The smoke of the 2019 college entrance examination has gradually dispersed, and the curtain of the volunteers has been opened. "Seven-point test, three-point report." The importance of volunteering needless to say, the results represent the threshold and height, and the volunteer means direction and positioning.

  Interestingly, we usually put a lot of effort into the exam, but we spend some time researching volunteers. As for the way to get the last leg, most parents and candidates have no bottom. The general state is "wait for the score to come out again." The result is that the college entrance examination scores came out, and the beginning of the game began, and found that things are not as simple as they thought. Playing a big battle in a short period of time is not easy to follow the trend of others.

  Filling in volunteers is not just a simple score. It is a game of reality and ideal, a comprehensive weight between individuals, families and society. Candidates will be subject to this form for at least the next ten years.

  How to plan a career in a short period of time, grasp the direction, and maximize the benefits of the test. Let me talk about it for your reference. In general, most candidates are entangled in the region, the city and the profession.

  First, how to locate the region?

  The area is very important! Very important! I put it in a crucial position because it affects a person as much as or even exceeds your university. You study at this university, and you are also studying in this city, living in this city, practicing in this city, and more likely looking for employment opportunities in the city.

  The city must be chosen. In general, we divide cities into four categories. The first category is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The second category is the capital cities of central areas such as Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi'an. The third category is the capital cities of non-central areas such as Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xining, Nanning and Lanzhou. The fourth category is sub-provincial cities such as Qingdao, Ningbo, Dalian, Suzhou and Xiamen. The gap between them is very large. The gap between the super-large cities and the provincial capitals in the central region is as close as the gap between Tsinghua University and the “985” and “211” universities. The gap between the second and third types of cities is equivalent. The distance between prestigious universities and ordinary undergraduate colleges, but many cities in the sub-provincial level are still quite good, even more than the local provincial capitals, such as Dalian, Suzhou, Xiamen, etc. Suzhou's economic aggregate will exceed Nanjing. The city also has a distinction between the eastern region and the central and western regions. In general, the eastern region is superior to the central and western regions.

  Generally speaking, one's professional knowledge is completed in the university, and the concept, vision and thinking depend on the city where it is located. For my own sake, I went to university in Shanghai. Before I was in college, I was a turk who walked away from home. When I was a sophomore, I went to Hangzhou from Shanghai with my classmates. I wanted to see the long-awaited paradise on earth. What is harvested? Disappointed! Of course it is disappointing It's not that Hangzhou is not good, but that it is compared to the big Shanghai. They are not a level in terms of tolerance, volume or atmosphere. Shanghai is Shanghai's vision, and Hangzhou is Hangzhou's vision. The vision and the sense of superiority that the big cities have developed will follow a lifetime. Although I returned to a small place without much interest, this experience is a lifetime of wealth.

  The importance of the region also means that it is where you will find a home in the future. You may wish to check it out. Some of the students in Qingdao have stayed in Qingdao. Some of the students in Chengdu have stayed in Chengdu. The students in Hangzhou basically like Hangzhou. Most of the students in Shanghai are not willing to leave Shanghai. Students also want to eat in Beijing. Which city you study in means that you have a great chance of working in this city because you have adapted to it, are familiar with it, and have feelings for it.

  Therefore, if you can go north to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you can go north to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. You can't go to the provincial capital city in the central area. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the grades of the school properly. For example, in order to enter Shanghai, you may wish to choose the second 211 school. In the long run, it will not let you suffer.

  Alternatively, if you have a clear direction of work, you may wish to choose the school in that city. For example, if you plan to work in Hangzhou in the future, then the primary goal of choosing a school is to lock in Hangzhou. This means that “the near-water tower will get the first month” and will have more resources and opportunities when it comes to employment. As far as Hangzhou is concerned, in addition to Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, etc. are all good colleges. Although they are double non-schools, the strength of running schools is not inferior to some "211" universities. Hangzhou also prefers local students, and the employment of graduates in Hangzhou is quite good.

  I encourage students to go to the big cities regardless of their poor performance. High scores should be like this. For students with low scores, even if they want to go back to the local area in the future, they should go out. There are not many opportunities for deep experience in life. Why not take this opportunity? There is not much to learn.

  Second, is the famous school important?

  important! Many candidates are struggling between prestigious schools and majors. "A good school is not as good as a good one." This is not true. For engineering students, schools are more important than professions. For social science students, the prestigious school is preferred and the professional is backward. At the undergraduate level, the school is very important.

  Why is a famous school important? Famous schools like beautiful women, beautiful women do not need to introduce themselves, they are signs, they like it at first glance. Like a famous school, it comes with a halo, and it is naturally high. There are many advantages of a famous school.

  1. The learning atmosphere is strong. The subtle influence of a school atmosphere on students is enormous. The students around you are playing games, and you will follow suit. The students around you are in the library, and you have invisible pressure. Generally speaking, at the university level, without the supervision of teachers and parents in high school, it is easy to indulge yourself. The four years of university time are wasted or fully utilized, all in oneself. Good schools have good mentors, good learning atmosphere, they are the driving force for your improvement, and these four years are precious. Moreover, your quality network of contacts is also built in a good university.

  2, large enterprises recruit to see the famous schools. The reality is very cruel. Many big companies only need to look at academic qualifications or resume resumes when they are hiring. It is not "985" or "211". Even if you perform well in school, you will have no chance to get scholarships every year. The threshold is too late. And it is your first degree. The first degree is very important in employment. You have been hard-working for graduate students, thinking that you are a leader. In the end, you find that many employers value the first degree, master's degree. Or the turtle can't wash your first degree. You can't blame social prejudice. There is no shortage of talents in the market. In fact, many social science majors have schools. For example, students like Zhejiang can do three types of work, and three students can do it. The three students may not be doing well. For example, if you recruit English teachers, the English level of students who graduated from Beijing Normal University will be better than that of Zhejiang Normal University, but the employer will first recognize the famous students. Generally speaking, the famous students are indeed more self-disciplined, more confident and more calm. Famous students are like beautiful women, and genetic genes are better from a genetic point of view. You go to the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University and turn around. The learning atmosphere is not strong? I saw a lot of students reading while eating in the dining room. Their mental outlook is better.

  3, PubMed to see the famous school. Now undergraduates are no longer a scent, and graduate students are also gone. More and more students choose to continue their studies. The higher the level of university students, the higher the proportion of postgraduate entrance examinations. The more advanced the university, the higher the rate of further study. In 2016, undergraduate graduates continued to pursue higher education rates, including 81% of Tsinghua University, 76% of China University of Science and Technology, 76% of Peking University, 64% of Renmin University of China, 58% of University of Electronic Science and Technology, and 57% of Northwestern Polytechnical University. When boys fill out their volunteers, they should take the postgraduate exam into consideration, and they must consider the famous schools. The comprehensive strength of the prestigious schools is strong, and the graduate students of the “985” institutions are free of charge (send) and account for two-thirds or more. And nowadays, many colleges and universities recruit graduate students also have to look at "born", depending on the level of undergraduate colleges and universities, some schools recruit graduate students, and even to the point where non-"985" undergraduates do not want to. Therefore, if the score is "211", you should not have a common one; if you have "985", you should not "211". "985" and "211" are no longer good, but also "985" and "211". The teachers, humanities, and resources are not too bad. Good schools will make people use them for a lifetime.

  Third, how to choose a professional?

  Professionalism in my opinion is not the top priority among the three factors.

  The gap between many professions is not that big. Even if you are not satisfied with the profession, there is still room for change. Nowadays, schools basically have professional policies. If you really hate the current policy, you can turn to a less annoying profession. Even if you are not good enough, you can't turn around or don't want to change. You can also pass the insurance research and postgraduate study. When entering the society, the profession is not completely correct.

  In the following two cases, the profession is preferred.

  1. Engineering majors.

  In the thirteen disciplines, engineering is very special, depending on the professional ranking. The main reason is that the professional ranking of engineering represents the advanced level of a school in this profession. In other words, in the field of engineering, the top-ranking schools learn things, and the schools with lower professional ranks are not involved at all. In other words, the schools with lower rankings are more famous, and students can't learn this technology.

  Such as civil engineering. Civil engineering is a general term for the construction of various facilities. There are many universities that recruit civil engineering in China. One school is very special. It is called Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. The school's civil engineering major is well-known in the industry. It is one of the “Architectural Eight Schools”. Ten! But this school is not a "211" or "985" college. Look at Peking University, but also major in civil engineering. If you want to learn, which one to choose? The answer is of course the Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. Suppose you study civil engineering at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, you can build a 300-meter-high building, and you can study a civil engineering at Peking University. You can only build a 100-meter-high building. You are a recruitment company. Which school do you recruit? it goes without saying. Other engineering is also the reason.

  2. The score is below "211".

  Ordinary one and two scores, no matter which category, between the school and professional choices, or professional. After all, it is not the school of a famous school. It is better to pick some practical majors. In the 13 major disciplines and 500 majors, it is necessary to get a general understanding of the cold and hot professions, avoiding the unpopular and difficult professions. For example, finance, accounting, computer, information technology, and software engineering are currently hot professions, and the employment situation is good. Especially the civil servants in accounting and economics are very popular. Some industries are declining, such as gold in civil engineering, construction, and real estate. The times have passed and teachers have become more secure. Biology, chemistry, materials, and the environment are famous "dissuasion professions". Unless you want to be a high school teacher in the future, you should not choose them under normal circumstances. There are also some subjects that are very hard to learn, and the exams are difficult and must be prudent. For example, studying medicine, the application is very hot, and learning is also very beautiful, but the process is extremely torturous, "persuade people to learn medicine, thunder and thunder" and medicine is also hot and cold, clinical medicine and stomatology are the best, pediatrics is very unpopular. The judicial examination is the "first test in the world", when the employment rate of lawyers is not so high. Others are traditional “unpopular professions” such as agriculture, horticulture, animal medicine, and aquatic products.

  Some students ask, don't you combine with your own interests? Many instructors said that they must combine their interests with the profession. There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but the chicken soup is very strong. Interest in this thing, the same score situation. If the family is in good condition, for example, if the family opens a bank to open mines, and the second one solves the housing problem in the first-tier and second-tier cities, that is to say, there is no worry about making a living, then even if you are willful, let your life feel, professional does not matter, idealism is still very It is worthy of praise, and true idealists will also score.

  However, your family is not good or not good enough. The whole family will be able to read books for you, or rely on you to change the family's destiny. The primary consideration for volunteering is employment and income issues, which industries have good prospects and which industries have high incomes, depending on where they score. What should I do? You said that I am a child with ideals and ambitions? Telling the truth, in fact, you don't know yourself very much. These interests are just your own interest or pseudo-interest. For more than ten years, you have been soaked in the sea of ​​books. How much time is there to develop interest? Few students have their own clear interests, but little hobbies. If you must talk about your feelings, it is okay, that is, when choosing a major, avoiding the profession you hate and choosing a profession that you don't hate, this is very affectionate.

  My opinion is: If your academic performance is good enough, and the resumption of the Qingbei, you don't have to worry about it here. The city, the famous school, and the special one are all versatile. But most students still have to make trade-offs and find a balance.

  Summarized as follows: not clear north, the score is above "211".

  Engineering: City > Professional > Prestigious School

  Other categories: City > Prestigious School > Professional

  A student and a second student with a score below 211.

  Engineering: Professional > City > School

  Other categories: City > Professional = School