A friend Chen, who has been a class teacher for nearly 20 years, has trained 20 students in Guangqing University.
  Yesterday, I went to eat with Lao Chen. When I was full of food, Lao Chen called Rui Rui to her side and said with a strong heart: "I know that your children, hate preaching, but they are going to start school soon. Chen Bobo still wants to. A few words, you may not be shocked. But if you listen to it, it is absolutely effective."
  As soon as I heard it, I immediately raised my ears and silently recorded the old sayings of Lao Chen in my heart. After returning home, the horse was recorded without stopping. I have to say that I have been deeply impressed by my own reading and I am here to share with my parents, friends and children.
  1\About knowledge and education
  Many people now say that "reading is useless." That's right, there are people who haven't read any books but have made a fortune, but how many can you count with your fingers? The case cannot explain what the problem is, and the universal phenomenon is convincing.
  Education can't determine a person's life, and a diploma can't fully prove a person's ability, but some opportunities are only reserved for those who own the paper. Don't say anything, you can use time to prove that your ability is not worse than those of famous brand college students. People don't have to use the talents at hand. Do you have to wait for you to prove yourself?
  2, about suffering
  Learning hardships? Many of my students said, "Teacher, we don't know what's going on outside the window every day, we are immersed in hard work, and the scorpions are dumb, and both hands are written, and we must bear all kinds of pressure. Can we not suffer?"
  Is this called suffering? What is suffering?
  Think about the poor children in the west, they can't eat enough, don't get warm, and the resources are scarce. The winter months are learning in the classroom without heating and leaking winds. Both hands are frozen and swollen, and they don't give up.
  Then look at the teachers who have been greedy for decades on the podium, and the peasants who face the loess, the workers who endure the sun and sweat in the construction site, the vendors who sell vegetables and fruits in the cold, and your rough tea, tired Have a humpback father and mother.
  You are now thinking about yourself, cold, heated, and air-conditioned. Can this be bitter? Clothes come to reach out, rice to open mouth, can this also be called bitter? Studying in a spacious, clean classroom, can you suffer? Take a hard look at the book, learn to study, and count hard?
  If this is the bottom line for your hardship, then you only have to look up and envy others in your life.
  3, about time
  Time is the fairest, and everyone's time is 24 hours.
  Some children take this 24 hours to study, go to exercise, go to rest, gain knowledge and knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for their future life. Some children are hanging QQ all day, brushing Weibo, visiting Taobao, playing online games, doing what I can do at the age of 80. By the time they were 80, they were still forced to make a living and rushed for their livelihood.
  I often hear from students that life is still long, and the college entrance examination is still far away. It doesn't matter if you spend two days a day. You can definitely make it back later. Time can't make up, waste is waste, and it's never possible to catch it back! When you kill in the game, when you swim in the daydream, others have already taken you a hundred thousand miles away.
  Don't always think that you are still young, young, and feel that it is still early. It’s okay to waste today, and tomorrow. Tomorrow's day tomorrow, how much tomorrow? If you pin your hopes on tomorrow, you will miss a lot of opportunities and eventually nothing will happen.
  4, on the phone
  Mobile phones are communication tools used by adults to talk and chat, and occasionally use it to relax and relieve stress. Your world is Mom and Dad, teachers and classmates. You will meet and say hello every day, basically do not need a mobile phone to maintain your feelings. Moreover, parent-child time and classmates are much better than those of colorful mobile phone screens.
  You said that you also want to use your mobile phone to entertain and entertain. You haven't grown up yet, and your good years cannot be prematurely vain and pastime. If you choose to have fun while you are most able to learn, choose comfort when you are most likely to suffer. Waiting for you must be a bleak middle-aged or even old age.
  Want to have fun? can. Go to the playground to run and play, go to the beach to dig sand and pick up the shells, go to the prairie, blow the grass and see the cattle and sheep, and look at the stars in the middle of the field... These can be both healthy and self-cultivating, which is better than the one in the mobile phone. The illusory world of eccentricity makes sense.
  5. About competition
  The most terrible thing about this world is not that your competitors are smarter than you, but that people are smarter than you and harder than you!
  One of my students, the college entrance examination was admitted to Tsinghua, and we can say that it is very rare here. But after the big journal arrived, he discovered that he was at the bottom of the class. The student with the best grades in the class got up early every day and recited English.
  When you want to give up, be sure to think of those cows who sleep later than you, start earlier than you, run better than you, and have a higher talent than you. They have already run in the morning light and you can only ever Looking into the distance.
  6, about the state of mind
  Life is like riding a roller coaster. It is common to get up and down. Not every test you can take the lead, not everyone can get into a good university, and every effort will be marked with brilliance.
  However, if you have done everything, the flow of sweat is flowing, then don't get caught up in a test paper, a score. Doing good deeds without asking for reward. If you are in full bloom, the butterfly will come; if you are strong , your fate will naturally reward you.
  To say a thousand and ten thousand is not as good as you can really listen to the words and practice in person.
  Your mom and dad won't teach you all, they won't be with you all your life, your teacher will stare at dozens or even hundreds of students every day, not all or even more energy. Spend on you. In your life, you still have to rely on yourself, to understand on your own, to work hard on your own, and to persist on your own .
  We don't want you to do everything, but do your best; don't overdraw, but you must do your best.
  I hope that these words will benefit you and benefit you.