There is an annoyance called the trouble of the third year. For the status quo, you may have complained and complained more than once. Believe the following words, you can find yourself and find the lost direction.


  High school, you have to get used to you only have yourself

  Don't think that there are too many people paying attention to your third year.

  When you are depressed because of poor grades, don't complain because your friend didn't give you an encouragement; the teacher will become more and more strict. When you are criticized by the teacher, don't ask the students around you to try to comfort you; the more stress you will learn The bigger you come, when you are suffering from problems, endorsements, and exams, don't wait for the teacher or classmate to help you solve the problem.

  The only thing that can be solved is yourself.

  Because everyone started to fight, they began to work hard and started to brush up and learn from the night. Only you can stand out from it.

  Keep in mind your dreams , if you don't have one yet, give yourself a one. Even if it is possible to achieve it now, you should hold it in your hand as a source of your pre-action.


  Don't take the excuse of "can't learn"

  Many students are annoyed that they want to learn, but they just can't learn.

  I would like to say that if you have not tried to ask yourself to get up earlier than others every morning, go to the classroom early and recite Chinese English;

  If you haven't tried to give up the weekend to play, do a science test paper;

  If you haven’t tried to say goodbye to your mobile phone, say goodbye to the game, say goodbye to vibrato, and bid farewell to the network;

  If you haven't tried to calculate the geometry problem for 5 times but still can't figure out it, you can't read the answer, forcing yourself to take out a new draft paper and continue to write the sixth calculation step;

  If you haven't tried these, then you are not qualified to say "can't learn"! Because you don't even have the desire to learn.


  College entrance examination, not yet when you are talented

  Don't always use "no talent" as an excuse.

  Almost all the students who have taken the college entrance examination and entered the university will sigh. The high school is so simple. It is as simple as you only need to take the textbook seriously and learn it carefully. You can get a good score by carefully finishing the homework.

  Therefore, talent is not a problem, your hard work and perseverance are the key.

  If your language composition is always not passing, but you do not take the initiative to collect essay material, go back to the full essay, go to learn writing techniques, and write a few more practice exercises;

  If your mathematics is not ideal, but you haven’t tried to memorize the basic part of the supplementary book several times, you have to understand even a little bit of problems, and then constantly brushing questions, brushing questions, Brush problem

  If your English multiple choice question is always wrong two or three, but you have not tried to look at the wrong question and honestly flip the book to find the answer, and write the wrong reason in the notebook with the red pen to mark the most error-prone place, then Look over often;

  If you have not tried these, please do not use "no talent" as a reason to escape.

  Because, the district college entrance examination, has not yet reached your talent.


  Impetuous, just an excuse for the weak to escape reality

  I’m talking about impetuousness, maybe I just want to escape from my homework, escape from the classroom, and escape from the suffocating high school life. Is this what you are talking about?

  At some point, you just open the test and see the glare that was left because you didn't finish the work on time, but didn't have the courage to make an overnight call to fill the empty part. So you get tired of closing it and saying to yourself, "I am impetuous."

  Looking at the real problem classifications piled up on the table, the stack of scrolls was silently mocking. I originally planned to give my spare time a brush, but I didn’t even have the fighting spirit to open the first page. So you put it down and said to yourself, "I am impetuous."

  Or, you just open the textbook and see the clean pages left behind because of the nap in class, but you don't have the guts to find the teacher to let him stay in the office to fill your missing notes. So you painfully close the textbook and say to yourself, "I am impetuous."

  Impetuous does not carry this pot, your laziness, slack is the culprit.


  Confused, you are not enough for yourself.

  I always feel confused and overwhelmed, but it is only because I have not left my heart to do it.

  On the test after test, you take the exam rank, calculated in accordance with his own teacher ranking algorithm, then control score goals college calendar year, you surprised to see the gap between themselves.

  and then? You think you have worked hard, but you can't see the effect. You start to be confused and don't know what the future is. You never thought about it. Now, immediately, I will go through the analysis of all the mid-term test papers, understand all the wrong questions, and find the same questions and practice them again.

  You must use the standards of the cattle to ask yourself, and continue to go to the cattle, and draw closer to the cattle. When you feel that you can be one of them, you can become a real cow.

  Run up and narrow the gap, you are worthy of your dreams.


  Your efforts have never been enough

  Don't take "there is time in the future" to comfort yourself, because this weekend of "relaxation and rest" is likely to accumulate as a gap between you and your opponent.

  Don't take "I have done my homework very hard today" to satisfy myself, because when you step on the night of your class, you still have to finish the painting before 10:30. The mathematics paper is being revised together in a row with a red pen...

  "People who have slept for five hours can't win people who have slept for three hours. Those who read the reference book can't win people who have seen it five times."

  The world is a high-speed operation of people around the clock, and another person gets up and discovers that the world has changed.

  Remember, there is always the ultimate that you can't reach. There is always the perfection that you can't fight for. The effort you have made is never enough.


  The college entrance examination is still early? Others are already running

  Many students see this and may still think: "Nothing, the college entrance examination is still early."

  When I first raised the third, some people asked: "I don't have a good grade in high school and high school, can I still attack in high school?"

  At the end of the winter vacation, someone asked: "I didn't study well in the last semester, can I still have time in the next semester?"

  One month before the college entrance examination, someone asked: "How can I learn to counter the dark horse in the last month?"

  When you ask this time and again, others have already started running; and when you want to run, others have taken off.

  Hard work is never too early.

  Because the college entrance examination results are really important, it is important to be only one point, you can go to a completely different place; do more than one question, your university is a completely different world.

  Stick to your dreams and work hard for them. Your dreams will come true. You will thank you for your hard work and hard work.