The college entrance examination has entered the final countdown stage. Many students complained that they are less and less confident. They don’t want to learn. I feel that the future is very confused.

  What are you confused? Is your grade test very good?

  Recommend an article for everyone, to those confused students.

  1. Do you still know your senior year?

  Are you in your third year?

  Are you still eating and sleeping in a day, eating and waiting to die?

  When I go to sleep on an exam, take the examination room as my own inspector and take the invigilator as a babysitter?

  Are you willing to take more than 600 exams for you?

  You are so good, you are so ignorant!

  2, the miracle needs to pay!

  In fact, you can't do it, but you need someone to tell you that you can do it.

  Listening to what people say about three hundred to six hundred, I feel very embarrassed, what is the use of !! I am sorry! You can't eat that bitterness and you can't reach that height!

  Sincerely tell you, there is a miracle! But you have to live with the pain of loneliness, and you have to calm down!

  3. You are still procrastinating!

  Still lie to myself, ah, I just don't learn! I am definitely better than them!

  You don't learn, you never know how hard it is! People put the chemical element periodic table alkali metal to the nature of halogen elements back down like a stream, you are sleeping and playing mobile phones.

  When you remember the small characters below the five books, you are in love and chat. When people come to 3500 words, you are playing the king's glory and sleeping!

  4. Can you do it?

  There is a school sister around me from more than three hundred to more than five hundred a year. You may think in your heart: Ah, only five hundred!

  I watched her change! A beautiful girl, kill a bottle of Nestle alcohol in a week! Pure black coffee! How bitter! Sleeping five hours a day, she will watch the score! The last model test! Chemistry! Three minutes to draw a periodic table, each time the science is done in fifteen minutes! Is she a genius? !

  She worked hard for her hard work! Can you do it! Don't be convinced that you can do it, lie to me! You are lying to yourself! I know that you can't eat that bitter!

  One year, I haven’t slept more than five hours a year! Can you do it?

  5. Is there still time to be confused?

  You have no time! Are you planning to work hard one month before the day before the college entrance examination?

  You think for yourself, you are smart, of course you can, don't think about it, it's too late!

  My English is poor! Because I am lazy! The English teacher told me to tell me that you are really too late!

  High school! If you don't work hard, you will fall on this embarrassment in your life!

  I am not afraid of you laughing at me. I used to take more than 30 English exams. Now I am over 90, and I will continue to work hard!

  What are you still coming, what are you afraid of?

  No more pain than you are falling in love! It’s just two words of thirty words a day to read!

  Want you to die! Let you die!

  6. When you grasp the fate!

  The most exciting thing in the world is to take control of your own life! Tell you clearly! You are holding your own life in your hand now.

  You are not the second generation of the official, you are not the second generation! You can't test Tsinghua! These are not the reasons why you don't learn ! Not your reason for being lazy! You are not learning, you are not learning at all!

  Why don't you dare to work hard! Fear of failure! Don't you dare to work hard?

  Old grandson say to you, my grandfather when I was trying not yet successful , efforts are afraid! Do you dare to say?

  7. Do you have perseverance?

  High three bitter? High school is really bitter, don't say that I stand and talk without backache, really, I have also experienced high school, I am at least a little life goal!

  Hard work, a little bit of success! Why can't you? Still not determined? Still determined to not insist !

  Oh, don't be discouraged! I have no perseverance in this person, but I also persisted, drinking black coffee and drinking nosebleeds, staying up late to the equation until three o'clock in the evening!

  Don't think that three is very late. I tell you that there is a girl in our dormitory who has insomnia directly at four points and does not sleep during the day! Isn't she a person?

  She has the goal to have perseverance! She is not afraid of failure, she is afraid not to insist!

  8. Do you really have no time?

  You eat every day, read novels, play mobile phones, play basketball, go online, fall in love, I tell you, people who have no dreams are like that!

  Every time you study, you are playing. Every time you take the model test papers three or four times, you will take the knowledge to review. The next time you test the same type of questions, you still won't! You still complain that: Ah, I will definitely do it.

  You think you are a genius! Never forget?


  This is an article written by a high school teacher to his own students, and the sentence is poked, and the blood is boiling! Not only do college entrance examination students need to take a serious look, but the students who study on the road should read it, and inject the power of low willpower into the source!

  Write to you who are struggling :

  You can study in nine classes and two nights a day.

  You can write two refills a day to make at least three sets of papers.

  You can get up early ten minutes and sleep for ten minutes to remember a few words and idioms.

  You can use a mobile phone to understand a math problem and finish an English reading with a magazine.

  You can use K songs to watch movies and play games at the moment of learning. There are always people who do their best than you. The terrible thing is that you are better than you.

  If you want to change a new mobile phone after the college entrance examination, buy a computer, go to a concert, enjoy a single trip, wake up to wake up every morning, do not have to listen to your parents, proudly say me Going out to play, pulling the lover's hand on the street is mad, and the class teacher is pulling tighter.

  Then, go to your best, at least 18 years old for your winter vacation.

  Seriously, I am also very tired of learning. I agree with Ke Jingteng: Ten years later, there must be no math LOGO in my life, but I can still live very well.

  But this is not the reason why you don't study. Speaking of the custom, you are born in our country. In our exam-oriented education in our country, the result is the king. Without results, you will have no confidence when you stand up.

  Are you stupid? Do not. Then why not study well? Isn't the score enough to hit you? Are you comfortable at the end of the exam? Isn't it tiring to make up the copy? Mobile phones do not leave, WeChat, Weibo everyone update makes you become beautiful and handsome?

  Waiting for the loved one to have no idea to learn, the mobile phone talks about the sky, will you get married? Be awake, don't forget your wishes.

  You kneel on the wooden pile, solemnly write your wish on a piece of autumn leaves, write one after another; I quietly stand behind you and watch, hope that the bee comes with a can of honey, is a lovely wish? . You will be buried in the ground in front of the house with a jar of hope, looking forward to God's care for you.

  The growing fruit trees have fallen off the mature fruit, and they are scattered in the ground. You pick it up in the tree, picking up the fruit and stuffing it into your mouth. It’s sour and sweet, you look satisfied, and you don’t forget to put a few red when you leave. The fruit of the pass is given to the couple next door.

  Then again, learning is not so annoying.

  When you have finished a full page of pre-political history and others ask you, when you are proud of your back, you can successfully harvest the eyes of others.

  When you tangled a whole half of the sound for a mathematical physics problem, but finally solved it, when praised by classmates and teachers,

  When you are able to rest assured that you are able to rest assured that you are encouraged by your parents’ relatives,

  When you are free to control your own time, talk about love is not afraid of parents, can revive the words of the past, the sense of accomplishment is unparalleled, everyone wants to be an excellent person.

  At the age of 15, I feel that it is difficult to swim, and I will abandon the swimming. When I meet 18, I will meet someone you like to go to swim. You have to say "I won't."

  At the age of 18, I feel that English is difficult. I abandon English. At the age of 28, I have a great job but I want to work in English. You have to say "I won't be yeah."

  The more troublesome in the early life, the more lazy to learn, the more you will miss the people and things that make you tempted, and miss the new scenery.

  People have two ways to go, one is necessary to go, one is to go, you need to take the road that is necessary to go to be able to walk the way you want to go, some roads, if you don’t go, you will not I will know how beautiful the scenery there is.

  When you are tired, tired, tired and tired, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath to inform yourself that you can hold on.

  I am doing my best today. The results are still not good. After growing up, I can say: I really tried my best at that time! When you can't hold it, you can say "I am tired" but don't say "I can't do it".

  Can also say "last 3 minutes"!

  The potential of the human brain is infinite. If a person's brain is fully developed, it is said that it can remember the words of 26 countries and the entire contents of more than 4,000 books.

  Einstein, the world's smartest person, has only developed 12%. So, don't be foolish. If you really worry, are you the next Einstein who knows?

  10, the college entrance examination is nothing to fear!

  The number of college entrance examinations is 9.15 million, and 9.077 million people are not in the same province.

  10,000 people have been escorted in the same province.

  2,000 people are not determined to participate in the college entrance examination after college employment.

  8,000 people are naked,

  9 thousand people can't perform normally,

  One thousand people will be late,

  4 million people do not test a school with you,

  The remaining 1,000 people, 630 levels are not as good as you, 369 will have doubts.

  Your opponent has only one left!

  After reading it, I hope this article can wake you up, I hope that you can become the child of that other family, become the person who succeeded in the counterattack, and become the one who is envied differently!