Hebei Hengshui, referred to as Hengshui or Hengzhong, was founded in 1951 and is located in Hengshui City, Hebei Province. It is one of the three key high schools directly under the Hengshui Municipal People's Government.

  Hengshui learning, a middle school that no one knows! Hengshui learning, a middle school where God exists! Hengshui, a terrible middle school!

  The terrible thing about Hengshui is that it puts the test-taking education high score to the extreme, that is, it creates the industry benchmark for exam-oriented education, which is called “Apple mobile phone in the field of exam-oriented education”. No matter what the students are, they have entered the Hengshui school. It can adopt a training mode, let you discover your greatest potential, and reborn in just three years or even one year.

  Let us read the following 20 tips and experience the unique culture of educating people, the mystery of destined success!

  1. Don't feel inferior, you are not stupid than others; don't be complacent, others don't have to be stupid.

  - Effort is the only way out, isn't it?

  2, look at each other, start to compete; look at each other and learn to turn off the lights.

  ——The gap between good and mediocrity is often only one thing

  3. Believe that your opponent will feel tired.

  - When the world says to give up, tell yourself to try again

  4, rather eat a hundred days of suffering, do not leave a lifetime regret.

  - now lazy, are pits for future dig

  5. Don't give up when you are most exhausted, otherwise you will give up.

  - Don't let go of yourself

  6, for the college entrance examination, grasp the cherish; for the future, full of expectations; for learning, never give up; for the class, full of love; for criticism, full of feelings; for classmates, full of love; for teachers, full of worship; for three leisure, Resolutely worship.

  --attitude decides everything.

  7, do not fall in love, especially girls, this year will not come back, and when can love talk, boys have a successful career, not afraid of no wife.

  ——Working hard, how good is this when you are goodbye

  8, rush out of the classroom, run into the canteen, save more time to learn .

  - Time is fair, see how you use it

  9. When you stop and rest, don't forget that others are still running.

  --Learning is like rowing upstream

  10. If there is no history of struggle in tears, if you don’t think of it, then this life will be alive.

  - Don't let the future you, hate yourself now

  11. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but to learn to spread wings in the storm.

  - Don't be afraid of difficulties, the difficulty is to give you the opportunity to overtake the corner

  12, only through hell-like tempering, can have the power to create heaven; only the fingers that flow through the blood can pop the world's swan song.

  - No bitterness, someone is a person

  13. A person should develop the habit of trusting himself, and at the most critical moment, he must also believe in his bravery and perseverance.

  - Your strength is the strength of the people around you.

  14. Sincerely go to make friends with every classmate, because once you enter the university and enter the society, you can only miss the pure friendship and the struggle of life in high school. Friends in high school will always be friends of your life.

  ——We don’t engage in circles. The friendship in high school is the purest. Sharing and cooperation advances into a new era of win-win.

  15. Know that you are very hard, but please don't let negative emotions vent to your parents and teachers. Everything they do is for you to have a bright future.

  - Don't let yourself regret the original waywardness

  16. Sometimes you will feel desperate, but not giving up is the best way to deal with difficulties!

  - Even if the head breaks blood, you must bravely go forward

  17, 20 days is more than three years, 20 days is about a lifetime

  - time is not equal, the last 20 days is the most important

  18, the college entrance examination has no rehearsal, life can not come back.

  - Can rehearsal, is it important?

  19. We must greet the Chaoyang with the loudest slogan . We must pursue our dreams with the most practical efforts .

  ——Catch every day, cherish the present, 10,000 goals can be achieved

  20, know that you are very hard, but please do not vent negative emotions to your parents and teachers, they do everything for you to have a bright future.

  - Don't let yourself regret the original waywardness

  These twenty articles are finally finished... What can we smell from it? Even a little secret? Only by thinking carefully can you get the income!