Sentences are classic, and after reading it makes you talk extraordinary and worth sharing !
  1. Don't cling to right or wrong, you have to know that many things are just different, right and wrong.
  2. Don't alarm others' happiness. Happiness is also a person's privacy.
  3. I think being single is good, but it has always been ironic.
  4. If one day I do n’t love anything, I do n’t know what to use to fight against the broken pieces of chicken in my life.
  5. The person you like is your naked taste.
  6. With less complaints, you don't know how many calamities you have quietly escaped. One day you will find that being alive is the luckiest thing.
  7, as long as you are better than yesterday, it is a tragedy in life to compare with others.
  8. At any age, it is more important to understand the inner feelings than the way outside.
  9. I will work hard to get what I want and live on my own, although the process is hard, at least it is not practical to depend on others.
  10. It's more embarrassing to say more than to be silent and cute.
  11. How can it be so easy for people to understand each other, people have so many complex and delicate emotions, and sometimes they ca n’t figure out themselves, how can they ask others to do nothing.
  12. Unfortunately, there are thousands of species, each of which is different.
  13. Commitment is sometimes told by a liar to a fool.
  14. Red dust is just a floating dust, life is just impermanence, beauty is just a body, and love is just a glance.
  15. It turns out that as long as people are separated, no matter how familiar they are, they will gradually become alienated.
  16. At first sight, it is reunion.
  17. People are sad because they don't see far enough. Before the future comes, how can we know what the so-called predicament is now not a good thing?
  18. There is a magic spell in life, and I am most afraid to hear others say: After so many years, I have not grown at all.
  19. Live a good life, and that alone has cost a person's life.
  20. Between today and tomorrow, there is a long time, while you are still mental, learn to work quickly.
  21. The fastest way to improve the quality of life is to throw things regularly and make a break between spirit and material.
  22. As long as you have a strong and persistent heart, a vulgar and ordinary person will have a day of success , otherwise even a person who is only able to recognize excellence can only encounter the fate of failure.
  23. I hope you never lack the courage to start again.
  24. Life is a lifetime, and all plants are in autumn. This is the world, no one can escape two things, one is cause and effect, and the other is impermanence.
  25. Those who are too jealous will not have a high quality of life. A heart, when filled with malicious intent, will erode the sense of fairness and joy, that is, a lean person is difficult to be happy.
  26. Those words that cannot be spoken to others may be the complete loneliness in our growth.
  27. Growing up experience may make people more and more quiet.
  28. Reading is the best time to open the gap, the most time, and the best time to work secretly.
  29. The foundation of friendship is that the hearts and souls of two people have the greatest similarity.
  30. Have the simplest life and the most distant dreams , even if it will be cold tomorrow and the road is dead.
  31. Don't worry, you see that winter will pass and spring will come. There is nothing wrong with it. Love yourself, let the things that should come and go, everything is the best arrangement.
  32. People who have really seen the world can enjoy the best and the worst.
  33. The setting sun is infinite and the dusk is more charming;
  34. Try to change yourself, change a hairstyle or another type of clothes, and try to accept something that was previously unacceptable.
  35. Whenever you have to remember: Love your relatives and love each other, care; Blood-connected hands and feet, to protect; Friends who share the same pain and suffering, pour; Warm heart and lungs, and live up to it.
  36. All fortunate and coincidental things are either doomed to heaven or they are secretly working hard.