Years later, I often relived the tension and panic of the college entrance examination in the dream: several Xia Wei were screaming out the window, the old-fashioned ceiling fan twirling on the top of the head, I racked my brains and could not think of the answer. And the half-faced paper was not finished, and the volume bell suddenly rang...

  The dream is a subconscious disguise. It has repeatedly returned to the examination room of the year, but it was a dark injury that was brought to me for the failure of the college entrance examination.

  Just like the end of a dream, my college entrance examination was not ideal because of the psychological burden and the dysfunction.

  I can't accept the reality, I feel anxious inside, and I want to repeat the re-examination, but I was discouraged by my father. He said, "You have worked hard. I have never read college with your mother. If you can go to college, we are already very proud. Go to the school to report."

  Under the advice of my father, I carried my bag to a two-institution in the province. On the first day after leaving my hometown, my father spoke to me under the lamp: "I am not afraid that you will re-read the money. I am afraid that after you repeat, the burden of thought will be heavier and the brain will be out of order. For me and your mother, you are healthy and healthy. Strong."

  Later, I graduated from college, and went to work in the newspapers with my writing skills.

  After completing this series of life events, I taught myself journalism, psychology and management. I have a million words in the long-term reading and writing experience. I have met many readers, and I have two or three friends, and I have a peace of mind. Confident .

  At this time, I realized the deep meaning of my father's words: the college entrance examination was only a practice, and the score was not final. As long as you are moving forward, there are many possibilities for the rest of your life.


  Six years ago, a mother had been crying in my office for more than two hours.

  Her daughter was admitted to the key universities with excellent results in the college entrance examination, but in just over a year, the girl who was originally healthy and motivated suddenly changed her mind: she was sleepy all day, her eyes were empty and empty. I do not want to talk to anyone who, learning grades plummeted, from the original weight of 60 kg to 40 kg lean, after doctors diagnosed as depression.

  In order to explore the reasons for her daughter's illness, the mother visited her daughter's school and got the conclusion that shocked her and was ashamed and difficult: when she stepped into the university, the child could not communicate with others; she always stayed alone. She rarely participated in group activities; she never took care of the feelings of her roommates and was once crowded out by the crowd; some people accidentally provoked her, and she told the counselor that she was childish like a kindergarten child...

  "I was wrong." I still remember the mother's remorse. "I didn't get into college at the time, but I sent her to a good school with a heart. From childhood to big, I managed her too tightly, afraid of delaying her study." I am afraid that she will be a bad friend, and she will not be able to get along with her every day. In the past ten years, her home, school, and tutoring class are all her life. She simply does not know how to get along with others... ”

  The mother's confession, as well as the self-reports of readers who had fallen into the predicament of the college entrance exams in those years, made me realize that it is more important for parents to lead children to adults than to force them to become talented.

  For candidates, the college entrance examination determines which university you study, and the mind determines how far you go. What is more rare than a dazzling diploma is the soul of a flash of life.


  Today is the first day of the high-profile college entrance examination. More than 10 million students across the country, after ten years of hard work in the cold window, a total of "battlefield."

  Good test, of course, is worth celebrating and joy. After all, if you are admitted to a good university, you will go to a better city, meet a stronger opponent, go through more tests, and have a better humanity. There is also a greater chance of creating more miracles.

  If you have a poor test, you don't have to be discouraged and desperate. As long as you are healthy and kind, always on the road to growth, and always stick to your inner desires, one day you will also emit your own light.

  Whether it is a candidate or a parent, it is time to face the truth: the college entrance examination is about learning strength, and sometimes it is mixed with luck. A blockbuster, after all, is a minority; ordinary, still accounted for the majority.

  Regardless of the outcome, we must understand: the so-called college entrance examination, but the growth. The drums swelled and the horn blew. From now on, young people, parents and hometowns are far away. Adulthood, struggle and persistence are everyday.

  Finally, let us and all the children who took the college entrance examination revisit this passage:

  After many years, remembering the college entrance examination, you will understand: In fact, it has not been well tested. What is important is that a group of young people with high spirits get together and do a roughly identical test at the same time. Then, decide which city to go to, what to do, what kind of person to meet, who to travel with, and who will hold it for a lifetime.

  Regardless of the story, the ending is good.