueba more "mysterious". When he met, Zheng Shuhao used "good accidents" to describe his feelings of becoming the top leader in science.
  Shaanxi 2017 college entrance examination science champion Zheng Shuhao total score of 719 points
  I have achieved good results and I am very surprised to learn Japanese by myself.
  "I did not expect that I could test so well, very unexpected, thank you for reading the teacher." For his achievements, Zheng Shuhao jokingly said that his luck is better.
  Zheng Shuhao's scores in the college entrance examination are 125 points in the language, 149 points in English, 146 points in mathematics, and 299 points in theory.
  According to Zheng Shuhao's recollection, he had only achieved the first year of the year in the simulation test before the college entrance examination. He always thought that as long as he played stably, he did not expect it to play so well.
  "Especially, I have a 299 points, and I have a perfect score. This is really no idea, but since I have achieved good results, I accept it." Zheng Shuhao said.
I also learned Japanese myself   after studying , which is also a big hobby. As for which university to choose, he is more inclined to Tsinghua University and Peking University. As for which one he chooses, he still needs to think about it.
  "I am also very fortunate to get good grades, so I also recommend that schoolmates should be normal in their studies, and don't have too much pressure to learn. As long as the efforts are hard, the results will not be bad." Zheng Shuhao said.
  Class teacher: Zheng Shuhao is very simple and liberal.
  Speaking of Zheng Shuhao, the first science student in the college entrance examination in Shaanxi, many people’s first impressions of him are “very simple”. According to Mr. Zhang Rui, the teacher of his high school class, Zheng Shuhao is very kind and treats his classmates very often.
  "I am very impressed by the children, and I know how to be grateful . The school is very active in all activities. I am not surprised to get the first place in Shaanxi Science this time." Zhang Rui said.
  In Zhang Rui's view, Zheng Shuhao is very simple, and he can think about others in life and study. He is very self-disciplined.
  Although this time with a high score of 719 points to become a science champion, but in the Zhang Rui impression, Zheng Shuhao's liberal arts are also very good, especially in English, in terms of language understanding is relatively strong.
  “Book Hao not only learns, but also participates in various activities. He once won the first prize in the Shaanxi Information Competition. If I let me suggest, I hope that he will be able to work in academic research in the future. Of course, everything will be seen. He chooses himself, how do I support it." Zhang Rui said.
  Shaanxi 2017 college entrance examination textbooks to the distant total score of 696 points
  Shaanxi college entrance examination liberal arts first place to the distance: do not engage in the problem sea tactics love to play basketball English
  From Xi'an High-tech One, the students from the far-reaching class scored 696 points and became the first in the 2017 college entrance examination in Shaanxi. His scores in various subjects are: 138 points in language, 147 points in mathematics, 269 points in liberal arts, and 142 points in foreign languages.
  Never engage in sea tactics, usually pay attention to news and current affairs.
  When I learned the results of the college entrance examination, I just finished running away from the distance. He was surprised when he received the text message. "In the previous mock exam, I only had to be the first in the grade. The first few were not fixed. They are all of us. The classmates took turns in turn."
  Li Xiang, the class teacher in the distance, said that they could get the first place in the province in the distance. In fact, they did not feel surprised. "He has a good grade in the entire senior high school, and his status is very stable. The development of each subject is very balanced and his oral English is particularly good."
  To the distant side, in the usual study, he will follow the rhythm of the teacher, adjust his own learning state, and raise questions that he does not understand, and discuss it with the teachers and classmates.
  "The school always reminds us that we must not ignore the window. My classmates and I have not read the dead book or carried out the sea tactics." To the distant side, he said that he would also pay attention to news and social current affairs and broaden his horizons. In the first year of high school, he participated in the school's foreign exchange program in the distant place and studied in the United States for one semester. To the distant side, the half-year experience in the United States broadened his horizons, increased his knowledge, and improved his English.
  In the eyes of Li Xiang, to the distance is a big, sunny boy. "His greatest feature is that he has independent thoughts, does not blindly follow, and has a spirit of questioning." Li Xiang said that in the study, he never blindly follows the authority and teachers from the distance, is good at summing up the learning methods that suit him, and is able to mobilize his enthusiasm for learning. The mentality is also very good.
  Professionals must satisfy the desire to explore, and promote social progress. Summer vacations want to visit famous mountains and rivers
  Some netizens praised the handsome figure in the distance as a "high-value" handsome guy. He likes sports especially in the distance. He especially likes to play basketball. When he was in high school , he still insisted on running in the morning. As soon as the college entrance examination was over, he started his own fitness program in the distance.
  "The third year of life is not just about learning." To the distant side, the school will organize debates, mock CPPCC and other activities to enrich the students' after-school life. He was quite sorry for not having the quota of the simulated CPPCC. "In the weekly theme class meeting , we absolutely do not talk about learning, life would talk to each other, to narrow the distance between students and teachers."
  Volunteer to fill in the report, which university will be chosen to the distant side, what is the major? He said that he has not made the final decision yet, but he hopes that the future study will not only satisfy his own desire for inquiry, but also have practical significance and promote social development. After going to college, I hope to learn more from the distance, such as a musical instrument or a small language, to spend a lot of university life.
  To the distant side, he said that he had already planned his summer vacation after the college entrance examination. "I want to go to the famous mountain Dachuan of the motherland and want to spend more time with my family and friends."
  For the younger students who are about to enter the third year of high school, they are encouraged to be confident in the distance and communicate with the teachers to find a learning method that is really suitable for them.