Classic classic sentence, put it in the circle of friends and praise it !
  First, if things go wrong, I believe that there must be another arrangement in heaven; everything that is lost will return in another way, believe in yourself, and believe that time will not betray you.
  Second, if a person really cares about you enough, then he can always make time to accompany you. No excuses, no lies, no unfulfilled promises.
  Third, disappointment is not the same as anger. Anger is just trying to be coaxed, and disappointment is that I can't hear what you say and start thinking rationally about the meaning of this relationship.
  Fourth, time is changing, and people are changing. Life is an out-of-print movie that can't be played back. There are some things no matter how hard you try. The furthest distance in the world is not love, hate, but familiar people, gradually becoming strange.
  Fifth, I still like myself, I have not disappointed, cared, moved or disappointed.
  Sixth, the heart that is not poisonous is often defeated by a simple consolation.
  7. Don't pay much attention to what people say behind you, because those who are stronger than you are too lazy to mention you. Defamation is itself a look-up.
  8. When a person has survived the most difficult times, he no longer wants to look for support. Anyone is burdened.
  Nine, when you cry, you will be happy; when you laugh, you will do whatever you want; when you play, you will open your heart; when you love, you will be full of joy.
  X. Nothing If at the beginning, no matter how many times you have come back, life must have regrets.
  11. There is no owe in life originally. Others give to you because others like it, and you give to others because you are willing. Love is voluntary, no regrets.
  Twelve, on your way to life, don't indulge in a landscape that does not belong to you. Stopping will only miss more wonderful things.
  13. For a lifetime, you have to believe in this one: you don't need to work hard to keep it, and you don't need to work hard to keep it. Come and go as you please.
  14. If no one recognizes you, then recognize yourself; if no one appreciates you, appreciate yourself; if no one blesses you, then bless yourself. Rather than remorse yesterday with tears, fight tomorrow with sweat.
  Fifteen, if you want others to take care of your feelings, don't compromise everything else's feelings and keep your own bottom line in order to gain the respect of others.
  16. Some people take your heart out to you, and you pretend to be invisible because you don't like it; some people take your heart away, and you pretend not to hurt because you love!
  17. Some people live in high-rise buildings, some people are in deep ditches, some people are bright, some people are rusty, and there are thousands of people in the world.
  18. Instead of laughing at your own heart, it is better to be quiet than to care about the betrayal and badness of others. It is better to manage your own dignity and beauty. Choose a stance to make yourself irreplaceable.
  Nineteen, it is better to laugh than to say nothing;
  20. May the rest of your life be accompanied by fresh clothes and angry horses to accompany you to watch the flames and flowers, and the rest of your life will be covered with white veil to accompany you through the quiet years.
  21. There is no right or wrong in this society, only strong and weak. You can do it, but everyone will stab you, you can't, even dogs come to step on you.
  22. Glory will illuminate the original dream only if the mist on my heart is washed away with water .
  23. Be a self-controlling person, be a taciturn person, but have a sea of ​​hearts. The stronger a person's ability to heal, the more likely it is to approach happiness.