Many students feel that it is not only by going to school that they can live the life they want. I can do a part-time job and set up a stall... But the reality is that many people, except for school, really have no other way to go. .
  Here are some views of CCTV's famous mouth Bai Yansong on the college entrance examination and reading. His concept, I hope everyone can take a good look and share it!
  Don't read, what do you guys fight with others? Wealth or wisdom? Experience or network? Do you have these?
  The current social status quo, the vast majority of the bottom of the mix are not read books, those who are successful are really nothing, and relying on their emotional intelligence, reading or not reading is not much different.
  When you read the 10,000-year book, you can't fight a Han Han , but he doesn't go to school, but he is even more fierce than what we have learned.
  Many people say that the current class is tied up. In fact, it has been more complicated. So the college entrance examination really ended that kind of knot. No matter what your identity, if you score reliable, you can always go out.
  "Did you miss the rich second generation without the college entrance examination?"
  This is a very factual thing. Although there are many problems in the college entrance examination, at least it is still the most fair and most promising road.
  But the children don't think so, all the roads lead to Rome, there is nothing to go to college, and they will certainly be able to do the same in the future, not necessarily worse than those who are college students.
  Child, where are you confident ? No exams, no school, how many things can you spell?
  The exam is not the only way, but the most fair way!
  Although many people think that the examination system is unreasonable, one test for life, the child loses fun, loses freedom, and limits creativity.
  However, it is the exam that gives most children the opportunity to compete fairly. No matter how you are born, how do you grow up, and who your parents are. As long as your grades are good enough, you will have the opportunity to go to a good university and have more insights. Meet more people and live a relatively good life.
  In the face of achievements, everyone is equal, which is an important part of many children changing their destiny.
  Every time I meet, I talk about the experiences of these years. Although most of my classmates have not lived the ideal life they want, there is no exception to believe that the college entrance examination has changed their lives.
  Regardless of the university, what job was found later, it was the college entrance examination that allowed him to see a greater possibility. It was also the college entrance examination that allowed him to always believe that there would always be a certain return in his efforts.
  It is true that those students who failed in the college entrance examination or did not take the college entrance examination also lived a good life through their own efforts, but they were much smaller than the chance of going to college.
  If there is such a ready-made opportunity for the exam, why not try to try it out, do you have to go around the road?
  Don't look at the exam, where is your advantage?
  Some children, do not know where to come confident, that even if the study is not good, the test scores are not good, they can live the life they want. What does this confidence come from? Is it a comprehensive quality or your insight?
  As a child from most ordinary families, don't fight for exams, you have to compete with others for quality and insight. Where is your confidence?
  The exams are not good, why do you feel that you are doing it yourself!
  The examination is a screening mechanism. On this road, some people must pass and some people will not be able to pass.
  Some people say that I am not suitable for learning, but my other aspects are outstanding. I am good at doing business, my emotional intelligence is high, etc. I have great opportunities for development in the future.
  A person who does not learn well is more representative of his comprehensive ability, such as his endurance, his will, his study habits, his ability to reflect, his ability to resist frustration , and the use of natural unsuitability as an excuse. I am afraid it is not appropriate.
  After all, I have spent more than ten years specializing in learning. In this case, you have performed very poorly. Why do you feel that you can do other things.
  In the past, we naively believed that learning well is a nerd, and nothing can be learned. However, we later found ourselves wrong.
  Most of the students who study well not only do not stay, but also perform outstandingly in other aspects. They apply their learning to all aspects.
  We are increasingly discovering that not only do we learn to beat others, but we are also far from being dropped in other areas.
  Many people are talking about learning uselessness, but no parent wants their children to be poor students. In everyone's heart, I still feel that learning is not wrong.
  The exam, in our opinion, has such shortcomings, but for most children, it is the most worthwhile thing to fight.
  Although, in some people, the exam is not necessarily the best way, but for most children, it is. Children, I hope that you will try hard to fight at the age of the most learning, and you will thank yourself now!