2019 funny and funny sentences: all humorous, playful sentences !
  1. I really want to sell my house and travel around the world, but the landlord does not agree.
  2. It's almost Chinese New Year. I'm going to apologize for the mobile phone that has been used for one year.
  3. Wages are like auntie. They come once a month and disappear after a week.
  4. "Eat so much every day, do you really want to lose weight?" "Enjoy!"
  5. I hate the nonsense that tells me "Why did you give up treatment?" It makes me seem to be saved.
  6. I like the biggest feature of a person, just like Grandpa Mao on the RMB. No matter what color he wears, I like it!
  7, these years, what is Apple's mobile phone, what is brand-name clothing, luxury cars, luxury homes are out. What's the best way to show off your wealth? Just stand with your peers, you are like little fresh meat, she is like old potatoes.
  8. It's almost Valentine's Day. I have already thought about it. I want to play Lianliankan for a whole day, and eliminate one pair is one pair.
  9. The most worrying thing in winter is that there is a male ticket that is not fat enough. The first requirement for me to choose a male ticket is not to allow me to have dinner. The fat that comes out is all your hurt to me.
  10. In fact, it is also good to have a second child, because I don't think I can find anybody. It is also good for me to have a sibling for my old age.
  11. It would be nice if everything was as simple as eating fat. However, everything is as difficult as losing weight.
  12. When I was a kid, I went to the zoo to see tigers and vowed to raise one when I grow up. Twenty years later, my dream finally came true . No more, it's time to cook for my wife.
  13. Do n’t sing any more for the rest of your life. Girls do n’t work hard to earn money and do n’t want to be beautiful. For the rest of their lives, cooking is you, laundry is you, housework is you. you.
  14. My classmate helped me to make up for three months. Finally, his grades also dropped.
  15. Today, a child walking on the street spit at me. Instead of scolding him, I touched his head and said, "What a pity!" Give him five dollars and tell him to do the same to others. When I walk around and come back, I see his face is swollen.
  16. Go to the temple for a sign, get a sign, ask the master and ask, "How much is the master to sign?" Master: "We do n’t talk about money, we talk about fate." "Why?"