Poetic sentences on Weibo: The sentences are long-lasting and make people like them at first glance !
  First, the people on the stage interpreted the loneliness and joy of the people on the stage, and the people on the stage saw the clouds of people on the stage.
  Second, the heart of the Jiangnan water village, where the mountains are soft and warm, the stone bridges, boats, and apricot flowers are suitable for a person to dream softly.
  3. The safflower is accompanied by green leaves, the high mountains have flowing water as a confidant, and the Yangchun is accompanied by white snow. How can a person be alone in the world and stand alone from the red and smoky wind?
  Fourth, listen to a curtain of rain in front of the window, sip a pot of tea next month, and enjoy the beauty of time in a drowsiness, even if you spend your time in vain.
  V. Standing tall buildings, looking at everything in the world, people are really too small. Although all sentient beings exist like a rock in various ways, after all, they just write the sorrow and joy.
  6. Just walk over, don't stay and pick flowers to save, because the flowers will continue to open along the way.
  7. Even though I am in a difficult and confusing future, I do not want to meet the second you again.
  Eight, Tao Li Chunfeng a glass of wine, rivers and lakes night rain lights for ten years. Those who are most afraid of separation often go first.
  Nine, that bustling, I am not greedy at all, just because you raise your hand and rejoice when watching the rain, the excess is greedy.
  Ten, I want to hug you more, but unfortunately the mountains and rivers of time, but the middlemen come and go.
  XI. I thought we were parallel lines, but we never met each other when we saw each other far away, but we turned out to be intersecting lines, and after we met, we went further and further.
  Twelve, you are the mountains and rivers of me far away, you are the destruction of all things in my nightmare, you are my life and death far away.
  Thirteen, if I get tired of the scenery, I'm tired. Do you, willing to turn into a wine-colored stone, let me lean on the rest of my life.
  Fourteen, the people who meet in the dream are missing, if you know it is a dream, why not wake up. Even though dreams are often secretive, how can it be more like seeing it once.
  Fifteen, he whistled with the years behind him. Like a flood seven years ago, after a whole youth, it has finally spread to my eyes.
  16. Time and hug, who can afford it. Give it all the time. A cigarette, a lift up and down, a pillow dream.
  Seventeenth, the warmth of time, the river that flows through time, and the long-closed heart palpitations, I am in the depths of time, listening to the sound of flowers blooming.
  Eighteenth, the painting has not been painted with ink, and you can't draw your Meishan gathering, the moonlight is like a veil, and a paper oil umbrella has swept the world for whom, but it is impossible to wait for the wedding.