The most touching love sentence, it is very good to send a circle of friends !
  1. After a long silence, you will become depressed. There seemed to be only oneself in the crowd, boundless indifference. Occasionally I was stabbed in my heart by an unrelated sentence , and the pain was endless. Love requires nothing in return and does not even feel what you have given. Only this love can make you understand freedom.
  2. No one likes loneliness. The fear is not loneliness, but disappointment, but loneliness makes people feel more secure than suddenly being cold and hot. It does n’t matter if you are by my side or in the sky. When I think of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.
  3. The true love is that I make you feel good and you make me feel relieved. I can't give you the best of everything in the world, but I will definitely give you everything of my best. Sometimes, people who have been in love for a long time suddenly don't love you. After listening to songs for a long time, you suddenly don't listen to it. You have changed the habit that has been cultivated for many years, and you suddenly change.
  4. As long as there is unwillingness in the heart, it is not time to give up. Do you sometimes feel that the inner self is so tired to hide that you can't find it by turning it over and over.
  5. The saddest love is not as far apart as two parallel lines, but like two intersecting lines. It's easier to meet someone who makes you feel better than to meet someone who's feeling good. Keep away from the person who makes you uncomfortable and get close to the person who makes you comfortable.
  6. Never doubt my love for you, even if one day I am so old that I forget my name, I will never forget you. Sometimes, there is no next time, no chance to restart, no pause to continue. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance.
  7. What I miss the most is you, and what I don't want to disturb is you too. May the winter be warm without spring like me. Ever since you became my sweetheart, it hasn't looked good afterwards, only you like it year after year.
  8. Why do you fall in love, but break up. Why do you miss it, but hurt. We often make the wrong decision and do the wrong thing, not because we are not judged, but because we are emotionally excited. When you fail, someone stretches out a hand to wipe your tears. It is better than when you succeed , countless people reach out and applaud.
  9. I love you, and I want to share all the happiness in this world with you, even if you are tortured and bruised. The love I want is not a short-term tenderness, but a life-long waiting, not a temporary favor, but a stick together. If you only do one romantic thing in this life, it is to accompany you to grow old.
  10. Giving love is more important to a person's heart than getting love, because as long as you start doing this, it proves that your heart has not decayed. I used to think that sadness will shed a lot of tears. It turned out that the real Sad, no tears can shed. Everything will pass, and we all live like this.
  11. I really want to go back a long, long time ago, to meet you, who is full of my heart and my heart, and me who is full of joy and thinks of my life. There are some people who will not be together in this life, but there is a miss that can be hidden in their hearts for a lifetime.
  12. Probably you haven't experienced the feeling of being soaked with water to shed tears and hot pepper to your throat, so you don't understand how you can feel sad. When I fell in love with you, I did n’t understand the feelings.