This is the reason why you need the most effort at the moment.
  I have written an article about the college entrance examination, which describes my high school life in detail, the mood when I took the college entrance examination, the indulgence after the exam, and the loss of graduation.
  At this time, you should be in the summer sun, sitting in the classroom quietly listening to the teacher to lecture, and occasionally bowing your head and taking notes seriously.
  Perhaps at the convenience store at the school gate, I bought three new pens, and then I bypassed the playground where the plants such as ivy were wrapped around the railings. I couldn't see the inside, I could only hear the sound of the students playing in the lower grades.
  In the time we were young, we must also like the time to run in the playground.
  In my memory, I am still a young boy sitting in the classroom, still worrying about the exams and endless courses, and will be reluctantly doing a comprehensive paper in the middle of the night.
  No matter how reluctant, I will write from the left to the right, from the front to the back, and when I carefully write the complete scroll with the blue handwriting, I will poke open the pen and sleep in the bed.
  In the memory, always in the hot summer, I went back to the classroom to drink some water, squatted on the table, and the wind blew into the shirt to blow out the shape of the bulging. The sun was like the ocean, and it was undulating around the school.
  I have vowed to say that I will not forget those times, and I will not forget the very special time in that life. For the same goal, everyone is running hard.
  Now, I have been vague about things that have been going on for years, like the fog outside the window, the world is covered with a layer of vague water vapor, want to see clearly, but it is unpredictable.
  The only thing that can be clearly remembered now is the feeling of not accepting defeat at that time.
  I am a person who especially loves to set various goals for myself.
  For example, in a month to lose weight successfully , for example, to read a book in three days, such as writing articles every day unshakeable, such as rationing recorded programs and so on.
  The goal at that time was very simple and straightforward. It was the college entrance examination, which was to be admitted to a key university. The method of success was also very simple, that is, hard work and hard work .
  I think that I am a small and intelligent person. I like to play slick heads since I was a child. Therefore, I have eaten a lot of sweetness. I can test my grades without too much effort. But then I was clever and wrong, and a bottle was not full of half a bottle.
  Later, when I woke up, I realized that if I want to reach the destination that I hoped for in my heart, I would have to take up my own self-use and plunge my body over and over again. There are no other shortcuts.
  I can't eat if this problem can't be solved. I won't sleep when this paper is finished. The next exam must be improved. Every time I set a goal for myself, even if it doesn't seem to have to be done.
  It's not that I have to test my grades, but I don't allow myself to have any mistakes.
  This point is what I remembered when I realized it.
  A few days ago I received a question and answer from a friend. She asked me, not long after the college entrance examination, people around said that they are working hard, but the effect is not ideal, the pressure is great, compared to regret, I am more afraid of failure, really do not want to give up, what should I do?
  My reply is very simple. There are two points: First, don't regard the college entrance examination as the ultimate destination of your life. The life is more than the opportunity to start from scratch. You don't need to look too heavy, and you can see the gains and losses lighter. Second, if you don't want to give up, then you must use all your strength.
  If you don't want to give up, you can change this situation without anxiety. Instead, you must use actions to prove that you have not given up.
  Now recalling that after the college entrance examination, the relief is not a heavy academic drop, not to finally get rid of this tremendous pressure of learning, but I know that I have tried my best.
  Because I tried my best, I can accept the final result with peace of mind. Because I tried my best, I was able to face the end of the failure in the event of a failure. Because I tried my best, I was able to tell myself that it didn't matter, even if it didn't work, there was nothing to regret.
  The current view is that the college entrance examination is no big deal. After that, you will understand that an exam will not determine your life. People will eventually see the ability and the like.
  I never persuaded others, no big deal, anyway, there is another time. I am always saying that you must seize every time and use all your strength.
  Don't think that life will always be the next time, you have to take this time as the last time. Because you have to wait until the next time, you may pay more.
  If the college entrance examination fails, you can repeat it, but if you have to work hard again for a year, you will spend more than a year. This effect does not seem to matter at the time, but after years of watching it, there are differences.
  At the simplest age, doing a very pure thing, that feeling is very good. At the best age, it feels good to do everything for one thing.
  After a long time, you will understand that you will not be working hard with thousands of people who share the same goal. You will not be so persistent in order to be a goal. You will never have such a goal every day.
  This is the reason why you need the most effort at the moment.
  Because this time, never come again.