To your own signature signature sentence, sentence to heart
  1. The story is not long, and it is not difficult to tell. It is just that you know each other, but you cannot love.
  2. Don't hope too much, it's actually good to stop at moderation and reservations.
  3. You are his emotional excess, not his provenance. .
  4. Do you often too, ingesting all your sadness and grievances alone , and smiling when you see someone, pretending to look good?
  5. Memories made into wine, drunk for the rest of my life.
  6. What is sadness, I ask myself, you treat him as a life back, he treats you as methyl ethyl propylene.
  7. Maybe it's a pity to be tied to the young president
  8. I feel sad, not because you have deceived me, but because I can no longer trust you.
  9. Our biggest obstacles are inseparable and inseparable.
  10. Quite often, silence is not speechless, but it is difficult to say.
  11. If you choose to wait, you must endure loneliness.
  12. If I can feel enough to be loved and cherished, I am not afraid of hard work.