The sentences that make you cry, the more you look at them
  First, what I am most afraid of seeing is not that two people in love hurt each other, but two people who have been in love for a long time suddenly separated, passing by like strangers. I can't stand that cruel process, because I can't understand how the intimacy of bone and blood implanted in the first place can become indifferent to each other in the future.
  2. Everyone has a city in their hearts. There is an impossible person who lives in it for a while, but he will be stranded in his memory for a lifetime.
  Third, break up for so long, talk about love with others , but you are still the person I never forget.
  Four, no one left you because of impulse, those sad, helpless, patience tears, you can not see, just like the cracks gradually widened by erosion under the dyke, what you see, only it collapse moment.
  V. Thank you for giving me an empty joy. The good memories we have made the tears blurred.
  6. The most painful distance in the world is not that you said indifferently that you no longer care, but that you let go, but I live in regret forever and cannot forget.
  Seven, some people, some things, you should forget about it, people have never put you at ease. Why should you be passionate about yourself.
  8. Maybe, you will understand it after a long time. A stubborn person like me will beg your courage to ask you not to leave me, and it will only drive you completely if you hold on to it Out of my life.
  Nine, love is a gambling game. If you win, keep your whole life and grow old. If you lose, you lose all. Those who are closer than your friends are familiar strangers.
  X. One day I will finally be cold to you, and one day I will finally let go of you. One day I was walking with others, and one day I and you became completely strangers. Would you regret that you didn't cherish it at first?
  Eleven, the world is small, so we met. This is a big world. Once we are seperated, it's hard to meet again.
  Twelve, every time I am disappointed, I will do one less thing to love you, until I finally do not actively seek you, put away your things, delete your photos, and never secretly look at you again is the time to say goodbye . Disappointment accumulates day by day and leaving is a long decision.
  Thirteen, the most embarrassing thing is that people do not take you seriously at all, you are still sentimental and feel bad, and never overestimate your status in the hearts of others. In fact, you are nothing, more than you, not more than you A lot of them.
  Fourteen, those who promised the next life, now I am alone.
  Fifteen, we always talked about don't come without harm, don't come without harm, not to hide the old injuries ourselves.
  16. One day you will understand: some people, some things, missed for a while, is life.
  17. The most stubborn is the heart of a person. You can convince everyone, but you can't convince yourself.
  18. How many people broke up, but still love. How many people are obviously still in love, but they say they have let go. How many people are obviously sad, but they are smiling and say that I am fine.
  XIX. From now on, please be strong in a city without me , and I will heal in a city without you.
  Twenty, there is always such a place, a person, makes you heart, nostalgia. There is always such a person, a sentence of sorry, it makes you heartache, unforgettable.